Semi-Pro (2008) – Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon – IMDb

    cornelius banks: [to lou] you were never in ‘nam, you’re a turkey.

    [long silence]

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    lou redwood: [coldly] did you just call me a dumb turkey?

    [cornelius shakes his head]

    jackie moon: nope. no, he didn’t, he uh… he called you a bastard. right cornelius?

    cornelius banks: yeah, i just called you a bastard.

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    lou redwood: I’m pretty sure you called me a dumb turkey.

    dick pepperfield: no no now lou no one called no one j.t.

    lou redwood: jive turkey is a little over the top, man!

    jackie moon: look. we were all here, we all heard what was said, and we agree, said cornelius son of a bitch. Right?

    bobby dee: he just said you suck dick!

    dick pepperfield: that’s all he said about you!

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    jackie moon: come on. dip into that fondue… you little son of a bitch.


    lou redwood: we like to play, don’t we?

    jackie moon: that’s right, we’re playing one right now.

    lou redwood: I’m going to show you guys this game I learned when I was in the fucking country!

    [lou draws his gun and points it at cornelius]

    lou redwood: who’s the jive turkey now?

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