Ryan Crouser Once Broke Down How Incredibly Tough Shot Put Is

    • american shot putter ryan crouser won gold with a 23.3 meter throw in tokyo.
    • crouser compared the shot put to throwing a 16 pound bowling ball from almost the length of a basketball court. .
    • the crouser and all shot putters are athletic specimens with a rare combination of power and grace.

    American shot putter Ryan Crouser makes throwing a 16-pound ball look all too easy.

    crouser won a gold medal at the tokyo olympics, setting a new olympic record three times in the final, his longest throw was 23.3 metres. he also holds the world record in shot put.

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    In June 2021, after setting the world record at the US Olympic Trials with a throw of 23.37 meters, Crouser put in simpler terms just how difficult the shot put is.

    “go to the bowling alley and pick up a bowling ball, a 16 pound ball, and then go to the basketball court and stand at the free throw line and turn around and take a three-quarter court shot with that bowling ball, crouser said, according to the athletic weekly.

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    “if you did that, then you wouldn’t break the world record, but you would have come close to getting a medal in doha [at the 2019 world championships]. that puts what we’re doing into perspective. we’re big, everyone weighs more than 300 pounds, we’re strong, we move well, and we’re building a lot of power. It’s an intense event, it’s easy to follow, and you can see where the world record is and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

    In 2019, Wired looked at Crouser’s abilities, noting that at 6ft 7in and 315lbs, Crouser can bench press 225lbs 50 times and squat 700lbs, all while running a 40 sprint. meters in 4.8 seconds. it’s a unique combination of power and athleticism rarely found in any sport.

    The buzzer’s rodger sherman made a similar comment during Thursday’s men’s final, noting that shot putters have to generate all their power inside the small throwing circle, forcing these great athletes to have a ballet footwork.

    the 2019 wireline profile noted that 24 meters is an almost impossible distance to launch the shot because it requires even faster launch speed and launch angle. crouser, however, may be getting close.

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    “He just keeps doing what was already good, better,” said American shot putter payton otterdahl, who finished 10th. “Technically he’s so good, he’s gotten so much bigger and stronger, he’s more comfortable in the ring. The sky’s the limit with that guy.”

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