USWNT vs. Netherlands result: USA advances to Olympic soccer semifinals after penalty kick shootout win | Sporting News

    After suffering elimination from the quarterfinals on penalty kicks at the 2016 olympic games, usa. uu. the women’s team tasted victory in the quarterfinals on penalties, knocking down world no. The Netherlands, ranked 4th after a 2-2 draw.

    goalkeeper alyssa naeher was the star of the match. he saved a potential game-winning penalty kick with 10 minutes left in regulation and then saved two more dutch penalty attempts in the shootout to help the uswnt advance to face canada in the olympic soccer semi-finals on monday at 4 a.m. et.

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    lynn williams was the outstanding us spiker. uu. in a surprise Olympic start, the first of this tournament. She delivered the cross for the first goal for the USA. uu. and then she scored the second, which gave ee. uu. a momentary 2-1 lead. But Olympic top scorer Vivianne Miedema scored her second of the match to level for the Netherlands, taking her tournament total to a record 10 goals.

    propriety: naeher wasn’t perfect until she was magnificent

    but miedema failed to convert in the penalty shootout, seeing naeher save his attempt on the first kick. naeher also stopped the dutch’s fourth kick by aniek nouwen to set up megan rapinoe for the decisive shot.

    final score of uswnt vs. holland (4-2 in pks)

    target: ned: vivianne miedema – minute 18 united states: sam mewis (lynn williams) – minute 28 united states: lynn williams – minute 31 ned: vivianne miedema – minute 54

    (all eastern times)

    the penalty shootout (uswnt wins 4-2 in pks)

    pk shootout: that’s it! The Uswnt make all four penalty kicks and goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher saves two tries in the shootout to send the United States to the semifinals against Canada.

    megan rapinoe wins it for the @uswnt! they are in the semifinals of #tokyoolympics.

    round 4: megan rapinoe buries her and uses advance!! – ned 2, united states 4

    round 4: naeher saves another! saves aniek nouwen’s shot – ned 2, use 3

    round 3: christen press is clinical with her try – ned 2, use 3

    round 3: stefanie van der gragt hits the post and goes in – ned 2, use 2

    round 2: alex morgan scores in the sprint – ned 1, uses 2

    round 2: dominique janssen stitches – ned 1, use 1

    round 1: rose lavelle lands her kick – ned 0, use 1

    round 1: vivianne miedema’s first kick is saved by naeher from usa! – ned 0, use 0

    end of 2nd overtime: uswnt 2, netherlands 2

    end of extra time: the uswnt pressed hard towards the end of extra time but couldn’t find a goal. we’re headed for a shootout of penalty kicks.

    min 119: Lindsey Horan with a great recovery tackle in midfield and leads to a pressing opportunity in the area, but is cleared to the corner. nothing comes of it.

    118. minute: Rapinoe runs to the left and has no help, so he shoots towards the goal, but it is slightly wide.

    min 113: Another US goal offside! This time it is Alex Morgan who is sidelined after he sought to capitalize on a defensive mix-up by the Dutch, who left Morgan with an empty goal. still 2-2.

    min 109: christen press scores, but is declared offside! again! megan rapinoe sends the ball between two defenders and megged the keeper into the shot, but she was narrowly offside.

    minute 107: edema continues to lurk in the us. uu. box for the dutch your header goes high.

    106th min: 15 minutes left before we head into a pk shootout. The Netherlands looked like the better team in the first extra time. what is worrying for uswnt fans is that the dutch pressure is causing turnovers, but the americans can’t seem to exert the same kind of pressure. they have to be careful in possession.

    end of 1st overtime: uswnt 2, netherlands 2

    minute 106: the pressure quickly gives him away in midfield and Dutch striker beerensteyn receives a shot that goes high. and we changed sides for the second overtime.

    min 105: christen presses with a header that misses the target, but it’s a great look at a cross from the left.

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    min 103: The Dutch are combining well in the attack and Miedema gets a header on goal that doesn’t deflect for a corner. nothing comes of it.

    minute 101: the uswnt gives the ball away and vivianne miedema almost shoots, but julie ertz shows up with a fantastic defensive play in the box to frustrate her.

    min 99: best play of the extra time by the uswnt. lavelle feeds rapinoe from the left and the winger works his way into the box and shoots into the side net.

    minute 95: incredible. the Dutch put the ball in the net at the corner! but is sanctioned for offside. unbelievable double rebound off the crossbar and the Dutch push over the line, but the players were offside.

    min 94: Fantastic slide challenge into the box by Crystal Dunn to foil another Dutch chance, giving up the corner.

