Reggie Weed: What It Is and Why You Should Stay Away

    every seasoned smoker you know will have a handful of favorite strains, whether it’s the classic og kush for a euphoric high or a blue dream for its sweet berry flavor.

    but one thing everyone seems to agree on is how terrible reggie weed is.

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    Regarded as the black sheep of the family, this strain won’t keep you coming back for more, but how did it get such a bad rap? let’s take a look at its characteristics compared to a typical top-notch strain, as well as a definition of reggie weed.

    reggie weed is a low grade c strain, although some consider it a b+ or medium grade weed, usually with a sativa-dominant heritage. It is generally considered a beginner strain as its effects are very mild, with THC levels around 15-18%.

    how well does reggie weed grow?

    Do you know the phrase what you sow you reap? has never been truer. very little care is devoted to the cultivation of this variety. Reggie weed is normally grown outdoors, and while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can make growing very difficult.

    When grown indoors, you can regulate humidity levels, sunlight, and temperature to create high-quality variation. growers often pay little attention to the development of the plant and just leave it alone until it produces a decent amount of leaves, which often isn’t much.

    another problem with this variety is that the female variety is fertilized, which means that it usually produces more seeds than leaves. it then spends its valuable energy on the seeds instead of the leaves, reducing the quality of the variety.

    what is reggie weed like?

    Now looks aren’t everything, but in the world of strains, they can be a great indicator of weed quality. many describe it as having an unusually dull dark brown or green color. It’s often dotted with lots of seeds, but it lacks the attractive crystallization you’d expect to see.

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    Typically with high quality strains like candy kush there will be a lot of trichomes. these are the attractive crystals or frost that form on the buds. these trichomes are also the source of all the cannabinoids and terpenes in your cannabis, so with little visible, you can expect a very smooth high. high-quality strains should have an attractive bright green color unless they have been genetically modified.

    what does reggie weed smell like?


    Smell can be a huge factor in determining which strain is right for you, some people prefer strong scents like platinum bubba kush. this strain has a very floral and spicy aroma, which many people love. Not all high-quality strains smell great, but if they lack scent, they usually make up for it in flavor or effect. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for reggie weed, it is not what attracts potential buyers. the strain is often described as having a mild skunky or dry hay smell. While it’s not terrible, it’s not all that appealing either.

    what is the texture of reggie weed?

    luckily, one thing we can rely on is its beautiful sticky texture… nope. reggie is very dry and dusty to handle and looks a lot like grass clippings. the leaves often fall off the seed, leaving a very airy and disappointing bunch of grass. high-quality strains will, once again, have a slightly different texture.

    One strain that has a similar texture to Reggie is Fat Banana, but unlike Reggie’s very limp appearance, Fat Banana has a very nice, fluffy build.

    Strains on the opposite end of the spectrum are like candy kush. candy kush retains more moisture than many other strains. it has a sticky texture that often leaves resin on the fingers. Compared to Reggie, it’s also very dense, which is most apparent when you try to squeeze it between your fingers.

    what does reggie weed taste like?

    reggie weed doesn’t have a particularly memorable flavor. often described as bland with occasional hints of grass or grass, it’s not the most inspiring flavor. that is unless you accidentally smoke some of the seeds. this can produce not only a bitter taste but also an unpleasant odour, which has been described as burning plastic. maybe not full of flavor for the right reasons!

    this is disappointing considering the incredible flavor variation in other strains. one of them is the tangie strain, a citrus wonderland. opening a bag of this will instantly make you feel summed up, with a strong apricot and mango flavor as well. if you prefer an earthy flavor, another high-quality strain is the Dutch treat. its flavor is rooted in rich pine, with pleasant herbs like sage and a strong hint of lemon to round it out. so many strains have increasingly amazing and complex flavors that really overshadow the boring reggie experience.

    what effects will you experience?

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    reggie produces a relatively fast but smooth high. due to its low levels of thc, it does not have the power to create a strong psychoactive reaction. Some smokers have trouble getting any kind of high. the variety, as stated above, is also very dry; this can often cause a lot of coughing when smoking and a very unpleasant dry mouth. certain high quality strains have been bred to produce amazing effects, such as the godfather og. this is a strain that will blow your mind, as it once had a thc level of 34.04%, breaking the world record for the highest thc content.

    If it’s not designed to have psychoactive properties, then it must be made for medicinal use, right? Unfortunately, even your cbd levels can’t save you. As a strain, it is not well cared for or developed enough to be used as an effective treatment for many ailments. That’s not to say it won’t help at all, but there are many more strains like Harlequin that will produce a much better effect.

    when is reggie weed a good idea?

    okay, let’s give reggie weed a break. while not popular with avid cannabis smokers, it can be a decent strain for those starting out on their cannabis journey.

    many describe reggie as one of the first strains they tried, probably because it is so much more accessible than other types of cannabis.

    It can make it easier for you to get into the smoking habit without having to try the more intimidating and powerful strains like purple kush. At least it’s a strain you can only ascend from.


    It’s also a very affordable strain, so if you’re desperate to get your hands on it fast, you might as well do it. while some strains can be very specific or just more difficult to grow. Another reason you might choose to use reggie is that it’s incredibly cheap, which is probably not surprising given its quality. Basically, if you’re a newbie to cannabis and want a cheap and accessible strain, Reggie isn’t too bad.

    final thoughts on reggie weed

    It’s no wonder strain experts are becoming increasingly frustrated with reggie; it lacks imagination or excitement, whether high, taste or smell. there are plenty of other strains that can give you a great high or help medicinally.

    many more states are legalizing cannabis. Will this lead to increased production of high quality strains? does this mean the end of reggie? Yes and no. From what we can see so far, creativity in cannabis strains will continue to rise. but for now, it looks like there will always be room for low-quality varieties like reggie.

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