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    tiger woods won’t be in trouble this week, for obvious reasons. Phil Mickelson will, but for the first time since 1995 she won’t take a shot in the Ryder Cup.

    The history of the Ryder Cup hasn’t changed, but the featured players have, at least when it comes to the beleaguered U.S. equipment. Woods is still recovering from a car accident, while Mickelson will end a streak of 12 consecutive Ryder Cups as a player to become assistant to the non-playing captain of a team tasked with regaining the European Cup.

    That may be a bit disappointing for the tens of thousands who will swarm the rugged field on the edge of Lake Michigan to cheer for the home team. The mere sight of woods or mickelson near a tee is often cause for wild celebration, especially as the day grows longer and the booze flows.

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    Look a little closer, though, and it might not be too bad for an American. team desperately trying to win back the cup on his home soil. Because as talented as Woods and Mickelson are, they have been, for the most part, failures when it comes to the Ryder Cup.

    no, they’re not entirely responsible for the americans losing nine of the last 12 ryder cups and four of the last five. but as the leaders of many of those teams, they didn’t contribute much to them either.

    The losses over the years have been impressive enough, coming to European teams that on paper were never as talented as any American team led by Woods and Mickelson. equally impressive is the record for the top two American golfers of the last quarter century.

    While Mickelson holds the Ryder Cup record for most games played (47), he also holds the record for most games lost (22). Mickelson’s winning percentage is only 46% (7 ties) and his devotion to the team concept has been questioned on several occasions over the years.

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    woods, meanwhile, last won a ryder cup match in 2010. he has played in eight of them, and the last time he was on a winning team was when he dominated everything in golf in 1999.

    In his last Ryder Cup while reasonably healthy, Woods went 0-3-1 in 2012. He probably finished his Ryder Cup career with an 0-4 record in France in 2018, where Europe achieved a victory which was surprising if only because not much resistance was put up on the other side.

    how bad is your overall record? an officer named j.b. Holmes has been on more Ryder Cup-winning teams than Woods, whose Ryder Cup career will be remembered more for missed opportunities than great performances.

    why couldn’t woods and mickelson win big in the ryder cup when they’ve won big everywhere else? That’s a question that has plagued Ryder Cup captains over the years, who have spent long restless nights trying to figure out how to combine their talents with those of various teammates in team games.

    lost to teammates both good and bad. they lost on best ball and lost on alternate shot. They even lost in singles, most disastrously when Mickelson was beaten on the final day at the Belfry by Phillip Price, then not. 119 in the world, like the us lost by one point.

    And those in golf well remember the disastrous pairing of the two in 2008 when they fused almost before they reached the first tee. The idea, according to captain Hal Sutton, was to steamroll the Euros with the two best players in the game, but it wasn’t long before the plan went terribly wrong.

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    woods and mickelson lost their first best ball game, then were most famously beaten on alternating shots when mickelson sliced ​​a shot so far to the left that woods briefly covered his eyes and wound up receiving an unplayable in a loss of 1-up.


    now both are out of the lineup (mickelson for the first time since his ryder cup debut a quarter century ago) and the us. uu. brings a young but extremely talented team to the whistle straits. While Woods remains at his Florida home, Mickelson will be an assistant captain, spinning around in a golf cart and cheering on his countrymen.

    the torch has been passed and will not be returned. Mickelson is 50 years old and aside from his unlikely pga championship win earlier this year, he is well past his competitive prime, while woods was so badly injured in his car accident that he may never hit a ball again. shot that counts.

    hard to believe it was 22 years ago that woods and mickelson were on the winning team at brookline in the usa. uu. The return on the final day was so moving that they both probably saw a lot of Ryder Cup glory in their future.

    “I never knew how good it felt to win the Ryder Cup,” Woods said afterwards.

    Unbelievably, he hasn’t had the feeling since.

    tim dahlberg is a national sports columnist for the associated press. email [email protected] or

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