Best Smartwatch For Texting 2022 Top Smartwatch That Can Call & Text

    If you’re shopping for the best smartwatches for texting, you need to think about your current smartphone or tablet and its operating system(s). Since Apple devices don’t support texting and calling through Android devices, it’s important to find a watch that uses the same operating system as your smartphone or tablet. next, think about the functionality of the text. Do you just want access to quick responses or do you prefer a robust text messaging feature? and you should consider other features such as calling, contactless payments, or even streaming media. however, all of the above smart features can quickly drain a watch’s battery, so you’ll want to see the battery range listed and how quickly a watch can be fully recharged. yes, you have to do the same even if you are buying the best smart watch.

    After conducting extensive research through countless customer reviews, we nominated the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 as our top choice. Read on to learn more about our selection criteria and to buy from our recommendations for the best smartwatches on the market today.

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    top 10 smartwatches for texting

    #1 samsung galaxy watch active 2 smart watch to send text messages

    prize: best choice

    Why we like it: The best smartwatch for android users that supports texting and talking with Qi wireless charging and a decent multi-day battery life makes it a smart choice .

    While most android based smartwatches can be paired with iphone, for this guide focusing on full text compatibility, we are only looking at android based watches for android phones. As we have stated in our criteria below, iPhone cannot properly support texting via Android smartwatch. So, without a doubt, the best smartwatch for an Android user will be from Samsung. We’ve nominated the Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch as our top pick because it’s a complete hands-free alternative to using your Android phone. Plus, you’ll get multi-day battery life and Qi wireless charging that allows you to charge your watch simply by placing it on your Samsung phone if it has that brand.

    the samsung galaxy active 2 allows you to send and receive calls and text messages thanks to the talk by text function. You’ll also have full access to email and calendar event management, along with contactless payment through the Samsung Pay app. For people who rely on voice assistants, Samsung’s proprietary Bixby Assistant is ready to help. You’ll also get fitness tracking with an automatic detector that instantly detects the type of activity you’re doing and tracks accordingly. Standard health metrics include continuous heart rate monitoring, step tracking, calories burned, and sleep tracking. Nice value-added features like your stress tracker and access to the calm app help you manage everyday stress. The only real complaint we saw from our Samsung Galaxy Active 2 review is that many people felt the interface was clunky, as did the app management feature. A better option may be one of the best hybrid smartwatches that features an on-screen display for more than just fitness metrics.

    #2 apple watch series 6 smart watch to send text messages

    award: honorable mention

    Why We Like It: The best smartwatch for texting on an iPhone thanks to its native OS support, 50-meter water resistance, and the ability to place this watch on a separate mobile device online.

    We can’t stress enough that Apple iPhone owners who want to find a watch that supports texting seamlessly should focus on the Apple Watch. it’s the only watch we’ve found through our research that doesn’t require a complicated solution for texting. The Apple Watch is a smart watch where you can text with an iPhone and is designed to be a hands-free replacement for iPhone. Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest release and packed with features that let you leave your iPhone behind if you prefer. This is demonstrated by the fact that you can put your watch on a separate line in your phone plan so you don’t even have to worry about having your iPhone nearby to access smart features. While we’ve given it an honorable mention in this guide, it’s the first choice for an iPhone owner who wants to text from their wrist.

    along with phone and text support, the key features people love are the always-on retina display with a screen that’s 30% larger than apple watch series 3. rate monitoring, ecg readings and blood oxygen levels. All of this data is tracked through Apple Health, which you can access on your watch or iPhone. Contactless payment is supported through the Apple Pay app. You’ll get a 50-meter water-resistance rating that makes it safe for swimming. The one major drawback, which is consistent across all generations of Apple Watch, is that Apple Watch has some of the worst battery life for a smartwatch. Although the brand promises 18 hours, your mileage will vary depending on how often you rely on smart features like phone, text, and media streaming. Consider instead the best rugged smartwatch that features max battery gps mode that can run up to 145 hours on solar charge or 70 hours without solar power.

    #3 apple watch series 5 smart watch to send text messages

    award: best quality

    Why We Like It: A smartwatch that texts without phone connectivity because you can put it on a cellular line, and that includes location guidance, improved fitness trackers, and a retina display Always active.

    apple has come a long way since the first apple watch. While the Series 6 is the latest version, the Series 5 Apple Watch is still a strong competitor. this is especially true for anyone who wants a smartwatch with bells and whistles minus the sticker shock for the latest edition. Fortunately, the Apple Watch Series 5 is a smartwatch that sends text messages without the need for phone pairing, since you can assign it a separate line with your cellular plan. This is because the Series 5 comes enabled for GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections. Common Apple Watch features include step tracking, sleep, continuous heart rate, and ECG monitoring.

