Johnny Manziel still playing football with a new perspective

    johnny manziel is still playing football, with a new perspective.

    The 2012 heisman trophy winner and first-round bust will make his season debut Saturday in fan-controlled football on a team that features pro football hall of famer Terrell Owens.


    It’s Manziel’s second season in his third league since his last NFL game in 2015. Manziel, selected 22nd overall by the Browns in the 2014 NFL Draft, played two tumultuous seasons in Cleveland. and he made headlines for his problems off the court. field, including a stint in rehab and a domestic violence charge that led to a dismissal agreement with prosecutors.

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    but manziel, 29, seems more mature.

    “I learned a lot more during the fall than during the ascent,” Manziel told the Associated Press. “So, I look back and for a while I looked at my life in a way that I reflected and regretted. and I no longer feel that way about how my story went. i had an amazing opportunity to go to texas a&m, to get drafted into the nfl. And that career didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to, but I learned a lot about life through that journey up and down.

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    “I am so grateful for where I am in my life right now, and I can look back and say that I am completely at peace with my entire football career. For me, it was fun. I have had an amazing journey in the game of soccer. it introduced me to a lot of people around the world. so i am grateful for my journey and i keep trying to get involved in the game in some way, shape, or form.”

    sohrob farudi, co-founder and CEO of fcf, appreciates manziel’s personal growth.

    “I just have respect for johnny and the way he handled us,” farudi said. “I am very happy that he has found peace with what happened and is looking forward.”

    manziel played in the canadian soccer league and alliance of american football in 2018-19 before joining the fcf zappers last year. He started eight games for the Browns, going 2-6 with seven touchdown passes and seven interceptions in 2014-15.

    “I know the mistakes I made the first time around and I know I really don’t want to repeat those mistakes,” Manziel said of his troubles off the field. “So for me, I’ve learned a lot. now, have you really learned if you are not implementing a different change in your life in the future? no, you really didn’t learn anything.

    “so for me, a lot about the way i conduct myself now, my attitude about life and my outlook on life, i feel like it exudes me to other people. it really is your life to live and only your life and You know, I live mine every day in a way that I want to make me happy and I feel like I give off that aura in my daily encounters.”

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    manziel is excited to play with owens, 48, who caught a TD pass in his first game last week. fan-controlled football allows fans to call offensive plays and vote on rules. Marshawn Lynch, Austin Ekeler, Richard Sherman and Dalvin Cook all own teams in the league. Manziel’s squad takes on the Sherman Glacier Boyz in Atlanta on Saturday.

    “It looks exactly the same as it did five or 15 years ago,” Manziel said of t.o. “The guy is a legend.”

    although it has been seven years since manziel left cleveland, the browns hadn’t found a franchise quarterback until they acquired deshaun watson. now, they are looking to trade baker mayfield, the world no. 1 overall pick in 2018.

    manziel can understand what mayfield is going through.

    “I try to stay out of a lot of the drama of cleveland and what surrounds the browns, but being friends with baker and having a lot of friends in common, we spend a little time together here and there”. Manziel said. “He has a good head on his shoulders. I think he’s got a lot of his career ahead of him, and he’s going to put himself in a situation just because cleveland doesn’t want him anymore, obviously, with the decisions that they’ve made. he’s going to land on his feet and I think he’s going to end up somewhere where he can succeed. I wish him nothing but the best.”


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