    min 91: Miedema fires the first warning shot in extra time and it’s high. then he follows it up with another shot straight at the goalkeeper.

    regulation: uswnt 2, netherlands 2

    End of regulation time: Not a good second half from the start. the Dutch were better and had a chance to win it on the penalty kick. the Americans can’t seem to get into an attacking flow despite the substitutes. it’s almost like they’re waiting for someone to make a move and no one has shown the magic touch so far.

    minute 95: uswnt can’t take advantage of a last free kick to the box from megan rapinoe and we’re headed to extra time.

    minute 90: overtime looms after a win for usa. uu. corner kick is wasted. there will be a five-minute discount.

    min 87: great goal by alyssa naeher, who goes out of her line to take the ball from lineth beerensteyn, who has been dangerous since she entered.

    minute 86: and now Danielle goes from donk with a header that misses the right post. The Dutch are more dangerous than the Americans, although the Americans have cooler legs upstairs.

    min 83: The Dutch are not discouraged and narrowly miss the US right post. with a shot from outside the box.

    min 81: goalkeeper alyssa naeher with the penalty save! martens goes down right and no one reads it all the way. still 2-2.

    👏🏻 standing ovation! 🦸 put on the heroin cape @alyssanaeher 🧤 and save @uswnt 🚨 follow him live on our telemundo sports app ➡️ #juegosolimpicos #ned 2-2 #usa

    80th minute: Netherlands penalty! lineth beerensteyn is brought down in the box by kelley o’hara and lieke martens steps forward to take it.

    min. 77: Lindsey Horan receives a yellow card for a ramming tackle on Danielle Van de Donk in midfield.

    minute 74: the uswnt has been prodding and pushing on the attack, but can’t seem to find a way past.

    Minute 64: Sub – Now it’s Megan Rapinoe entering the match for Tobin Heath. now there are fresh legs all over uswnt front line.

    min 63: after the dutch make a substitution, the uswnt scores a goal, but is declared offside. Christen Press scored on the cross for Lindsey Horan and Press looked out of place. that’s a seventh u.s. goal disallowed for offside in these olympic games.

    61. minute: uswnt goes on the counter and rose lavelle feeds christen, presses wide left. The shot from him is comfortably stopped by the Dutch goalkeeper.

    min. 58: alternates – triple alternates for usa. USA: Lynn Williams, Sam Mewis, and Carli Lloyd exit, with Christen Press, Rose Lavelle, and Alex Morgan entering.

    min. 54: netherlands score! we went from a close goal of the us. uu. to a draw by the Dutch. And, of course, it’s Miedema who runs away from Abby Dahlkemper and unleashes a shot that goes through the legs of Julie Ertz and jumps past goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher. his record for Olympic goals is now in double digits: 10 goals.

    😱 and well…. netherlands reacted! 🔥 tenth goal for the scorer @viviannemiedema 🚨 follow him live on our telemundo sports app ➡️ #juegosolimpicos #ned 2-2 #usa

    min. 53: what a move by lindsey horan! she controls and spins towards goal on the left side and her ball into carli lloyd is perfect but lloyd can’t stop it. great opportunity for the united states

    min. 46: we are underway in the second half. the uswnt is 45 minutes from an olympic semifinal against canada.

    halftime score: uswnt 2, netherlands 1

    halftime: lynn williams is the story of the first half with a goal and an assist in her first Olympic start of 2021. her decision making in the final third has been excellent and the product ending was even better. the americans need to keep an eye on vivianne miedema, who seems to have more goals in her. the dutch are still in this game, and shooting (7-6 to usa) and possession are pretty even. but this has been a confident performance so far from the uswnt and it was telling that the team didn’t flinch when they conceded the early goal.

    min 43: miedema with a header on goal in a corner that goalkeeper alyssa naeher catches. Making his 100th appearance for the Netherlands, edema remains the main goalscoring threat, although the wingers are busy too.

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    minute 39: the user does not fire shots in the area, but cannot get a clean look. crystal dunn joins the attack in this instance. we knew the dutch were vulnerable defensively and so far the uswnt is proving that to be true.

    minute 31: and now lynn williams scores! the uswnt takes a 2-1 lead after a u.s. corner kick bounces off the dutch box and williams spins on the loose ball to score.

    🔥 @uswnt already turned it around! 😨 a series of rebounds in the area that @lynnraenie took advantage of to define the second 🚨 follow him live on our telemundo sports app ➡️ #juegosolimpicos #ned 1-2 #usa uaj5o6hzew

    min 28: and just as we say that, the uswnt scores! lynn williams with a beautiful flick to the right and she sends a cross that sam mewis ducks to head home. well crafted goal.