    You’ll also get fall detection with emergency calls and elevation tracking. choose between a 40 or 44 millimeter case size. Another cool feature from Apple is Transfer, which allows you to open an app on your iPhone or iPad and seamlessly continue using it on your Apple Watch. the always-on retina display also includes a digital crown with haptics. But, as with other Apple Watches, the Series 5 is no better when it comes to battery life. Most users agreed that Apple’s 18 hour claim is not possible for power users and especially if you don’t turn off the always-on retina display. you may want to consider buying the best smartwatch for seniors that comes in 41 and 45 millimeter case sizes with up to 56 hours of battery life.

    #4 samsung gear s3 frontier smart watch to send text messages

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    award: best on a budget

    Why we like it: The best budget smartwatch for texting for Android users that supports contactless payments via Samsung Pay, with a battery life range of three days and proven military-grade durability.

    It’s no secret that feature-rich smartwatches can be expensive. Therefore, we are nominating the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier as the best budget smartwatch for texting for Android users. as well as being wallet-friendly, it also has one of the best battery ranges we’ve seen on more intensive smartwatches. at three days, that’s pretty impressive considering this watch supports texting, calling, streaming media, and more. As is pretty standard with Samsung watches, the Samsung Gear S3 was tested to military-grade Mil-Std-810g standards and passed.

    and as with other samsung watches, the gear s3 is designed to support wireless charging. You’ll get access to GPS with GLONASS integration along with an Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass (ABC) sensor. Other features include access to Bixby Samsung voice assistant and automatic exercise tracking for select gym and outdoor activities. And thanks to Samsung Health, you’ll have access to constant monitoring of heart rate, steps, floors climbed, water, caffeine, exercise, and more. However, the main drawback we saw with the Samsung Gear S3 is that the water resistance rating is IP68, which means it’s not ideal around water for anything other than washing your hands. even use in the shower is inadvisable. Compare it to one of the best running smartwatches that gives it a 50-meter water-resistance rating and still supports swimming.

    #5 motorola moto 360 smart watch to send text messages

    award: best for using operating system

    Why we like it: The best smartwatch with messaging support thanks to the voice-to-text function of Wear OS and improved GPS support thanks to the integration of Glonass, Beidou and Galileo satellites.

    samsung and apple are not the only manufacturers of improved smartwatches on the market. but since they both have a proprietary operating system, other watch brands need a third-party platform to create a true smartwatch. and this offers a natural transition to using os. It’s not uncommon, especially with traditional watch brands, to see their smartwatches running on Google’s operating system. While these watches technically support pairing with Apple devices, the full smart functionality is not available to an iPhone owner. Usually iphone users don’t support texting or answering calls. So, in this guide, if you see a watch that works with Wear OS, know that we’re focusing on it as an option for Android users only.

    That said, the motorola moto 360 is one of the best smartwatches with messaging functionality that runs on the operating system. we like that it has one of the most robust connectivity ranges. Along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you’ll get built-in GPS with Glonass, Beidou, and Galileo. Thanks to Google voice support, you have access to speak to type. And we especially like that the Motorola Moto 360 supports drawing on the touchscreen watch face. this includes the ability to create emojis and share them in your messages. Because the Moto 360 runs on Wear OS, you have access to most Google-based apps, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Play, and Google Pay. the only real drawback we saw with this watch is that it has a lower 30-meter water-resistance rating, making it safe for showering but not swimming. And if you are a cyclist, check out the best smartwatch for cycling that offers you enhanced safety features with live track, group live track, live event sharing, incident detection and assistance.

    #6 apple watch series 3 smart watch to send text messages

    award: best for older iphones

    Why We Like It: An apple smartwatch with call and text support for late adopters and older iPhones with internal storage, a 50-meter water-resistance rating, and its choice of two box sizes.

