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    Shin A-lam’s failure to advance from her semi-final match against Britta Heidemann of Germany was not her fault.

    The South Korean fencer was tied at five with the defending Olympic gold medalist when the clock struck zero. He would have been awarded the upset victory and a chance at the gold medal if he withstood the sudden death round due to a “priority decision”, but that was not the case.

    according to the bbc, “referee barbara csar reset time with one second to go after shin was guilty of an offence…”

    Reading: Shin a-lam

    The judges then presumably followed protocol and adjusted the clock accordingly.

    According to the Telegraph: “The countdown clock in the 25-year-old’s contest against reigning Olympic gold medalist Britta Heidemann was reset from zero to one second with the scores tied at 5-5.”

    That seems reasonable enough, and well justified if shin really did commit an infraction that required more time to be put on the clock.

    what is unreasonable is the following part (via washington’s post): “it was during this third ‘second’ that heidemann scored the winning point, prompting south korea to appeal.”

    In case you are having difficulty coming to a conclusion about what happened, I offer an explanation.

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    shin allegedly committed an infraction just before the buzzer. a second was added to the clock due to said violation. then the match was restarted, but the clock was left at one second. Heidemann took three shots to the shin, the third of which landed as time expired to give him a win over the buzzer

    shin’s group appealed the ruling while the fencer sat crying in front of the entire crowd.

    my first and smallest complaint is that the infraction shin allegedly committed has yet to be revealed. he’s skeptical at best, especially given that his competition was the defending gold medalist.

    Secondly, the appeal should have been overturned absolutely because the clock froze. This shouldn’t have been a difficult decision to make, as the result wasn’t affected by a judges decision that couldn’t be overturned, but rather by a technical glitch.

    The most heinous crime committed by the International Fencing Federation and the International Olympic Committee can be seen in the following excerpt from a telegraphic report:

    The crowd was in disbelief when just before 7:40 p.m. m., almost an hour after the incident, an announcer claimed that according to the rules, Koreans had to present money for the appeal to be valid.

    amazing. obscene. inherently wrong.

    those are just three things that come to mind when reading that ridiculous rule. in an amateur competition, Koreans had to pay to have their appeal officially considered.

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    what type of operation is running here?

    none of these contests are about keeping a productive business or making money. it’s about showcasing the best talent from around the world across various platforms. however, the Koreans needed to pay what was essentially a bribe to challenge a decision that was questionable at the very least.

    We still don’t know what the violation was. the clock froze. and the Koreans needed to offer financial compensation for someone to care what they thought.

    All of this was happening while a visibly distraught pimple was sitting on the track waiting for a response. They told him that he couldn’t leave the field of play, because if he did, it would have looked like he was accepting defeat.

    There’s no reason for her to sit around hysterically while her trainers fight over something that’s rightfully theirs. although that is the least of the competition’s problems.

    To the annoyance of shin and his camp, the ruling stood. Heidemann advanced to the gold medal match, which he would lose. a dejected shin lost his bronze medal match.

    Of course, the IOC hardly cares what the public believes regarding this specific case. nothing will be done because nothing can be done.

    shin’s chance at a gold medal is in the past, and it’s all due to a ridiculous glitch that wasn’t overturned for reasons unknown to the general public.

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