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    Do you want kids to get excited about the Olympics? there may be no better way than to have them participate in their own olympic games.

    These fun Olympics ideas are designed to do just that. Games of competition and cooperation will get them in the Olympic spirit.

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    be sure to stock up on supplies for your olympic games:

    • stopwatches
    • measuring tapes
    • whistles for referees
    • equipment required for each match

    before the games, have the children say the olympic oath!

    every four years, the world celebrates the oath of athletes. On behalf of all competitors, I promise that we will participate in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams.

    Have your children raise their right hand and say an oath/promise at the beginning of their games.

    a simplified version for kids to say before their events is:

    “I promise to follow the rules of the games. be fair. be a good sportsman and honor my teams! I’ll remember to play for fun!

    Let the games begin!

    olympic games ideas for children

    1. set up a color ring toss

    2. have a hula-hoop contest

    3. a hammer throw

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    • small paper bag
    • newspaper
    • string


    1. Fill a small paper bag with newspaper.
    2. Tie with 12″ long string.
    3. hold the end of the rope.
    4. turn 3 times. let it go.
    5. look at the distance the hammer travels.
    6. record distances.
    7. longest distance wins.

    4. javelin throw


    • soda straws
    • waste paper basket
    • ribbon


    1. Tape 4 straws end to end.
    2. mark a starting line behind which all players must stand.
    3. place a trash can 5 feet from the starting line.
    4. throw straws in the bin.
    5. give each player 5 turns.
    6. The winner is the child who puts the straws in the basket the most times.

    5. wide foot span


    1. Mark a starting line with masking tape.
    2. start with your toes behind the line.
    3. takes a giant step.
    4. measure the step.
    5. the winner is the one who took the biggest step.

    6. distance shot put


    1. make a ball with aluminum foil.
    2. hold the ball in the palm of one hand.
    3. Instruct children to place that hand next to their ear and then push the shot into the air by extending their arms.
    4. cannot move their feet.
    5. record distances; the longest distance wins.

    7. discus throw


    1. Use a frisbee to play discus or tape two heavy foam boards together.
    2. hold the “disc” like a frisbee.
    3. pull from the waist.
    4. record distances.
    5. longest distance wins

    8. play badminton


    1. You can have competitions involving pairs and singles.
    2. You will need a judge to determine if the shots are in or out if there is any doubt.
    3. Use the official badminton rules or create your own that are consistent for each team.

    9. football


    1. set goals at least 15 feet away. goals can be as simple as a rope anchored to the ground.
    2. play the best two of three games.
    3. keep scores for medals and prizes.

    10. other games

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    you can play any of the games mentioned above like:

    • softball
    • soccer
    • basketball
    • handball
    • hockey
    • tennis </li
    • volleyball?

    it’s all summer olympics!

    other olympic games ideas

    Another great idea could be to play an Olympic-themed charades game for kids. the children could act out the different sports and the other children would have to guess what sport it is.

    see the great ideas in the runs, relays, balloons & poof. all great games for an olympic type theme! there are over 45 games in that category!

    also look for ideas in the outdoor water games category. Towards the bottom of the page is a description of a water-themed picnic!

    olympic games photo shoots

    This is a good time to gather the children with their Olympic flags and medals and take a group photo or individual photos before and at the closing ceremony after the games.

    make sure someone has a camera and camcorder during events!

    in summary

    We hope you enjoyed this fun list of Olympics ideas. How was your event? Did the children enjoy the competition? If you want more Olympic ideas, be sure to check out our Olympic-themed crafts.

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