    While the Apple Watch Series 3 is an older model, it’s still incredibly popular and is still sold on Apple’s website. This fan favorite is still here for a reason: because it’s effective and can work with older iPhones. So whether you’re still a smartwatch skeptic or have an older iPhone, we think the Apple Watch Series 3 is a great option. It’s not as tech-savvy as the newer Apple Watch models, but since it’s a smartwatch with support for calling and texting, the Series 3 deserves to be on any iPhone owner’s shortlist. p>

    Unsurprisingly, the Series 3 falls short on battery life just like subsequent generations. but you’ll still get a retina display, just not preset to always-on mode. Standard features include fitness and health tracking for features like heart rate, steps, calories burned, floors climbed, and sleep tracking. We liked that this watch has a 50 meter water resistance rating and is also compatible with SOS emergency calls. and a nice feature is that you can choose between the 38- and 42-millimeter cases, which is good for people with smaller wrists. And for the little ones, consider buying the best smartwatch for kids that features a dial pad that can be disabled through the parental control app on your cell phone.

    #7 samsung gear sport smart watch to send text messages

    award: best for connected homes

    Why we like it: A sports-focused smartwatch with a proprietary Samsung Connect app that lets you control connected appliances in your home from anywhere along with enhanced GPS support.

    samsung smartwatches are a great choice for several reasons. Along with call and text support, we like that Samsung Gear Sport in particular has the Samsung Connect app. This app gives you the freedom to remotely manage connected devices throughout your home, such as your lights, thermostat, or even your refrigerator or oven. this can be a nice value-added feature for people who work late and don’t want to return to a dark home or in the summer or winter when you want to make sure your home is the perfect temperature.

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    the gear sport also features gps with enhanced glonass integration. this makes it nice if you’re the type who likes to hit the trails, as you’ll have more precise navigation assistance. You’ll also get water resistance to 50 meters and a watch that has passed military standards for durability. Samsung Gear Sport is designed with fitness in mind and tracks steps, activity, calories burned, continuous heart rate monitoring, stress, sleep and more. And contactless payments are supported by Samsung Pay, while Bixby works as your voice assistant. One surprising thing we noticed was that while Samsung claims the battery has a multi-day range, some reviews noted that the battery was so poor that even 24 hours was a struggle before it required recharging. but professionals will love the best business smartwatch that promises up to 12 hours of use, especially if you’re a power user.

    #8 michael kors access gen 4 sofie texting smartwatch

    award: best design

    Why We Like It: A sleek stainless steel watch designed to turn heads with a beautiful wearable operating system that supports wireless charging, contactless payments, and multiple face designs to reflect your style. and personality.

    wear os by google is the smartwatch operating system of choice for many traditional watchmakers and third-party brands. We’re including the Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Sofie Smartwatch because it’s a smaller, more stylish option for people who want to get away from the utilitarian look of most traditional smartwatches. Instead of a silicone strap and a boring case with a clunky bezel, you’ll get a 42-millimeter two-tone round case with crystals around the bezel and a matching two-tone metal chain-link strap. Another cool feature is the multiple watch faces that range from more traditional sporty designs to luxury versions that match the watch bezel.

    android users will have access to messages and reply to texts along with a wide range of google apps including gmail, google calendar, google pay and google play. While you do get tracking support for fitness metrics like steps and calories burned, the OS tends to underperform in that department compared to trackers from Apple and Samsung. we also note that it’s limited to a 30-meter water-resistance rating which isn’t suitable for swimming. Also, keep in mind that another common complaint with designer backed watches is that battery life isn’t great. in some cases, people had to turn off all fitness tracking and smart support entirely to get the battery to last all day. Speaking of fitness tracking, take a look at the best fitness smartwatch that gives you access to GPS support for steps, heart rate, and various motion modes.

    #9 fossil gen 5 carlyle smartwatch for texting

    award: best for professional environments

    Why we like it: A smartwatch that looks right at home in professional settings that runs on Wearable OS and supports fast charging for up to 80% battery life in just one hour and is compatible with several google applications.

    When you work in an office environment that is more professional, you may not want to wear a typical smartwatch with your business attire. The Carlyle Fossil Gen 5 is perfect for business professionals due to the leather straps and more discreet case. Fossil is a long-time watchmaker that has also entered the smartwatch arena by using wearables to power its smart category. The 44-millimeter case is a bit large, so it’s better for people with larger wrists or men, but it comes with a 22-millimeter strap that can be interchanged with any 22-millimeter Fossil strap.

