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    It’s been almost a month since the tigers parted ways with gm al avila, and since detroit news’s lynn henning points out that the property places a high priority on keeping matters under control, there hasn’t been much public news about potential targets to take over the front office. however, hennig lists current tigers assistant general sam menzin, dodgers senior vice president of baseball operations josh byrnes, and cardinals special assistant to general manager matt slater as “three people who believes they are under strong consideration” for the full-time general manager position.

    Several other front office members from various teams were also mentioned as potential additional candidates, though Henning was wiser in naming any of this group as surefire names in the search: assistant twins, general manager daniel adler, vice president scouting for the brave, dana brown, cardinals assistant gm randy flores, tutors assistant gm james harris, orioles vp and assistant gm sig mejdal, astros assistant gm pete putila, and lightning operations vp carlos rodriguez. Former Tigers director of baseball operations Mike Smith could also be considered.

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    There is no shortage of work ahead of Detroit’s next leader of baseball operations, given the way the Tigers have floundered in a season that was supposed to mark their return to contention. While the Tigers aren’t expected to go completely back into rebuild mode, the next GM will have to improve the major league team while also beefing up the farm system. According to league officials who spoke with Henning, improving the Tigers’ international development system will be a priority, and “trades are expected to be made with more aggressiveness and more initiative than Avila practiced.” the next office should also focus on how best to apply the analytics to development and work in the field.

    Byrnes is the name most familiar to baseball fans, and the former Diamondbacks father/general manager is also the only one of the well-known candidates with experience leading a front office. Byrnes managed the D’Backs from 2006 to 2010 and then the Padres from 2011 to 2014, in both cases being fired midway through his final season with the organization. Of those eight full and partial seasons for Byrnes, only two (2007 and 2008 with Arizona) resulted in a winning record, and the 2007 NL West-winning Diamondbacks were the only Byrnes team to make the postseason. /p>

    still just 52 years old, byrnes’s long baseball career has also included stints as assistant general manager and vice president with the rockies, red sox and (since 2014) dodgers, and byrnes has been part of two world series: win the main offices. In August, Jon Heyman of the New York Post suggested Byrnes as a natural candidate for Detroit given Byrnes’s past familiarity and his working relationship with Tigers manager A.J. hinch, who will remain with the team and will have some influence over the hiring of the next general manager.

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    menzin is also naturally a familiar face to hinch, and henning writes that the assistant gm “is known to be in great favor with hinch”. At just 31 years old, Menzin already has a decade of experience in the Detroit front office, starting as an intern and gaining experience working in several different departments of the Tigers’ baseball operations. Since Avila’s firing, Menzin has also been the de facto interim general manager.

    slater has no ties to hinch or the tigers organization, and given the amount of work that might need to be done, he may be attractive to the club as a new voice. The 51-year-old slater’s specific role with the Cardinals is in player acquisition, with the St. Louis’s website describes him as the franchise’s “chief talent evaluator.” The cards’ excellent track record in scouting and developing local talent is certainly a plus for Slater, who has been with the team since 2007. Before coming to St. Louis, Slater also worked in various scouting and baseball operations roles with the Brewers, Orioles and (for nine years) the Dodgers.

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