Cleveland, LeBron James Still Stick With Channing Frye After Retirement

    cleveland cavaliers forward channing frye (9) and cleveland cavaliers forward lebron james (23).

    After 14 seasons in the league, big man Channing Frye retired three years ago, but in that time, he has remained largely a part of the NBA landscape, as part of the popular podcast Road Trippin’, in regular appearances on NBA TV and with an outspoken and often humorous Twitter account. That’s not a surprise: Frye was always popular with his teammates during his playing career and, having been to five franchises, he’s had plenty of teammates during that span.

    In fact, frye, recognizing that the most important connections he’s made have been on the pitch, has made pitch renovations one of his post-race goals. during just this past nba all-star weekend in cleveland, frye teamed up with mobile 1’s tune up program to unveil a new renovated court at the history merrick house community center in the city, in conjunction with the backboard project. /p>

    “Now that I’m retired, I have the opportunity to try to make an impact in different areas that affected me when I was playing and I try to be as authentic as possible with these relationships or partnerships,” frye said. “and i just heard about the backboard project with mobile 1 and tuning and being all-star in cleveland, especially being a basketball court, i think how long i was on a basketball court. Right? that was just to go talk to my friends, play and play 21… I know that a court is infinite, has infinite possibilities, that it is only limited by the imagination. you know, a court has been somewhere where, you know, I figured out who I am to better myself. I’ve had some of the hardest conversations with myself on a court and some of my happiest moments on a court.”

    frye was key in the 2016 cavaliers championship

    frye said it was especially gratifying to be able to give back to cleveland, where he had played parts of three seasons and was instrumental in helping put together the 2015-16 team that won the cavaliers’ only championship. Frye, acquired at the 2016 trade deadline, wasn’t a star on that team, but he brought the depth of a big man and, more importantly, helped tie the locker room together with his presence. but he also connected with the city.

    “when i went to cleveland, i thought, what does cleveland do? who are they? right?” frye said. “and i always say it was hard for me to find it in orlando. i’m a dive, i watch football, vigilante, sports, type of guy. and that’s what cleveland is. and they built themselves themselves from the inside. right? they take so much pride and whether it’s the state of ohio they go crazy. whether it’s the indians, the browns, the cavs, the freaks, they love themselves, they want their people to succeed.”

    Of course, during his time with the cavs, frye had a notable teammate: lebron james. And as an NBA analyst, he says he can’t be surprised by what James and his current team, the Lakers, are enduring in Los Angeles, which has gone just 27-31 despite a much-hyped season. What’s amazing is that, after 19 seasons in the NBA, James has hardly ever had this kind of losing streak.

    “For me, I felt like there were just missing pieces, whether it’s skills, culture, they’re too old or too, you know, coaching style, or they haven’t.” I found out who the Lakers are,” Frye said. “and it happens, it happens to 99.999% of all gamers. and at one point it happens to lebron, and it’s a medium all the time. yes, the guy, the guy is 52 years old, an average of 29 points, almost. and it’s like, well, his team is not elite. guys, he’s doing all he can.”

    in fact, as frye can attest, things change. even possibly for the greatest athlete in cleveland history. but he still does not rule out his former partner.

    “I still think they have a shot at a shooter,” frye said. “but it’s going to take a lot of communication and they have to figure it out real quick.”

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