    One of the best features we saw with the Fossil watch is that you get fast charging that promises to fill the battery to 80% in less than an hour. and you’ll like that, depending on your power settings, you can get up to two weeks of battery life between full charges. You’ll also rely on Google Fit to track health and fitness data including calories, steps, floors climbed, continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep and breathing. however, it will only have a water resistance of 30 meters, which means you can shower with it but not swim. As with other OS-backed watches, you’ll get a host of Google-based apps, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Assistant, Google Play, and Google Pay. But as with other Wear OS watches, many complaints centered around the buggy Wear OS platform specifically for gestures and the removed pairing for notifications. And if you’re a clinical worker, compare it to the best smartwatch for nurses that offers hands-free support so you don’t have to look at your phone between patients.

    #10 movado connect 2.0 smartwatch for texting

    award: best luxury choice

    Why we like it: A smartphone from a luxury watchmaker that runs on Wearable OS and supports calling and texting with a durable gorilla glass watch face and countless watch face designs.

    for people who want everything they use to be premium, the movado connect 2.0 is a great option. While we think this is more for looks than function, it’s a great addition for someone who isn’t looking for a total smartphone replacement like an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, but still wants something that’s “Smartwatch Lite”. “. movado connect 2.0 runs on wear os, so through talking to text, you can send messages. however, please note that it does not support phone calls.

    For fitness and health metrics, you’ll rely on Google Fit to track steps, breathing, heart rate, calories, and activity points. however, the operating system is known to have a bit of bugs with accurate step tracking. And while the brand promises up to three days of battery life on a single charge, a common review complaint is that the battery barely lasts 24 hours. and with only a 10-meter water-resistance rating, you’re limited to occasional exposure to splashes of water. a similar model better smart watch with a camera that is safe with exposure to moisture.

    how do we decide

    When you narrow down your smartwatch search to those that support texting, the field instantly becomes less cluttered. To create our guide to the best smartwatch for texting, we focused on the following key features: OS compatibility, text support, functionality, and battery life. Because texting is a feature that separates Android and Apple devices, you’ll find that we narrowed our criteria significantly so that only Apple Watches were promoted to iPhone users and all Tizen (Samsung) and Wear OS watches were targeted. to android users. . and you’ll notice that text support for smart watches is generally limited to talk-to-text features where a voice assistant or specific message dictation program must be accessed to transcribe them to your watch.

    In addition to sending text messages, most smartwatches that support full text functionality also allow you to make and receive phone calls. likewise, you’ll typically have access to email, managing calendars, streaming media, and making contactless payments. but you’ll also want to pay attention to battery life. Unlike traditional fitness smartwatches with limited smart support, these watches are promoted as hands-free companions that free you from your smartphone. therefore, battery life tends to be significantly reduced, and your experience may vary depending on how often you use smart features like texting, phone calls, and media streaming, which consume power faster. and a common problem we found was that many brands had watches that were well below the advertised battery range. still, you’ll find a range from just 18 hours to two weeks.

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    buying guide for the best smartwatches for texting

    the most important factors to consider

    1. OS compatibility OS or OS compatibility is crucial for a smartwatch that supports text messaging. This is especially true for iPhone users. While most smartwatches that support texting can work seamlessly with an Android phone, whether they run on Wear OS, Tizen for Samsung, or an alternative platform, they typically don’t work as well with the iPhone. And this means that your best bet for finding a smartwatch that supports texting if you own an iPhone is to get an Apple Watch. Also, please note that Apple Watch only works with Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone and cannot be paired with an Android device.
    2. Support Text Most of smartwatches have screens that are too small to support actual typing. instead, you’ll have the option to speak to type or speak to text which converts your spoken words into text that can be sent to contacts. Also note that we are focusing on clocks that support real text messages, not just template quick replies. Quick response text messaging features are common across many third-party brands like Garmin, Fitbit, and Amazfit. however, it is possible to find some third-party watches compatible with wear os that allow android users to access text talk assistance.
    3. functionality more than likely, yes When you buy a watch that supports text messaging, you’ll also get access to more robust smart features like making and receiving calls, contactless payments, media streaming, and additional apps, both owned by the watchmaker and third-party developers. but you may also want to consider what health and fitness tracking or music controls are available through the watch. And, in some cases, you can find features like Apple’s Hand Off, which lets you open an app on an iPhone or iPad and continue using it seamlessly on Apple Watch.
    4. Battery Life Being able to send and receive text messages is considered a smart feature. And typically, the more smart features a watch supports, the lower the range of battery life tends to be. In some cases, you may find watches like the Apple Watch that cannot survive 24 hours without recharging, while other smartwatches can last at least 24-48 hours depending on total usage.

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