Meet the USA Women&039s Gymnastics Team for Tokyo Olympics 2021

    the united states women’s gymnastics team is a formidable institution. The team has won gold at the last two Summer Olympics (in 2012 and 2016), and at the individual level, the last four gold medalists in the all-around event have come from Team USA. this year’s team is a promising group. Of course, Simone Biles started out leading the pack as the most decorated gymnast on the team. Widely recognized as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, Biles adopted the nickname Goat, often adorning the animal with crystals on her leotards. however, Biles is not alone in her exceptional gymnastic ability; Sunisa Lee, 18, has the world’s toughest uneven bars routine. the olympic group consists of six members, although four compete in the team event and two individually, a new structure for the tokyo games.

    Tokyo has not been without its challenges for Team USA. uu. Kara Eaker, a substitute member of the team, tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday despite being fully vaccinated. she is one of two u.s. Athletes contract the virus after arriving in Japan, while Tokyo is under a state of emergency due to rising cases. the entire gymnastics team left the Olympic village to increase security precautions.

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    In the team finals, the obstacles increased. In a surprising decision, Simone Biles withdrew from the tag team competition after performing on the vault. Biles, a champion jumper, received an unusually low score after toning down her originally planned routine. she was then seen leaving the competition floor with a trainer.

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    usa gymnastics then released a statement saying: “simone withdrew from the final team competition due to a medical issue. she will be evaluated daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions.” The New York Times reported that Bile “wasn’t in the right place mentally” to compete. Biles later announced that she had withdrawn due to her mental health.

    “At the end of the day, I have to do what’s right for me,” he said, “it just sucks that it happened at the Olympics.”

    after bile’s withdrawal, russia proceeded to win gold in the team competition, an event in which the u.s. has won for more than a decade. Biles has also withdrawn from all-around competition and the uneven bars, floor and vault events. a US statement Gymnastics noted that the bile was withdrawn entirely “to focus on her sanity.” USA. Gymnastics said they “wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and applaud her courage in putting her well-being first. Her courage shows, once again, why she is a role model to so many.”

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    in a field without bile, sunisa lee, an 18-year-old from st. paul, minnesota, won the gold medal in the all-around individual competition. Lee is a first-generation American and the first Hmong-American to compete in the Olympics. She beat Rebeca Andrade from Brazil (who won the silver) and Angelina Melnikova from Russia (the bronze medalist) with solid routines across the board, along with her acclaimed uneven bars routine.

    “I didn’t even think I’d ever get here,” Lee said, according to the New York Times. “She doesn’t even feel like she’s in real life.”

    All that remained were the individual event competitions, in which the Americans excelled. Suni Lee won bronze on uneven bars; jade carey won gold on floor; and mykayla skinner took home vault silver. the last event was the beam final, where bile returned to the olympic stage and earned a bronze medal. In all, the US women’s gymnastics team took home six Olympic medals: two gold, two silver and two bronze.

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