USA vs. Canada final score, 2022 Olympic hockey: Canada reclaims gold over Americans –

    Team Canada beats the United States, 3-2, to win the gold medal in women’s hockey at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!

    Records were broken in their victory, as Canada has now won five of the seven gold medals in women’s hockey.

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    sarah nurse started the scoring for canada before captain marie-philip poulin scored twice with no response. ee uu. She scored the board on a Hilary Knight goal, but it wasn’t until the final 12.5 seconds that they found the back of the net again when Amanda Kessel scored in the dying seconds of the game. though it was too little too late as canada hung on to win.

    We live blogged the entire game. find our original updates below.

    canada 3 – use 2 – amanda kessel scores! with 12.5 seconds remaining, amanda kessel finds the back of the net. there was a big fight while we had two extra skaters (goalie pulled plus power play) and they got within 1 goal.

    canada 3 – use 1– ohhhh less than ideal for canada. poulin is in the box with 1:25 to play and an empty net for us. one last stop here.

    canada 3 – united states 1 – and there it goes. three minutes left and we have an empty net to put the extra skater on the ice!

    canada 3 – united states 1 – tic tac tic tac. There are four minutes left in the third, and the real question here is how early do you get cavallini out to get the extra skater?

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 1: America’s Power Play. uu. he’s been looking bad throughout the tournament and the power play they just finished is no different. They’re hovering around 20% power play conversion (compared to Canada’s nearly 45%), and not being able to score, or even get a good chance here, is deadly.

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 1: I keep remembering mystified by the management of the united states bench. America needs a spark, something different and Johnson keeps pushing the same players over and over again. half of his players have played double-digit minutes and the other half have barely been on the ice for more than 5 minutes. *shrugs*

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 1: In my extremely professional opinion, the United States needs to score here soon.

    canada 3 – use 1 – another great opportunity for the carpenter. she’s had a great tournament, it’s almost like she has a bone to pick with usa hockey. her (she does it for what it’s worth, as she mysteriously got herself left off the 2018 roster after being on the 2014 roster and playing well).

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 1 – The post ping will haunt us players and their fans forever. Alex Carpenter just hit the post as America is threatening here.

    canada 3 – usa. 1 – the puck is down and us. he has only 20 minutes of playing time to tie the match. as a reminder, if we get to that point, it’s all 3v3 sudden death overtime, no more gunfights.

    • The understaffed knight goal should be a great spark plug for America. how they start the third period is going to be extremely important because getting three goals is going to be hard, very hard.
    • canada needs to stay calm, play their game and maybe score another goal because everybody knows the advantage of two goals is the most dangerous lead in hockey.
    • I love hockey and Olympic hockey, but I’m excited for these 11:10 p.m. m. est games to be more. For those who haven’t been with us for every tournament, this has been the usual start time for night games, and it’s tough.

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 1 – I feel like I blinked and my period is over? i spent way too much time trying to remember how the numbers for toi comments worked, so maybe that’s why. regardless, that’s the end of the second period! ugh.

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    canada 3 – usa. 1 – hilary knight tips! a short goal to put the united states on the board. Knight skids the puck over most of the ice, shooting through a block, before collecting his own rebound to find himself facing an open net. if he saw the terrible sentence that he had written here earlier, no, you didn’t. he was busy gasping for the knight’s goal.

    canada 3 – usa 0– a bit of Olympic history tonight. Nurse’s goal and then the assist on Poulin’s second goal gave him 18 points in the tournament. She has now surpassed Hayley Wickenheiser for the most points in a single Women’s Olympiad. she also gave him 13 points, the most assists in a single women’s Olympiad as well.

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 0: Besides the poulin score, the other thing taken for granted in these usa games. uu. Canada, if you’re not familiar, is the *shiny emoji* spice. Canada has scored in just under half of their power plays, so the United States should watch out if things get spicy.

    canada 3 – usa. uu. 0 – If you’re not on the women’s hockey twitter, you may be missing the conversation about US ice time numbers, something that has been going on throughout the tournament. we’ve talked about how their defenders are, uh, deployed in an interesting way. but the forwards are also having interesting changes. the top line is at more than seven minutes, while the rest of the lines are around 3-4 minutes. given his depth throughout the rest of the tournament, this is highly unconventional might be a good way to put it.

    canada 3 – use 0 – holy guacamole batman. Canada’s defenders simply played as extra goalkeeper and almost certainly stopped a cross goal attempt when Desbiens got stuck on his other post. Those were America’s best chances in the period so far.

    canada 3 – united states 0 – marie-philip poulin scores!!!!!! again, this is the way. Poulin is breaking the net after some mistakes in a race of odd skaters and puts Canada up 3-0.

    canada 2 – usa. uu. 0: It really looks like both teams calmed down after that hectic first period (either that or I did…). there have been fewer stoppages, but it seems both teams have calmed down on their own in the gold medal game.

    canada 2 – usa. 0 – with about 5 minutes left in the first period, usa. he’s had 2 shots at the net this term, but still. It doesn’t feel like the start the US wanted, as Canada has controlled most of the game.

    canada 2 – usa. uu. 0 – the game is back and i didn’t mention this before but poulin’s goal tonight gives him 6 goals in 4 olympic gold medal games. let that sink in. not 6 goals in 4 olympic games, 6 goals in 4 olympic games for the gold medal!

