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    You made it to week 16! Congratulations! you probably had a lot of depth and a little luck on your side. Or maybe you played well all season and saw this week’s carnage while you were on break. either way, you earned this.

    this week should be another difficult week to navigate. Fantasy GMs are now without Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette and possibly Mike Evans for this week as well. And as of now, Travie Kelce and Austin Ekeler are just a few of the big names on the Covid list.

    Reading: Week 16 waiver wire pickups

    If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that you can’t be sure of anything.

    I can’t stress enough: depth, depth, depth. each position should have handcuffs, as last minute changes might be necessary.

    For this week, I will once again recommend that if two players have a fairly even projection, start the player with the previous game. take no chances, there could be a last minute covid surprise. When making decisions about who to add from the cable, make sure you have a few options for each time slot. It would be a great idea to have someone available at the Monday night game in case your Sunday game gets messed up.

    Lastly, remember to make sure you don’t put any players from your first few games in a flex spot. if you have a wr in the thursday night game, play it on wr, not flex. Leave yourself maximum options for the weekend.

    I’ve removed faab offers from this week’s article because there really isn’t a standard at this point in the playoffs. I followed your guts.

    ok, here we go. let’s do it!

    QBs: Add Waiver Wire

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    tyler huntley (bal)

    not lamar jackson? No problem. Tyler Huntley has to be the most capable backup QB in the NFL. He nearly led the Ravens to an upset victory against Green Bay Sunday, spoiled only by a questionable decision by the coach to opt for the two-point conversion late in the game. Meanwhile, he was the highest scoring fantasy QB of the week with a whopping 35.9 fantasy points. If you have Jackson, heck, even if you don’t, it wouldn’t hurt to have Huntly on your bench. he is 96% available.

    jimmy garoppolo (nd)

    Last Sunday may not have been spectacular, but it wasn’t horrible either. And in terms of real life football, it was excellent as Jimmy G finished with a 123.7 QB rating. In fact, Jimmy G has finished with a QB rating of over 90 in his last eight contests in a row. There may not be a huge advantage, but he should be able to count on Garoppolo for the last two weeks of the season in case something happens to his starter. this week he arrives in tennessee, and houston will be his matchup for the week 17 championship.

    tua tagovailoa (mia)

    It wasn’t the best performance on Sunday, but it wasn’t the worst either. If you’re looking for a covid insurance policy, Tua has a decent matchup with the Saints this week. i know the saints just finished off tom brady, but i doubt they plan to finish off tua with such a vengeance. meanwhile, jaylen waddle should be back from the covid list, and tua should be a capable snap if needed. is 53% available.

    more qb: ben roethlisberger (well)

    corridors: a waiver cable is added

    ronald jones (tb)

    We’ve had ronald jones in this article for weeks now, and that’s exactly why. With Leonard Fournette probably gone for a while, Jones should lead this backfield for the rest of the fantasy playoffs. is jones as good as lenny? probably not. But let’s face it, Tampa Bay’s options are disappearing fast, and yours could too. if there’s a capable running back with an opportunity behind a top offensive line available on his waiver wire, he’d better do it right now. jones is available in 65% of fantasy leagues.

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    jeff wilson, jr. (sf)

    there it is! We’ve had Wilson on this piece for a few weeks and it finally paid off. wilson had a great day on sunday rushing for 110 yards and a TD and finishing with 19.9 ppr. Wilson was a playoff stud for us last week, and if Eli Mitchell doesn’t return in a short week, he should continue to play a big role in this backfield, even if he shares it with Deebo Samuel.

    craig reynolds (det)

    well, looks like craig reynolds is the one. without d’andre swift, without jamaal williams, and without t.j. hockeyson, detroit won their second game of the year. Reynolds was a big part of that with 112 rushing yards and a touchdown. if you have swift or williams, reynolds is a must. heck, if you can’t get ronald jones, reynolds is a must. This week, he’s facing a team from Atlanta that just gave up 162 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns to San Francisco. Stranger things have happened in fantasy playoffs than a guy nicknamed netflix becoming a playoff stud, but right now, I can’t think of that. Reynolds is available in 87% of fantasy leagues.

    justin jackson (lac)

    justin jackson looked good Thursday, carrying the ball 13 times for 86 yards. With Austin Ekeler now on the Covid list and still dealing with an ankle injury, Jackson is a must-have addition. It’s clear he’s next in line and ahead of Joshua Kelley, and this week the Chargers face off with the extraordinarily generous defense against the Houston run.

    duke johnson (mia)

    to the owners of myles gaskin: go ahead and punch a pillow. you have earned it. Duke Johnson appeared out of nowhere and stole all your fantasy points. but, here we are. Johnson found the end zone twice against the Jets on Sunday and totaled 107 rushing yards. Now keep in mind it was the jets, but if he’s desperate at RB, Johnson is available everywhere. You have to be desperate though, as Miami will be up against the best defense in New England. proceed with caution.

    more rb: jarret patterson (wft), joshua kelley (lac). samaje perine (cin), deejay dallas (mar), le’veon bell (tb)

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