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    justin fields from ohio state remains the most scrutinized quarterback in the 2021 nfl draft class.

    fields work ethic was questioned in march, prompting a strong rebuttal from ohio state coach ryan day. dissected the notion that fields is a “one-read quarterback”. This week, Fields revealed that he is managing epilepsy, a neurological disorder that can cause seizures.

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    None of those factors prevented Fields from being one of the best quarterbacks in college football the past two seasons. he passed for 5,373 yards, 63 tds and nine interceptions and rushed for 817 yards and 15 tds to lead the buckeyes to consecutive cfp appearances.

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    It probably won’t affect his status in the nfl draft too much either. the latest sports news mock draft has the broncos trading for fields with the no. 4 selection. The Falcons and 49ers are also logical landing spots for the top 10 picks.

    From there, fields can make a breakthrough that would benefit day and horse chestnuts at both levels. Ohio State hasn’t produced too many quarterbacks who have had long-term success at the NFL level.

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    A total of 15 quarterbacks were selected in the common draft era, beginning with Rex Kern in 1971. Terrelle Pryor was selected in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft.

    Six of those quarterbacks never took a snap in a regular-season game. Rex Kern, the quarterback for the 1968 national championship team, moved to defensive back. here’s a look at ohio state quarterbacks and their career numbers in the nfl:

    ohio state qbs in the nfl

    * indicates undrafted free agent ** indicates supplemental draft selection

    schlichter and haskins are first-round picks and both struggled with those high expectations. Tupa played as a gambler for most of his career. Krenzel and Jones won national championships, and Smith won the Heisman trophy, but they combined for 13 NFL starts.

    tomczak, who was not drafted, was the most successful. Graham is the only other quarterback with more than 20 starts at the NFL level.

    Knowing that track record, it’s nice to take a closer look at Haskins, who started Urban Meyer’s last season with Day as offensive coordinator, and Fields, who is Day’s first starter as head coach.

    Haskins, who was released by Washington last season and picked up by Pittsburgh, faced the same criticism after an exceptional season at Ohio State in 2018 in which he finished with 4,831 yards, 50 TDs and eight interceptions. Haskins still has time to revive his career, but that failure in Washington has also led to some unfair residual questions about the fields.

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    when will an ohio state quarterback have sustained success in the nfl?

    Ohio State may also vaguely claim Joe Burrow, but he emerged as a standout quarterback at LSU before becoming No. 1 pick in the 2020 nfl draft with the bengals. However, Fields is the one who can change that stigma on Buckeyes quarterbacks in the NFL and can have an impact at both levels.

    if fields is successful, then that will benefit day, who is entering his third year at ohio state with a quarterback career between c.j. Stroud, Jack Miller and five-star freshman Kyle McCord.

    Another five-star freshman, quinn ewers, is committed to the class of 2022. fields could be the launch pad for a qb-to-the-nfl pipeline like the one lincoln riley has developed in oklahoma with Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts and Next Man Up Spencer Rattler. Clemson and Alabama also have first-round quarterbacks in this draft, with Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones, respectively.

    That’s the actual development worth seeing. Which college football powerhouse can produce the best NFL quarterbacks in the future?

    That is the question that the fields can answer in the coming years.

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