Usa women’s hockey player married to nfl player

    It’s not uncommon for professional athletes to fall in love and even get married. are in a relatively small bubble compared to the general population; they often have similar interests and many opportunities to cross paths. In the case of NFL player Michael Schofield and Olympic hockey player Kendall Coyne Schofield, the story of how they met and fell in love is a sweet one.

    the careers of michael schofield and kendall coyne schofield

    Offensive guard Schofield was the Broncos’ third-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He spent three seasons in Denver before spending three years with the Chargers and the 2020 season with the Panthers. In his second season with the Broncos, he won Super Bowl 50.

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    coyne schofield is a professional hockey player who has had quite a bit of success in women’s hockey. her achievements include winning six gold medals at the iihf women’s world championships. her but her, above all, she was part of the 2018 usa selection. uu. women’s national team that took home gold at the 2018 winter olympics in pyeongchang, south korea.

    how the schofields met

    Kendall Coyne celebrates with husband and NFL player Michael Schofield

    Kendall Coyne celebrates with husband and NFL player Michael Schofield | Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

    The then-engaged couple discussed their relationship shortly after Coyne Schofield won her Olympic gold with The Players’ Tribune. They revealed that they lived 10 minutes apart from each other growing up but didn’t know it. They even went to the same suburban Chicago high school.

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    The soon-to-be couple met when they were college-aged while working out at a gym in their hometown. Schofield didn’t have a car and asked him for a ride. She said yes. In the car, they both said they had nothing to do, so she asked Coyne Schofield if she didn’t want to do anything together.

    went to lunch after training. she ordered only a salad, which took him by surprise, because she, by her own admission, was nervous.

    the couple is there for each other in their most important sporting moments

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    Coyne Schofield was there for his Super Bowl appearance in February 2016, according to NFL Films. when the broncos won the game she remembers “jumping up and down all the time” and running with her parents to get to the field. she was delighted to see him live out her childhood dream.

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    when kendall was at the olympics two years later and his team won gold, it was michael’s turn to celebrate. As the team took pictures after receiving their gold medals, Schofield remembers people yelling at him to get on the ice, which he hesitated to do. but he eventually jumped onto the ice, with “about 30 other family members” following him. once there, he lifted her up into the air.

    engagement and marriage of michael schofield and kendall coyne schofield

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    mile high sports reports the couple got engaged in 2017. schofield announced it in an instagram post with a photo of his super bowl ring next to her engagement ring. the caption read: “got a big ring last year. so made sure to buy her one this year @kendallcoyne26 #coyneflip.”

    The offensive guard proposed to her at his favorite ice cream parlor near her hometown and she obviously said yes. The wedding also took place in the Chicago area in July 2018, and Team USA’s website wrote about the couple’s wedding. The morning of the ceremony, Coyne Schofield tweeted: “There is no doubt that the greatest honor of my life will happen today. I can’t wait to be your wife @schoblue75! happy wedding day! #schosluckycoyne.”

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