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    what are separatist banners?

    tear-away banners are custom banners with a hook-and-loop closure that runs down the middle to form an interconnected banner that easily detaches when someone walks through it. Football standoff banners, also known as running banners, usually come with poles that insert into the pole pockets located on each side of the banner and are usually held by cheerleaders or coaches during the execution process. they are most commonly used for pep rallies and team sporting events such as football, basketball, and field hockey games with ages ranging from youth to college level. these banners are usually displayed when teams perform before the game to inspire the crowd and provide a grand entrance for the home team.

    premium banner material

    vispronet pull-apart banners are printed on our premium quality polyester. This high-quality polyester is wrinkle-resistant, flame-retardant, tear-resistant, slightly stretchy, and has a glossy finish, making it the perfect material for cross banners. Banners are printed using dye-sublimation, a state-of-the-art printing method that produces exquisite, full-color, high-definition prints that are sure to grab the attention of the crowd and everyone in attendance. this style of printing also significantly reduces long-term fading compared to inferior printing methods used by our competitors.

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    high quality pole set & bag

    If you don’t already have a set of poles for your banner, we offer two poles that are compatible with your banner size. For example, if you purchase a 6 foot football banner, we supply poles that will extend approximately 16 inches so that you can hold the banner upright during the running process. Poles are made from aluminum due to its light weight, maximum durability, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. Each set of poles comes with a high-quality carry bag for easy travel and safe storage.

    available in standard & custom sizes

    We offer a variety of standard pull-apart banner sizes ranging from 10ft x 6ft to 14ft x 10ft with multiple size options in between. we also offer custom size options ranging from 6ft x 2ft all the way up to our massive 14ft x 12ft option.

    product features

    how to design your breakaway banners

    Online Design Tool: Our online design tool is perfect for clients who are not expert graphic designers and do not have professional design software. The tool has helpful art assets like clip art, background colors, multiple font options, and orientation to help you stay within the design area and within our minimum dpi standards for printing. Once your design is finished, a graphic artist will check for errors or mistakes before sending it off to print.

    Upload Product Template: This option is best for experienced graphic artists and/or those with professional design software. This method involves downloading the Tear-Off Banner Product Page Design Template, adding your artwork and design through your software, saving and re-uploading it to our website. After uploading your design, our team of graphic artists checks for errors before sending a confirmation to your email inbox that your design is ready to print.

    vispronet free design services: if you want us to create a full banner design for you, no problem! our team of graphic artists can create a design from scratch at no cost to you! After the design is complete, our team will contact you for approval before we start printing.

    separation signs for each sporting event

    Custom banner display is a great way to show off school spirit and energize the crowd before a game or event. These banners are great for drawing the attention of the crowd in the stands and intimidating the opposing team. Soccer banners can be displayed indoors and outdoors by a variety of school-related teams and clubs, including sports teams, cheerleaders, student clubs, special events, and more.

    football runs through signs

    These banners are most often found on the football field before big home games. When the crowd sees the banner with the school colors and logo, they know it’s time to get excited and cheer on the home team. custom banners are a must for rivalry games, playoff games, and homecoming games! They’re a great way to get the crowd going as the team makes their grand entrance.

    breakaway cheerleading banners

    These banners are used by cheerleading teams at games and competitions. Whether they’re cheering on a school sports team or at their own games and events, cheerleading career signs make for an eye-catching start and unforgettable entrance for the team. Because these banners are made of fabric and feature vibrant, full-color graphics, they are commonly used as a backdrop during cheerleading competitions and events.

    run through basketball posters

    tear-off signs aren’t just for outdoor use! These custom banners are also commonly displayed at basketball games. Whether it’s for high school or college, basketball banners offer a great way for the cheer squad and band to pump up an eager crowd before the game begins.

    easy care and cleaning

    Cleaning our custom pull-apart banners is a quick and easy process. Simply throw your banner in your washing machine on gentle cycle in warm water. If you have hard-to-clean spots, you can gently apply a mild detergent to the spot for best results. To dry the banner, place it in the dryer on the low cycle or hang it to air dry. If there are small wrinkles after drying, you can smooth it with a garment steamer. we do not recommend ironing your football career through banner.

    breakaway banner assembly

    satisfied customers

    breakaway banners: frequently asked questions

    Are your removable banners reusable?

    yes! our banners are designed for repeated use. They come equipped with a velcro closure in the middle of the banner that easily detaches when someone walks through it. To reattach the two sides of the banner, simply reattach the hook-and-loop fastener. Additionally, our banners are printed on our display polyester, which makes them more durable compared to vinyl, offered by most of our competitors. Because our banners are made of polyester, they are also machine washable as they may accumulate some blemishes and marks after extended use.

    what sizes are available?

    We offer a variety of standard sizes and custom sizes. our standard sizes are: 10′ x 6′, 12′ x 4′, 12′ x 8′, 14′ x 10′. we also offer custom sizes.

    what are the most common sizes for sporting events?

    Our most popular sizes for sporting events are 12′ x 4′, 10′ x 6′ and 14′ x 10′. In addition to our standard sizes, we also offer custom sizes up to 14′ x 12′.

    What material are your banners made of?