    • America needs to discover itself. basically just his top line gentleman coyne schofield and brandt are doing anything. they have the depth to be there, so everyone else needs to step up.
    • canada is looking as good as it has been throughout the tournament. loose, fast and playing well.
    • I’m only tired when there’s no hockey, so I hope this intermission is quick.

    canada 2 – usa. uu. 0 – Deep breath from everyone at the end of the first period. I’m generally doing just fine, in case you were wondering.

    canada 2 – usa. uu. 0 – as much as it makes sense for poulin to score (because it’s a gold medal game against the united states, so she has to score, that’s right). both goals have come from American defensive breakdowns. please see below why this problem. tl, dr: it’s because ee. uu. he has basically sat down 2 defenders and actually only played four of them in the entire tournament. can you say, tired defenders?

    canada 2 – united states 0 – marie philip poulin scores!!!! With just under two minutes left in the period, Captain Clutch (and the Canadian Captain) steals the puck and hits her classic shot to put Canada up by two.

    canada 1 – usa. uu. 0 – forgot to mention it because in the ice garden it was “old news” but if you are new to the game a great story for the united states is that brianna decker was injured in the first half of her first match in beijing. decker is a huge presence on and off the ice, and has definitely been missed on the ice.

    canada 1 – usa. uu. 0 – okay, remember i said the us. uu. They shoot a lot. they only have 2 so far and we’re about 12 minutes into first period. They also haven’t scored a goal in the first period in their last three games, so there’s no real time to panic here, us fans.

    canada 1 – usa. uu. 0 – sarah nurse scores!!! (this time for real) a set showdown play finds the nurse in front of her, tying her for the record for points in a single Olympic tournament. That was just seconds after Canada’s goal was disallowed. big push coming up here…

    canada 0 – usa 0 – Challenge of a coach overturns the goal!!!!!! this is the second time in these olympic games where a coach’s challenge nullifies a big goal. holy guacamole! the other time was in roc switzerland’s quarterfinal match which canceled out roc’s go-ahead goal.

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    canada 1 – united states 0 – natalie spooner scores!!!!! Just at 7 minutes, the first spooner picks up a rebound and has an open shot after ee. uu. has a defensive breakdown (lol).

    canada 0 – usa 0 at 17:40: not the dreaded rank in a gold medal game. hannah brandt only barley missed an open goal as all of us had a flashback to the 2014 gold medal game. just google it, can’t talk about it…yet.

    canada 0 – use 0 at 18 minutes: my god, hockey has started. It feels weird that we’re at the end of the tournament, to be honest.

    some weird stories to follow, if you’re interested:

    • strange defensive deployments for the us. USA: Head coach Joel Johnson brought in 7 defenders but actually only used 5. Caroline Harvey (who is only 18, by the way) and Jincy Dunne have been almost on the bench logging 22 and 40 minutes on the ice respectively . Dunne technically in the last pair with Megan Bozek, but Bozek has double the minutes on the ice. weird weird weird
    • usa takes a lot of shots, i like it a lot, but can’t score: they average over 50 shots per game, but have scored almost half as many goals as canada. what does that mean? Well, America is probably taking bad or low-quality photos. meanwhile, desbienes is not used to seeing so many shots, so it would be to our advantage to still shoot a lot.

    oops, there’s the puck drop, just read my preview in the ice garden.

    this is what we think and what we have seen. Daoust, who was injured in his first game but was listed as part of the day-to-day, returned for the semi-final game. no wonder desbiens starts.

    the projected line of us. uu. It can’t be correct because he has three goalkeepers on the list, but the important part: Alex Cavallini is starting. Cavallini played both the quarterfinals and the semifinal, plus one of the preliminary matches. Curiously, he did not see the ice once at the 2018 Olympics, where the United States won gold. The gold medal goalkeeper, who was dubbed the Secretary of Defense after her shooting, was tonight’s reserve, Maddie Rooney. Nicole Hensley, who is listed, is almost likely to be undressed due to lineup rules.

    One of the greatest rivalries takes center stage in one of the biggest games on the 2022 sports calendar. The United States women’s hockey team takes on Canada in the gold medal game at the Winter Olympics in beijing 2022. puck drops at 11:10 p.m. et and the game will be available on nbc.

    Four years ago at the Pyeongchang Games, the United States beat Canada 3-2 in a six-shooter. The Americans avenged a 3-2 overtime loss in Sochi to win the gold medal for the first time since women’s ice hockey was finally launched at the Nagano Games in 1998. In the sixth Olympics in which Women’s ice hockey has been a medal sport, with Canada claiming four golds and two silvers while the United States claimed two golds, three silvers and one bronze.

    These two teams met in the group stage, with Canada winning 4-2. Canada has come through the tournament so far without a scare other than the United States game. in pool play, they went 4-0-0-0 with a +28 goal differential. They followed this up with an 11-0 quarterfinal victory over Sweden and a 10-3 semifinal victory over Switzerland.

    the united states briefly managed to hold a 2-1 lead in the group stage match against canada, but leveled again less than 30 seconds later. The United States won their other three group games and finished with a +14 goal difference. They advanced through the playoff bracket with 4-1 wins over the Czech Republic and Finland to set up this rematch.

    hilary knight leads the american squad with nine points on five goals and four assists, followed by savanna harmon and amanda kessel with seven apiece. the Canadians have dominated scoring for this tournament with the top six in points overall. sarah nurse leads the way with 16 points on four goals and 12 assists.

    among tubes, american alex cavallini is second in save percentage with .955 while canadian ann-renée desbiens has a save percentage of .936. Both will be busy on Wednesday night, but Cavallini, in particular, could face a barrage of gunfire.

    The US and Canadian women’s teams have had an exciting rivalry over the years. they are the two best in the world and it is only fitting that they now meet in what we hope will be an exciting gold medal game.

    how to watch the 2022 olympic gold medal game between the united states and canada

    time: 11:10 p.m. etwhere: wukesong sports center, beijing, chinatv: nbclive stream: nbc olympics, peacock

    odds at draftkings bookmaker

    puck line: canada -1.5 (+140), usa. uu. +1.5 (-160)total: 5 (over -130, under +110)moneyline: canada -210, usa uu. +170

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