What do the stars mean on football jerseys

    The question of why certain football clubs wear stars on their jerseys remains a hot topic, with different leagues adopting different rules.

    Fans will know that certain teams have a collection of stars around their crest, including the likes of Bayern Munich, Juventus and Manchester City in recent years, but why do they?

    Reading: What do the stars mean on football jerseys

    even some national teams have stars on their shirts, england have one, germany four and brazil a staggering five.

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    Football associations in their respective countries are mostly governed by different rules, and the main league does not adopt a system that allows clubs to wear stars on their jersey.

    here’s everything you need to know.

    why do soccer clubs wear stars on their shirts?

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    In most cases, a country’s governing body will grant teams the right to wear stars for winning a certain number of league titles.

    For example, in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Norway, football clubs will wear a star if they have won 10 championships.

    ajax, who would have 33 national titles, therefore he has three stars.

    however the bundesliga has a different rule, one star will be added for three league championships, two for five titles, three for ten and bayern has four stars because they have won more than 20 times.

    Scotland Rangers have five stars for winning the Scottish league over 50 times, while the Celts only have one star for winning the 1967 European Cup.

    why do manchester city, ipswich town, bury and nottingham forest have stars?

    Citizen stars had no relevance to titles, they chose them on their uniform in 1997 for purely decorative reasons, though they dropped the stars after they brought in a new badge.

    Forest’s two stars are due to winning back-to-back European titles, while Ipswich’s three are due to winning the English Premier League in 1962, the FA Cup in 1978 and the UEFA Cup in 1981.


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    bury chose to have two stars from 2011 due to twice winning the fa cup in 1900 and 1903.

    why do national teams have stars?

    If a country has a star on their uniform, it usually means they have won a world cup.

    However, if you see a country that has a star and has not won the most prestigious tournament in the world, it would have won the African Cup of Nations, the Olympics (Uruguay has four, having won the World Cup and the Olympics two times) or the Asian Cup.

    Which European team has the most stars and are they compulsory?

    ligue 1 side nantes have eight stars incorporated into their badge, one for each of the league titles they have won.

    rangers and bayern have five and olympiakos four due to having won more than 40 super league titles.

    real madrid, despite winning 11 european titles, has no stars – no club in spain has a star on its shirt.

    It is not mandatory to wear one, but most clubs will generally, if their respected fa permits, wear a star.

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