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    sink trading rules (3v3)


    the object of the game is to force the opposing team to sink the floating shot (the bismarck).

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    To play sink the biz, you will need 1 official pro beer sports table, 6 official glasses, 1 official pro beer sports sink the biz bucket, 1 official pro beer sports sink the biz shot glass, 1 mug of beer and at least 6 unopened 12 oz beers.

    • The official dimensions of the professional sports beer table are 8′ (length) x 2′ (width) x 2.5′ (height).

      Official Pro Beer Sports Glasses are 22 oz fluted stadium glasses.

      The official dimensions of the biz bucket are 7″ (length) x 7″ (width) x 7″ (height).

      the dimensions of the official pro beer sports sink the biz shot glass are 4″ (length) x 4″ (width) x 6″ (height).

      Place the empty bucket in the center of one of the middle quadrants. use the beer mug to fill the bucket to the fill line so the shot glass floats clearly in it.

      each player gets 1 mug that starts with a 12oz beer inside. players must hold their cup at all times. both teams stand around the table alternating players between teams. 3 players per side of the table. all players must have a member of the other team standing to their left and right. all players must stand at least 3 feet away from the table.

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      who goes first:

      one player from each team plays “rock, paper, scissors”. the winner chooses which player pours first.


      When it’s a player’s turn to serve, they come to the table and pour the beer inside their mug into the shot glass that floats in the beer bucket. while pouring, a player can pour as much or as little as he wants, as long as the pour is a successful transmission. a successful transmission means there was a beer line connecting from the mug to the shot glass. it is not considered a successful transmission if it only leaks or a partial transmission connects.

      all pours must be at least 3 inches above the shot glass. if a pour is too close, it doesn’t count as a successful broadcast. During the Beer Olympics, a rail is used to determine the legal pour height. any part of any spill that touches the protector does not count.

      If the shot glass sinks into the beer while you’re pouring it, you lose that round and earn a strike for your team. the player who sinks the shot glass must drink the shot glass. the player who drinks the shot glass serves first for the next round. Be sure to refill any lost beer in the bucket before each round so the shot glass stays afloat.

      After a player has finished pouring with a successful squirt that didn’t sink the shot glass, the other team’s player to their left must pour. that player has 30 seconds to achieve a successful stream and finish their pour. If a player doesn’t finish his pour within the time limit, it’s an automatic strike for his team. players continue to serve in the same alternating order until someone sinks the shot glass.


      The first team to force the other team to make 3 strikes wins.

      special rules:

      If a player hits the table or shakes the ground on purpose and causes the shot glass to sink, that player’s team receives an automatic hit.

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      Only the beer that makes it into the shot glass counts. a transmission that reaches the beer in the bucket but not the shot glass will not count as a successful transmission.

      sentence resolutions:

      The referees will decide what is a successful transmission or not.

      frequently asked questions:

      What happens if after I pour the glass is sinking and the other team waits 29 seconds for it to sink?

      Each team can use their 30 seconds of pour time as they see fit. if it sinks within 30 seconds and never pours, that still counts as your pour that sank it. if a team can’t pour in their 30 seconds, that counts as a sink for them.

      What happens if forces outside the game sink the shot glass?

      This would be up to the referee’s decision, but restarting the round is acceptable if the state of the game is somehow lost through no fault of the players.

      What happens if someone pours their beer into the shot glass and we realize we never refilled the bucket?

      you can restart the round or pour more beer on the sides of the bucket to compensate for the error. whatever is most practical at the discretion of the ref.

      Are distractions allowed?

      respectful distractions are allowed, but not on the cups or the table. you cannot touch the opposing players or their cups. all players must also always remain on their side of the table during a game. you may not blow or attempt to generate wind in any way towards the table, cups or players as a distraction. you can’t try to shake the floor or table as a distraction. Personal insults will not be tolerated, be more creative.

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