How to tell the Story Of Your Life through Tattoos

    your body is a canvas, it not only shows the marks of your growth from childhood to adulthood through scars, moles and other natural marks that begin to dirty our bodies; but many also choose to express their story through the intricate art of tattooing.

    Tattoos with personal meaning.

    Tattoos date back to the late fourth millennium BC, when Otozi the Iceman was discovered to have charcoal tattoos made up of dots and lines along his spine, ankle and knee. it is believed that these tattoos were a form of healing due to their placement resembling acupuncture. These fascinating findings not only show that the human relationship with body modification has lasted for decades, but that this ancient art form can be used to convey an intricate history of past lives long ago, as well as our own today .

    A cross-shaped tattoo on Ötzi A cross-shaped tattoo on Ötzi’s knee – Photo courtesy of Ancient Origins

    the consideration of stories in tattoos is not a concept recognized in all societies; But almost everyone who has experience with the tattoo gun knows how much thought goes into each design that is presented on the body. Whether you have tattoos or just admire them on others, you’ve probably thought, what does that tattoo mean? what does it mean

    While not all tattoos have an important or poignant meaning to the wearer, there is almost always a reason why the owner has chosen that specific design. But, even if someone is not familiar with tattoos or tattoos, they may be curious about the meaning behind the pretty pictures scribbled on someone’s arm or leg. This often raises questions about the meaning of a tattoo, why the owner got it, and if it will mean anything in his old age.

    Displaying interests with tattoos

    Most tattoo collectors will remember the reasoning behind each and every piece that has been placed on their skin, some may be more obvious than others such as names, dates, portraits or even subject specific tattoos , and some are a bit more ambiguous to an external look.

    For example, many tattooed parents will include a tattoo that celebrates the birth or life of their child in some way. while a person who may have experienced a profound loss can display the story of grief through a memorial tattoo.

    Child portrait tattoos

    No matter the design, tattoos are a personal and permanent way to express how you felt at that moment, or an expression of a memory or situation that impacted your life. Tattoos can be a cathartic reminder of trials, turmoil, and much growth throughout their owner’s life.

    If you’re new to the tattoo process and don’t know what you can live with for the rest of your life, some things to consider include:

    1. Is there something that has happened in your life that you would like to commemorate?

    2. Does the tattoo have a deep meaning for you?

    3. Does the design adequately express the story you want to tell through ink?

    4. do you want it to flow with your other tattoos?

    Some tattoo stories are told with symbolic images.

    Remember, the only person you have to please with your tattoos is yourself. if there is a meaning behind each piece; most likely you will not regret it. especially if you’ve taken the time and effort to find the right artist for the job.

    Tattoos are a meaningful form of expression that can be used to tell the story of your life from birth to the end of your days, making sure you remember each and every milestone along the way.

    However, if you can’t imagine yourself becoming a walking scrapbook of memories, it’s best to approach your curiosity about someone else’s story tactfully. not all people will want to explain every tattoo that can mean deep loss or extremely personal meanings for the tattooed person. open a dialog, but don’t dwell on why your ink tells the story of your life.

    Do your tattoos have a special meaning? tell us more in the comments below!

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