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    American football has 11 positions on the field. these positions are often labeled in position groups as coaches may speak of a set of players rather than one player. this is the same in attack and defense.

    in football, defensive backs (db) are cornerbacks, deep and free. they are primarily responsible for stopping the pass.

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    This article will break down what a db is in football and why their positions are essential.

    defensive backs in American football

    A db in football is short for defensive backs. these players are typically the fastest players on the defensive side of the ball as they are tasked with covering wide receivers.

    They are called defensive backs because they are often the last line of defense, the rear of the defense.

    Positions are often grouped together in American football as it is easier to control a portion of the players than individual positions.

    for example, it’s easier to say the d line instead of saying all the defensive line positions. Instead of naming each type of linebacker, it’s easier to say “the linebackers.”

    this is the same for dbs as they are often the 4 (or 3) players included in the defensive backfield. Let’s learn all the players who are considered defensive backs.

    the football handbook

    If you’re looking to learn more about the defensive back position, we offer free training guides, as well as a complete football handbook. Inside the handbook, you’ll find all you need to know about the man and zone coverages as well as what defensive backs are tasked with on every play.


    A cornerback is responsible for covering wide receivers. the cornerback is often the widest player on the field, covering the widest receiver on the field.

    These players are usually tall and long players or short and fast players. playing cornerback requires an enormous amount of athleticism, as the player needs to work both forward and backward.

    nfl players like stephon gilmore and darrelle revis are masters of their craft. these players were able to shut down some of the best wide receivers in the league.

    playing cornerback requires a lot of patience and skill with the ball to follow it through the air.

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    Cornerbacks are one of the dbs found in almost every defense.

    strong security

    strong security posture is also part of db pools. strong safety is found on most defenses, although coaches may choose not to use a strong safety.

    Strong safeties are often too small to be linebackers, but they can still hit and follow the ball like a defensive back. these players are in charge of covering the pass and playing the run.

    They call them strong safeties because the player has to play the run and play the pass. these players often line up on the strong side of the formation.

    The strong side of the formation includes the running strength (where there are more tight ends and fullbacks) or the passing strength (where there are more eligible receivers).

    Toughness and athleticism are required to play this defensive position.

    free security

    free safety is a rear defensive position found in all defenses of some kind.

    They call it security because it’s the last line of defense. these players are responsible for ensuring that the offense doesn’t score if an explosive play occurs.

    A burst play is usually a run or pass play that results in 15 or more yards. If an offense can gain 15 or more yards on a running or passing play, it’s going to be a long day for the defense.

    If the defensive line or linebackers miss a tackle, it’s up to safety to make a tackle. often, if the safety misses a tackle, the offense scores a touchdown.

    Safety is one of the most critical defensive backs on the field, as they are the safety valve of the defense.

    If you are interested in learning more about positions in American football, please read here.

    Is a database the same as a cb?

    a cornerback is a defensive back. a defensive back is a name for the grouping of defensive players. these defensive players include cornerbacks and safeties. there are often 3 or 4 defensive backs on the field at any one time.

    Defensive backs are often the fastest players on the field, as they need to cover wide receivers on offense.

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    Football has become more of a game of speed than a game of power. the increased speed on the offensive side of the ball must be matched by the speed on the defensive side of the ball.

    This is why dbs are important to defense and play an essential role in stopping offense.

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    A db in American football is a defensive back. defensive backs are responsible for making sure no touchdowns are scored if a defensive lineman or linebacker misses a tackle.

    dbs is also responsible for covering wide receivers and making sure no pass goes all the way down the field. defensive backs are often tasked with covering wide receivers in man coverage or playing in an area of ​​the field known as zone coverage.

    defensive backs are either taller, longer players or shorter, faster players. this all depends on the coach’s preference and what type of player he wants to play in that defensive position.

    dbs has one of the toughest positions on the field physically but one of the easiest mentally. the defensive back position is usually the least physical position, as players rarely tackle and engage in physical plays.

    defensive backs require more athleticism and ball skills to catch or knock down the ball when thrown.

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