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    p.s. you can play nfl playoff fantasy league here.

    the essence

    here’s the deal: fantasy exists in virtually any sport (yes, there’s fantasy hockey, baseball, etc.) and is like a computer game with real-world counterparts. we all know that football exists in real life and we all cheer for our favorite teams/players. but, as viewers, we have no decision-making power or participation in the game: the players are chosen by the owners/managers of the teams, and the viewers do not get to choose who the teams sign. that’s where the “fantasy” comes in! so that we normal people can create our dream team, our “fantasy” team, so to speak. the problem is that this team is built online. you choose players from all over the league who form the team of your dreams. your fantasy team then goes up against other people’s fantasy teams. The good thing is that as much as your fantasy team exists online, the actual player stats in real life games dictate how your fantasy team fares.

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    are you still with us? great! This may sound a bit complicated, but you really don’t need to be a die-hard fan to participate in fantasy sports. having a basic understanding will not make you basic; any clever and strategic girl (that’s you!) can win it all. Before we dive in, there are a lot of soccer references in this guide (duh), so make sure you brush up on your soccer 101 before you dive in.

    why fantasy is so important?

    as we say in essence all the time, sports have a unique way of bringing people together, and fantasy sports are no different. it’s a pretty unreal feeling when you can brag that a rookie is going to have an amazing season before anyone else, or pick a player before he has an outstanding game. There’s also the less poetic aspect of having cash on the line. and everyone likes to make money.

    In fact, the fantasy football market is so big that there’s an entire TV show dedicated to it. There are radio stations dedicated solely to fantasy football and the NFL website has its own fantasy football section. basically, ff is a bfd, so it’s time to get on board.

    OK, but what is a sports pool and what is a fantasy?

    swimming pools

    In terms of irl sports betting against other people, there are generally two main ways to do it: pools and fantasy. a “group” in sports usually means you’re picking one team to beat the other. “Fantasy”, on the other hand, generally means that you are choosing players to make up your team, which will then go up against other fantasy teams.

    To begin with, the simplest group type is a standard pick ’em. that means you just pick who you think is going to win in each head-to-head matchup each week. the person in the pool who guesses the most wins wins that week.

    another type of group is the survivor group. Every week, you review the matchups and pick a team that you think will win their game. for example, if the new england patriots (total awesomeness) play the cincinnati flares (sad pandas in general), you would pick the team you thought was going to win and then hopefully go on to glory. As long as the team you choose wins, you move on. The catch is that you can only pick each team once during the 17-week season, so you may not want to pick all the obvious winners up front. oooo some strategy, we love it. choosing a wrong team means you get kicked out of the pool. bye felicia!


    Now, it’s time for the standard fantasy draft leagues. these take more effort and understanding, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun! let’s base on yahoo fantasy because it is the most used website.

    first you select your team, which means selecting (usually) 16 players. These are real professional soccer players who are the best at their positions. imagine a stellar season of your favorite reality show: only the best are worthy.

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    this is what the yahoo draft page looks like once it’s active:

    Guide to Fantasy Football | The GIST

    While this dashboard looks a little complicated, here are all the parts you need to know:

    • time in the upper left corner: how much time you have to make a selection of players. you only have 1-2 minutes to make your selection, which sounds like a lot, but it goes fast!
    • red bar below: your place in the writing order (see below depends on how you decide).
    • preliminary order: this is where all the teams in your league are listed, so you can see the order in which each team will select their team. player.
    • Top Middle: When you click on a player, this is where their face and stats appear. if they haven’t been selected yet and you want to choose it, you can click “add to queue” which is basically a waiting place at the top right of the screen. this makes it easier to find players you’re interested in.
    • screen center: this is where all available players are; you can search by position to make them easier to navigate. if they have a little red plus sign, it means they’re injured.
    • Top Right: If you’ve added players you want to your queue, this is where you’ll see them. if someone selects them before you, they will disappear from there.
    • right center: this is where you will see the players you have chosen to form your team !

    the wording works like a snake. what the hell do snakes have to do with sports? Let’s say your league has 10 people. the computer uses an algorithm (#math) to randomly assign you a number from 1 to 10 and then the order to pick your player will go from person 1 to person 10, then start with person 10 to person 1, and then repeat , until everyone has filled their lists. so if you’re draft 8, 9 or 10, you should have two picks ready because the snake moves fast.