    👀 @uswnt woke up! 🤯 and ‘popcorn’ that’s how @sammymewy tied it 😍 @lynnraenie’s play was the best 🚨 follow him live on our telemundo sports app ➡️ #juegosolimpicos #ned 1-1 #usa pic

    minute 27: no response from uswnt yet. the netherlands have also kept quiet.

    min. 18: disaster for us. Olympic top scorer Vivianne Miedema scores on her second touch of the game. the ball was bouncing in the usa uu. box and she lunged at it. a goal scorer shot and hers Olympic record her 9th goal.

    😱 the netherlands is surprising the united states! .

    14th minute: uswnt hits the post! Technically it was the Dutch keeper who pushed Lindsey Horan’s downward header into the right post. the cross came from lynn williams.

    minute 10: does not score, but it is offside. julie ertz sent tobin heath into the box and she got him into the side net, but heath was barely offside on the pass.

    ❌ It wasn’t a goal! 😱 we were left with the goal cry in our throats 🖐🏻 the referee ruled it out of place #olimpicostelemundo #ned 0-0 #usa

    7th min: lynn williams positive touch in the box and helps uswnt win a corner kick, but nothing comes of it. The United States has been controlling possession since the beginning.

    things happen when you start lynn williams 😤 loving this start since the #uswnt . Let’s do it!

    1st minute: we’re leaving. uswnt in their white kits and the Dutch in their classic orange kits.

    6:26 AM m.: the game is broadcast at 7 a.m. m. and on nbcsn. rlo white and julie foudy on the call:

    here we go. win or go home in yokohama. the olympic quarterfinals between @uswnt & holland airs live on nbcsn at 7 a.m. m. and Julie Foudy. the #uswnt don’t want to be on a plane tomorrow. this is going to be epic 🇺🇸 🇳🇱 #tokyo2020

    5:47am: This lineup will be a topic of discussion if the uswnt doesn’t pull this off against the Dutch:

    your #uswnt starting lineup to take on 🇳🇱! a place in the semifinals of #tokyo2020 at stake 💪 lineup notes ≫

    uswnt vs. starting lineups holland

    US head coach vlatko andonovsky named an interesting lineup for the win-or-go-home quarterfinals against the netherlands with lynn williams starting before christen press. Additionally, star players Rose Lavelle and Megan Rapinoe are starting on the bench, likely due to their yellow card warning status. should they receive a booking card in the quarterfinals, they would be forced to miss out on an eventual semi-final.

    more: ee. uu. women’s olympic team roster

    united states

    starters (4-3-3, left to right): 1-alyssa naeher — 2-crystal dunn, 4-becky sauerbrunn, 17-abby dahlkemper, 5-kelley o’hara — 3-samantha mewis, 8-julie ertz, 9-lindsey horan — 7-tobin heath, 10-carli lloyd, 21-lynn williams

    substitutes: 18-adrianna franch-gk, 14-emily sonnett, 6-kristie mewis, 16-rose lavelle, 15-megan rapinoe, 11-christen press, 13-alex morgan

    seated: 22-jane campbell-gk, 20-casey krueger, 12-tenderna davidson, 19-catarina macario


    Starting lineup (4-3-3, left to right): 1-sari van veenendaal-gk — 17-dominique janssen, 4-aniek nouwen, 3-stefanie van der gragt, 2-lynn wilms — 10-danielle van de donk, 14-jackie groenen, 6-jill roord — 11-lieke martens, 9-vivianne miedema, 7-shanice van de sanden

    alternates: 16-lize kop-gk, 5-merel van dongen, 21-anouk dekker, 15-kika van es, 13-victoria pelova, 18-lineth beerensteyn, 19-renate jansen

    sit: 22-loes geurts-gk, 20-inessa kaagman, 12-sisca folkertsma, 8-joelle smits

    how to watch olympic soccer uswnt vs. holland

    • date: Friday, July 30
    • time: 7 a.m. m. et
    • TV channels: nbcsn
    • tv en español: telemundo
    • streaming : fubotv,, telemundodeportes. com, nbc sports app and telemundo sports app (with user authentication)

    use vs. Holland will air live on NBCSN and Telemundo at 7 a.m. et. both networks are available to stream on fubotv (7-day free trial).

    all olympic soccer games are also broadcast in the usa. uu. on,, the nbc sports app and the telemundo sports app, all with user authentication.

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