    Our pull-apart banners are made from our polyester display material. This polyester is wrinkle resistant, flame retardant and tear resistant. It has a glossy finish and a slight stretch. This material is perfect for this style of banner because it’s durable, designed to withstand the elements, and is machine washable.

    Are additional materials offered?

    no, not at this time. we only offer our polyester screen. This is a superior football separatist banner material compared to vinyl. it’s best to use polyester for football signs so they can be washed if they get stained during use.

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    what printing method is used for these banners?

    We print using dye sublimation. this state-of-the-art printing process produces an especially vibrant full color print. this premium printing method also fades at a much slower rate compared to competing printing methods.

    How do I design my banner?

    At, we have several ways to design your custom banner. These include designing online using our design tool, downloading artwork templates and re-uploading them to our website, and having us design them for you free of charge through our professional design services. For more information, see the section above on “how to design your standalone banners”

    Will my banner fade?

    You won’t have any problems with fading. We print using dye sublimation, which involves transferring the ink directly to the fabric, rather than transferring it on top. this makes for fantastic color reproduction as well as fade resistance compared to other printing methods used by the competition.

    Is there a difference between “run through banners”, “football run through banners” and “separate banners”?

    This is a popular question. each of these terms describes the same product and can be used interchangeably.

    where are these banners typically used?

    This style of banner is typically used for pep rallies, homecoming events, and sports games. the most popular sports they are used for are football, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading. cheerleading career signs are also commonly used as a backdrop during competition.

    Do you offer a double-sided version?

    no, these breakaway banners are designed to go through one side only. we only offer single-sided printing.

    How do the two sides of the banner connect?

    Both sides of the banner are connected with a strong hook-and-loop closure that makes it easy to reconnect and pass through.

    Is the seam in the middle visible from a distance?

    not. If you are standing close when the velcro closure is attached, you can see the seam where the two sides of the banners connect. from a distance it is almost invisible, especially with certain custom designs.

    Are the grommets included with the pull-apart banners?

    no, there are no grommets included with the run banner. the holding poles are inserted into the pole sleeves located on both sides of the banner.

    Do you offer custom shapes?

    We only offer rectangular or square shapes, in a variety of sizes.

    how long are the poles?

    The length of the pole depends on the size of the pull-apart banners you order. Depending on the size of banner you get, the poles extend an additional 16 inches or so. poles not available separately; they are only available for sale if you purchase a banner.

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    Are the poles included?

    Poles are not included in the order, but are an optional accessory for a small additional charge. If you choose to add the poles to your order, a high-quality carry bag is also included for easy travel and safe storage.

    Can I use polo shirts other than those offered by vispronet?

    We recommend using our poles as they will work best with our custom pull-out banners. however, you may use your own set of posts, they should be no more than 1” in diameter to fit into the post sleeves. if the damage is caused by your own poles, it voids any satisfaction guarantee and/or warranty.

    Are the poles heavy?

    Our poles are made of aluminum, so they are very light and durable.

    How should I remove wrinkles?

    There shouldn’t be any wrinkles on your tear-away banner, as it’s printed on our wrinkle-resistant polyester. however, if there are some small wrinkles, we recommend using a streamer to remove the small wrinkles. We recommend not using hot irons as this could damage the fabric if it is too hot.

    How should I clean my football path through the banner?

    To clean your pull-apart banners, throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in lukewarm or cold water.

    How long will these separatist cartels last?

    Our execution banners last approximately 5-10 years. the screen polyester they are printed on is used for multiple outdoor applications and is designed to last for several years.

    How many people does it take to use separate banners?

    It takes multiple people to put together and complete a successful banner run. the number needed to hold the banner depends on how big the banner is. For larger banners, 4-6 people may be needed to hold the banner upright during the running process. this is usually accomplished by a leading team of cheerleaders or players and coaches.

    if I run the banner, will there be any damage?

    no, there will be no damage if you go through the banner. The banner is designed to go through: it’s made of a durable polyester material and is designed to come off easily and evenly with a hook-and-loop closure. it is designed for repeated use.

    Are there any security precautions that should be taken into account when using the banner?

    always keep safety in mind when leading a team through the breakaway banner. it is important to educate the players so that they do not collide with each other or with the people holding the banner while running; this is a common mistake that could lead to serious injury if someone is hit or stepped on. The banner breaks easily so no extreme force is needed. It is also important to educate the people holding the banners to prepare for a loss of tension and to avoid falling backwards after the banner is detached.

    There is a very low risk of injury if players and post holders are instructed on how to properly hold and run through the spreader banners.

    Will my banner fade in the sunlight?

    Your banner should not fade in the sunlight. We print using dye-sublimation, which involves injecting the ink directly into the fabric for a fade-resistant, full-color print. As with any printed banner, leaving it out in the sun and rain for an extended period of time may cause it to discolor, so we recommend storing it indoors in a dry environment and out of constant sunlight.

    Can it rain on my banner?

    yes! it’s perfectly okay for your banner to get wet. Because your banner is dye-sublimation printed on a polyester fabric, there is no danger to the print if it gets wet. in fact, we recommend that you clean your banner in a washing machine.

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