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    the nfl injury report exists to inform the general public about all the bumps and bruises of players across the country. it’s supposed to be the equalizer in the battle for insider information, though quite often we’ll find players on the roster who aren’t hurt, or players who are hurt not on the roster.

    the nfl requires teams to disclose all injuries, beginning with a practice report that must be issued after the first practice of the week. another practice report comes out the next day, and then an injury report comes out the next day. practice reports are typically issued on Wednesday and Thursday and the injury report is released on Friday. has the full reports at 6:30 p.m. et the latest during the season.

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    per nfl policy, each report has its own set of ratings.

    practice report

    Player injuries must be declared on the practice report, but only to the extent of their ability to practice. their injury should be named and they may be ruled out for their next game, but all other information about their status for the week does not need to be reported.

    here’s how we treat rankings in the nfl practice report:

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    Out: When a team says that a player is out, it means that he has been ruled out before the game. you can safely plan to bank any discarded person.

    Didn’t Practice: When a player misses a day of work, they get this designation. however, a player will get this if he is injured or if he is a veteran who has earned some time off and can use an extra day off. obviously, when someone is resting, they are expected to play. when a player is legitimately injured, we consider him questionable for the next week if he doesn’t practice and monitor his progress.

    Limited Practice Participation: When a player only participates in individual drills, or simply does not finish team practice, it will be considered limited. some veterans only work on a limited basis to help keep them fresh for the week ahead. therefore, when a player is determined to be regularly capped, we consider them likely for their next contest. otherwise, players are considered questionable until they practice fully.

    Full Practice Participation: This one is simple: one player practices for the entire practice. it’s safe to say that anyone who practices fully is expected to play.

    injury report

    most nfl coaches abide by the following adage: if a player can’t practice on friday, he won’t play on sunday. There have been and will be exceptions, but it’s a good rule of thumb for all of you to remember. We mention it here because the NFL injury report comes out on Fridays. so if you want to know what a manager thinks about a player’s condition for a match, you can find out here.

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    here’s how we treat ratings in the nfl injury report:

    out: a player listed as out will not play. as easy as that. It should be noted that some teams will list a player as out after the injury report is released, but before the inactives are due for a game, so sometimes players who are doubtful or questionable are traded well in advance of the game. kick off.

    Doubtful: The NFL says the players listed here should have a 25 percent chance of playing. we’ve only seen a handful of cases over the years of players classified as iffy actually making it to kickoff. this is essentially another way to include a player as an outsider, and teams know it. in fact, a couple of teams almost never use the dubious designation because it suggests a player won’t play. instead, they use questionable.

    questionable: the most feared word in the report. The NFL says that players who have a 50-50 chance of playing should be included here, but very often we see cases where this is not the case. when we evaluate players listed as questionable, we look at whether or not they practiced during the week. if they did, especially on Friday, then we’d lean a bit more towards them playing than not. if they didn’t practice, especially on Friday, we would expect them to be inactive on Sunday. To be sure, your best plan of attack is to have tentative plans for anyone listed as questionable and check Sunday’s inactives here at before finalizing your lineup.

    likely: the nfl says that players who have a virtual certainty of playing should be included here. it’s rare to see a player listed as likely not to play due to his injury. you should feel safe starting anyone listed as likely for a game.

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