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    Challenge star robin hibbard was arrested for heroin possession and lost custody of his children as he admitted to being homeless while pleading with fans for help.

    Robin, 42, starred in Real World: San Diego in 2004 and has appeared in multiple seasons of The Challenge from 2004 to 2012.

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    but the reality star became problematic after his stints on mtv, as the sun can exclusively reveal that he has a series of drug-related arrests.

    In a Florida Sheriff’s report obtained by The Sun, Robin was arrested on August 19, 2019 and charged with possession of heroin and possession of a controlled substance.

    On July 6, 2019, police responded to a woman lying on a white artificial Christmas tree and clutching a blue backpack while sleeping in a wawa parking lot.

    robin was wearing jean shorts and a black sports bra.

    When they woke her up, they noticed a “clogged syringe sticking out of the top of her sports bra.”

    The police report stated: “The defendant realized the syringe was protruding and attempted to conceal it by pushing it down into her cleavage. In doing so, the syringe came out through the bottom of her bra.

    “again, the defendant attempted to conceal the syringe by pushing it into her sports bra. the syringe came out of the top of her sports bra. Officer Barrett then asked the defendant to hand over the syringe. Defendant then reached into her bra, retrieved the syringe, and handed it to Officer Barrett.”

    robin told officers she is a “diabetic” but was unable to answer when asked what medication she takes.

    She was detained in handcuffs due to her “uncooperative behavior and condition”.

    The former reality star authorized agents to search her bag.

    The report stated: “Located inside a medium-sized front pocket of the backpack was a clear glass container with a flower lid. Inside the container was a white powdery substance, three peach-colored pills with an unidentifiable print on them.”

    Due to the officer’s “faulty” drug test kits at the scene, she was released.

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    Lab results later determined the substances to be heroin and izolam, resulting in his arrest weeks later.

    Her bail was set at $4,000 and she was ransomed on September 5, 2019.

    According to court documents, she has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

    robin requested a public defender, citing her income as “zero” and writing that she has two dependent children.

    She pleaded guilty to both counts and was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail.

    As of September 2021, Robin had not yet paid court fees in the amount of $684 and was sent to a collection agency in December of the same year.

    handover & drug arrest

    While this case was pending, Robin was arrested on October 17, 2019 for occupying a building in violation of an eviction order and possession of non-prescription drugs.

    In the sheriff’s report, deputies found Robin in the backyard of a building that had a “no trespassing” sign.

    the report stated: “a search of her property revealed 15 blue oval pills marked ‘213’. according to, the pills are a prescription drug known as sertraline hydrochloride 50mg which she was in possession of without a prescription medical.”

    According to the Florida courts, the outcome of the case is “withheld adjudication,” meaning that you were not convicted, but may receive a special sentence, such as probation.

    casino mayhem

    then on January 27, 2020, she was arrested for trespassing and resisting without violence at seminole hard rock casino.

    According to the sheriff’s report, police were called because Robin allegedly “caused a ruckus and refused to leave” after being told so by security.

    When officers told her to exit through the casino’s main entrance, she “refused” and tried to go through an emergency exit.

    The report says that when the officers attempted to arrest her, the “defendant resisted by walking away from the officers as they placed the handcuffs on him.”

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    he was ordered not to have contact with the hard rock casino. she was not prosecuted on the charges.

    in mug shots of the three arrests obtained by sun, robin appeared unrecognizable and disheveled.

    loss of custody

    In July 2019, two members of Robin’s family filed for custody of their son.

    according to florida court records, in november 2019, family members were awarded temporary custody of the children of robyn and her husband, bryan.

    ‘please help’

    robin has caused concern on facebook in recent months.

    ashley’s reality check reported that on january 23, robin wrote: “i really need a friend who is willing to put me up for the night. I’ve been walking around trying to stay sober and safe, but I don’t have a place to safely lay [my] head.”

    an hour later, another status said: “help”.

    another state said, “hey, please, someone over there.”

    robin has also posted alarming selfies.

    check long appeal

    Ashley also reported on the appearance of her ex-boyfriend and ex-challenge star, mark long, on johnny bananas’ death, taxes and bananas podcast.

    mark and robin dated in 2004 in battle of the sexes ii and were partners in battle of the exes in 2014.

    said: “i want to say this because it’s sad, i’ve been getting a lot of messages about robin and i wanted to talk a little bit about it. she’s in a bad place, i think the addiction has really gotten to her in a terrible way.

    “I know many people have tried to contact her, including her parents and her husband. I hope someone can reach her and convince her to seek help. I know deep down she probably wants it, but it breaks my heart to know that she’s in such a bad place.”

    if you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, please call samhsa (substance abuse and mental health services administration) at 1-800-662-help (4357 ).

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