‘Mario & Sonic At Rio 2016’ Is The Best Modern Rugby Game, And That’s A Disgrace |

    The state of rugby video games in 2016 is unacceptable.

    why is it that when a nostalgic gamer dusts off an old console and turns on a football game from 20 years ago, he instantly realizes how simple and basic things used to be, but if a rugby fan does it, is it looking at the peak of the subgenre?

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    jonah lomu rugby, the first ea sports rugby game released on playstation 2, and rugby 08 were absolutely fantastic games that are not only fondly remembered today, but still played today. they are played because nothing comes closer to replicating the sport of rugby than these old-fashioned but entertaining games.

    Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is the latest in a shameless series of money spins designed to cash in on the hype surrounding every summer or winter game. but it’s fun.

    Like almost all games designed for the Nintendo Wii, playing rugby sevens as part of the 2016 Olympics package is a bit of fun with friends, which makes it by far the most outstanding title available for the sport.

    And honestly, it’s not even that good.

    this is not a list to rattle off the reasons why you should pick dr.robotnik and princess peach and have them play a game that vaguely resembles the halftime minis games you’ll see at provincial matches, but rather a tirade about how pathetic rugby matches are in 2016.

    if you wanted to buy a rugby union game in the year 2016, these are the latest games available for you.

    rugby challenge 3

    the latest in the steaming heap of shit that is the ‘rugby challenge’ series, after jonah lomu rugby’s big name was sullied by ‘jonah lomu rugby challenge’, and ‘rugby challenge 2’, the orphan boy From a sequel no one wanted comes another painfully poor game that’s just not fun to play at all.

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    is almost identical to the games released before, with some areas of the game actually resembling rugby and surprisingly enjoyed briefly, and then a prop launches a 35-yard volley down the crossfield directly into the chest of the player. extreme.

    the game should be called ‘download challenge 3’.

    the addition of not only a sevens mode, but also, surprisingly, a pro mode also meant that I was extremely interested in this game, as by committing to such leaps in terms of offering different modes, they were surely sure to that had cracked the gameplay? no.

    the gameplay (be a pro, control one player in a team of 15) was delivered and not worth playing.

    rugby 15

    everyone who worked on this game must have absolutely hated it. there is no way a rugby fan has played this game in testing and given it any kind of positive feedback.

    We tried to play this game in the office when it was released last year, and not only was it confusing, but the mechanics basically didn’t work. rucks can take over 30 seconds as you mindlessly try to flip the ball, defying all laws of rugby and indeed physics. I brought the game home to give it some time to see if there was a game in there, and there just wasn’t.

    the animations are more blocky than jona lomu rugby, the kicking game is total crap, and a simple pass to either side is rolling a dice to see which of the 14 teammates on the field will throw the ball overall . address of.

    It’s a disconcerting experience. The laziness is best summed up in the utterly baffling player names, which would have Alfredo Hildebrand and Andrea Rosales in Ireland’s backline.

    rugby world cup 2015

    ah yes the mandatory tournament draw for a sport that doesn’t attract enough numbers for ea sports, the first thing you’ll notice about this game is that it’s very similar to rugby 08.

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    In fact, it’s so similar to rugby 08 that I’m guessing it’s the same game with slightly improved graphical enhancement, although for a ps4/xbox one game it looks extremely poor. besides, all most people want in a rugby game is rugby 08 with better graphics, but this makes the game itself less enjoyable and comically less deep.

    and it doesn’t even have the names of the actual players. an official tournament game, and does not have actual player names. that’s a joke.

    so where can we go from here?

    It’s obvious that the only publisher that can oversee a successful rugby game is ea sports. rugby 08 was the last passable game in the subgenre, and it was more than passable, it was really good.

    but that was the last one. since then ea sports has completely scrapped the idea of ​​rugby being worth anything, which is another thing that totally baffles me. no market for a rugby match? a really great type of rugby game, “this is the rugby game you’ve been waiting for.”

    jonah lomu rugby showed us that if a rugby match is played correctly, it will sell. the reason rugby games don’t sell anymore is because everyone expects them to suck, and when they finally try them, they turn out worse than they expected.

    Are you telling me if ea sports were to support rugby and properly dedicate a team to creating the best experience available, a true “next generation” experience with smooth licensing, graphics and animations, while scenarios are resolved? so every ruck doesn’t involve a minigame…which wouldn’t top the charts in the uk, ireland, australia, new zealand, south africa and not to mention the usa. USA, where a professional league has just been launched. ?

    let’s go. the numbers would be there if there was a worthwhile product.

    Rugby union is by far the biggest sport that doesn’t have a decent video game made for it. rugby fans are hungry at a time when there is absolutely no reason to go without titles.

    but hey, there’s always mario and sonic rugby sevens at rio 2016!

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