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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a professional soccer team that plays in the National Soccer League, Southern Division of the National Soccer Conference. It is based in Tampa, Florida.

    the buccaneers first logo, the bucco bruce, was an image of a winking pirate wearing a red feathered hat and earring, and holding a dagger between his teeth.

    meaning and history

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo history

    the colorful and luscious palette of the tampa bay buccaneers visual identity has been there since the first version of the logo, introduced in 1976. although the composition of the emblem was changed in the late 1990s, the spirit of freedom and the buccaneer aesthetic remained at its best.

    who owns the tampa bay buccaneers? the tampa bay buccaneers, a professional soccer club in florida, is owned by the glasser family, following the death of malcolm irving glasser, a famous businessman American, in 2014.

    1976 — 1996

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo 1976

    The first Tampa Bay Buccaneers emblem, designed in 1976, featured a yellow and red portrait of a buccaneer with a dagger between his teeth. The pirate, drawn by famed artist Lamar Sparkman, wore a hat with a large red feather and hoop. the winking man’s face added playfulness to the logo, yet still evokes a sense of danger.

    1997 — 2013

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo 1997

    The 1997 redesign brought the buccaneers the first version of the logo we all know today. It was a pirate flag with a Jolly Roger-inspired image in white, with the yellow soccer ball placed under the white skull. the background of the flag had a dark red color, close to burgundy, and its handle was replaced by a saber in gray and red.

    2014 — 2019

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo 2014

    The color palette of the emblem and its outlines were modernized in 2014. The skull changed its shape to a softer one and now the stitches on the ball are white. As for the main color of the flag, burgundy, it was replaced by a lighter red. the outlines of the image became thinner, which made the whole composition look more elegant and professional.

    2020 — today

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo

    The 2020 redesign brought back the burgundy color of the flag, while keeping all other elements intact. The dark flag with a black and white football-inspired Jolly Roger had a silver gray saber on the handle and a dark orange rugby ball below an intimidating image of a skull.

    font and color

    The visual identity of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Club consists solely of a graphic emblem, with no additional lettering, therefore there is no official typeface associated with the team.

    As for the color palette of the visual identity of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it is made up of dark red and orange, with white and gray details, and black outlines of the elements. the palette is intense and evokes a sense of professionalism and confidence, with light elements adding dynamics and movement to the flag.


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers Font

    colors of the tampa bay buccaneers

    pantone red: pms 186 c hex color: #d50a0a; rgb: (213, 10, 10) cmyk: (2, 100, 85, 6)

    pantone bay orange: pms 151 c hex color: #ff7900; rgb: (255, 121, 0) cmyk: (0, 60, 100, 0)

    pantone black: pms black 7 c hex color: #0a0a08; rgb: (10, 10, 8) cmyk: (38, 35, 33, 92)

    pantone gray: pms 5517 c hex color: #b1babf; rgb: (177, 186, 191) cmyk: (31, 20, 20, 0)

    pantone pewter: pms 440 c hex color: #34302b; rgb: (52, 48, 43) cmyk: (65, 62, 67, 62)


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