    Standard leagues select the following positions: quarterbacks (qb), wide receivers (wr), running backs (rb), tight ends (te), kickers, and a team defense (meaning you pick the entire defense of the Green Bay Packers, not an individual player).

    w-r-t means you can fill that place with wr, rb or te; acts as a wild card. bn is your bank. the sideboard is like a holding spot for players you’re not using that week. go means injured reserve, the place where you hope your star players never end up. good.

    Once you select your players, you set your roster each week. yes, you have to choose a list every week! Also, FYI: Soccer week is Thursday through Monday with usually one game on Thursday, 2pm on Sunday, and one on Monday. setting your lineup means deciding who you think will give you the most points. therefore, if one of your running backs is facing a team that has excellent defense, it might be best to bench him for the week. yahoo provides predictions to help you.

    how do you get points?

    Your commissioner (a fancy way of saying league organizer) can change how each player earns your team’s points, but standard yahoo scoring is pretty easy to understand. here’s a quick breakdown:

    Guide to Fantasy Football | The GIST

    There are two kinds of standard leagues: head-to-head and total points. Head-to-head means your team faces off against another team in your league each week, and whichever team gets the most points, wins that week. Total points leagues are similar, but instead of a winner and loser each week, your team’s total points are counted over the entire season to determine placing.

    This is an example of what a head-to-head matchup would look like:

    Guide to Fantasy Football | The GIST

    TBH, it sounds more complicated reading it than it is actually playing it.

    first time? here are some tips and tricks:

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    step one: come up with the best team name ever! a common formula is a player’s name plus something culturally relevant. Some examples include Down by the Watt, Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy, and Diggs in a Blanket. think outside the box!

    then you need to do some research; don’t consider it boring, go to the library, cite your research sources; but rather using his incredible intellect to assess the nfl scene. Furthermore, there are many websites that do everything for you. these include:

    • nfl
    • sb nation
    • yahoo (the site you’ll probably use for your league anyway)
    • cbs sports

    Each site has articles, lists, projections and rankings. don’t feel like you need to read everything and try not to feel overwhelmed; most of these sites say the same thing. They are valuable for newbies to get an idea of ​​who is hot and who is not (although we all know Tom Brady is hot). once you have a basic understanding of who’s injured, sleeper picks (those guys who are pretty low-key, but could have high potential for big points), top defenses, etc., you’re ready to draft! /p>

    some helpful tips to get you started:

    • The most important thing is that it is essential not to stress too much during the draft because nothing is really permanent. you have the ability to drop and add different players throughout the season, or even trade with other people in your league. if you picked someone you regret, do some more research after the draft and ditch that player for someone else. if your qb gets injured or that rb just isn’t working right, get some new ones! you learn a lot as you go.
    • don’t pick a quarterback first! while she may be queen bee (but not queen bey), there will be plenty of good ones available.
    • choose rbs and wrs first. they do most of the scoring.
    • Take your defense second and your kicker last. some leagues will even drop the kicking category because it’s the least important!
    • don’t take too many players from one team. each team gets a bye week (a bye week), so you’ll be screwed if everyone’s on your bench.
    • stay chill, especially if the player you want gets picked, because it’s definitely going to happen. have a few lined up so you’re always ready. remember, you only have a certain amount of time to pick each player.

    Bonus: watch out for injuries during the season. if any player goes down, whether it’s yours or not, try to get their backup!

    Good luck and have fun folks!

    that’s #thegistofit

    written with guest writer: kara steyn

    p.s. you can play gist nfl playoffs fantasy league



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