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    Look, the Bengals fans are suffering. They haven’t done a super bowl since 1988 and it’s understandable that they’re going to lash out with #rigged after losing super bowl lvi. but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. out of respect, I ran some forensic statistics to give you a fair trial and see if there is anything to this claim, no matter how difficult it is. and I must say that I may have spent myself here.

    Before we dive into the pro rigged arguments, let’s first start with the core argument for why the game wasn’t rigged: tee higgins’ clear unstated face mask on the long touchdown. this is what everyone responds with because it was such an obvious infraction that no referee could have missed it in a million years. but…somehow…they did. Did anyone stop to think why this could be? while it seemed like this should have been a true flag, could it also have been a false flag? no one was blocking the umpires view of the play and it was clear as day for everyone to see jalen ramsey’s head turned so hard i’m pretty sure i saw him spit out a mouthful of cervical discs. so the question now is: which is actually more likely?

    Reading: Was the super bowl fixed

    1: Referees missed a facemask penalty, okay, it happens

    2: The refs saw it completely and let it go so everyone could watch it on TV and do what they wanted by using this not called early enough in the game as the mainstay of “see, the game couldn’t have manipulated side

    don’t answer that. We haven’t even gotten to the manipulated data yet. Let’s start with this:

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    Of course, it could be argued that this young team of flares got flustered and nervous in the last couple of minutes, resulting in mistakes. perhaps the rams were more disciplined at crucial moments?


    Get your tinfoil hats ready while we get back to the stat in my previous tweet because the next part is what really gets me. Other than the Bengals in the Super Bowl, there has only been one other game in the last five years in which the losing team was penalized twice in the last two minutes of a fair game (four or fewer total penalties by each team up to that point). ). Green Bay was the other team penalized twice in the final two minutes of the 2020 NFC Conference Championship against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. what do the buccaneers of 2020 and the rams of 2021 have in common? connect the dots here folks. as kansas city boss legend larry johnson suggested last year at the prime time of 4:34 am, it’s about the nfl’s dream of the home team winning the super bowl:

    the fact that the last two times a losing team has been penalized twice in the last two minutes of a game that had four or fewer total penalties up to that point, gave an advantage to the super bowl host team that year, is quite an inconvenient fact. especially for a city like the one we all know is not a sports city despite being the second most populous city in the united states. imagine the increase in income even if it were. give the city a super bowl and who knows!

    Numbers and narrative have teeth here, but if the NFL fixed a game, you better believe Vegas was at least aware. We’re going to need to follow the money and find some corroboration that Vegas was a benefactor in such a scheme before making any outlandish claims:


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    look. make of this what you want. I’m just laying out the facts for all to see. And I didn’t even mention the fact that it’s kind of weird that Pat Mahomes only threw for 55 second-half passing yards against the Bengals in the conference championship when his second-half career average is 140. I mean, If we’re being honest, rigging a Rams win against the Chiefs would have been impossible. And for the record, Mahomes threw for just 67 second-half passing yards in Super Bowl 2021 in and against Tampa Bay.

    buy, maybe this was all a coincidence. maybe this was harambe taking revenge on cincinnati. I’m not sure, but forensic analysis warrants an official NFL investigation so that at least Jon Gruden can be written off again. Until then, I think I made a pretty good case here and now you can go back and wonder which of the two scenarios was the most likely explanation for Tee Higgins not being called in for a face mask. Who is the crazy one now? Is it me or is it you?

    Don’t answer that.

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