The Top 50 ‘First World Problems’

    The survey, compiled by animal charity spana, asked 2,000 adults in the UK to share their complaints and found that 30 million Britons experience a first world problem every day.

    other problems to make it to the list of 50 problems included with technology, such as having only 3g signal instead of 4g, not having wifi, and recording crashes on tv. chipped nail polish and a pulled muscle from exercise also show up.

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    The survey also found that 85 per cent of Britons liked to complain about something and around 90 per cent believed it was “human nature” to worry about small problems.

    but jeremy hulme, chief executive of spana, said the issues on the list were “trivial”.

    “It’s all too easy for minor everyday problems to seem like a big deal, and most people in Britain admit they sometimes lose perspective.”

    “But these kinds of irritations are really trivial compared to the problems people and animals face every day around the world.”

    here is the full list:

    1. have a runny nose from unknown numbers

    3. put on hold when calling a company

    4.receive an “we miss you” card for a failed package delivery

    5.people ignoring the queue tag wifi

    7.having to pay 5 pence to take your own groceries home

    8.door-to-door sellers

    9.having a bad telephone signal

    10.can’t find the end of the tape

    11. having to stand on public transport

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    12. want to log in to an account but can’t remember the password

    13. not finding anything you like when shopping for clothes

    14.having to use a can opener when the can doesn’t have a handle one replaced the toilet paper

    16. run out of milk

    17. online deliveries are late

    18.Unexpected items in the bagging area at the self-checkout lanes

    19. dip a biscuit and lose half in the cup of tea

    20.satsumas that have a lot of pips

    21 new shoe blisters

    22. unable to fast-forward live tv

    23.your neighbor parks outside your house when he already has more parking spaces than you

    24.when public transport doesn’t arrive on time

    25th sky+ recording crash

    26. the tea gets cold

    27.a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear with plugs too far from the mirror/bed

    29.not have 4g signal, only 3g

    30. sitting in front of or near children on an airplane

    31. forget the gloves on a cold day

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    32.Eggs in cream are not for sale all year round

    33. takeaway takes too long to deliver

    34. important emails go to the spam folder

    35. having so much ice in a drink that you can’t get to the actual drink

    36.when there’s a power outage and you can’t watch TV or make a cup of tea

    37. Deliveries or meter reading visits at awkward times

    38. it’s very cold outside but it’s boiling in the office

    39. having to pack and return clothes you bought online and don’t want

    40.chipped nail polish

    41. run out of hot water

    42.meshed stairs

    43.Leave the phone charger at home

    44. the store clerk gives you coins instead of a bill as change

    45. wine, tea or coffee stain your teeth

    46.tea that has been over-brewed and has foam on top

    47.long line at the cafeteria

    48.not have matching bedding and towels

    49.the taxi driver is late

    50. a pulled muscle after exercise

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