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    following liverpool goalkeeper adrian’s injury to a pitch invader after the uefa super cup final, there has been a lot of publicity on the subject.

    With spectators also taking to the pitch during the Champions League Final and the Community Shield match between the Reds and Manchester City at Wembley, it’s a topic that has particularly piqued Jurgen Klopp.

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    “you see a man with his d*** swinging. Who wants to see that?!” he said during a press conference after the incident.

    “what can I say? there’s no question how much we love our fans but if only they could stop doing it because that’s the worst example I’ve ever heard of.

    “it’s not funny. I like that we don’t have fences in the stadiums, but that also implies a great responsibility for the fans.

    “If a follower cannot hesitate or stop, then the followers around him must. it’s not funny. it’s crazy. How can something like this happen?”

    Is trespassing on a soccer field illegal?

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    in the UK, it definitely is.

    The Football (Offences) Act 1991 states: “it is an offense for a person at a designated football match to enter the playing area, or any area adjacent to the playing area to which spectators are not generally admitted, without legal authorization”. authority or lawful excuse (which corresponds to prove).”

    what is the penalty for trespassing?

    in england and wales, the crown prosecution service (cps) has advised that people who break the above law should be charged under more general legislation if possible. this allows the court more flexibility in terms of their sentencing power, which could even allow them to jail unruly fanatics.

    Football-related offences, such as trespassing, being drunk at a designated sporting event, and having a sparkler or firework while trying to enter a field, are not punishable by imprisonment.

    Meanwhile, it is very likely that the courts will grant convicted offenders a football banning order (fbo).

    on the sentencing council’s website, it is detailed: “the court must issue a football ban order where an offender has been convicted of a relevant offense and is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to believe that issuing an order prohibition would help prevent violence or disorder (Football Spectators Act 1989, s.14a).

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    “the order requires the offender to report to a police station within five days, may require the offender to surrender his passport, and may impose requirements on the offender in connection with any regulated football match.”

    it is not necessary that said infractions have taken place in the field; for example, fans who are drunk and disorderly on the way to the stadium are also subject to fbos.

    the fbos, which can even be granted in case of judicial acquittal, can last between two and 10 years, although the duration of the disqualification will reflect the seriousness of the act.

    what does it mean to have a football ban order (fbo)?

    offenders are banned from all UK football pitches and are not allowed to attend national team matches, even those played abroad. in fact, fans may be required to hand in their passports to the police station for such occasions or be told to report to a police station on game day.

    In addition, they may be prohibited from using public transport on match days and prevented from going to certain places such as town and city centres, train stations and pubs and bars during certain hours.

    Specific conditions may be imposed on a case-by-case basis.

    Violating the terms of an fbo means violators can be fined and sentenced to prison for up to six months.

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