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    hockey players will be hockey players. and all hockey players do is try to bend the rules to give their team some advantage to win. By bending those rules, they often break the rules and are penalized by needing to leave the game for a specified period of time. This specified amount of time is cumulatively calculated for players over a game and a season under the abbreviation PIM.

    what does pim mean in hockey stats? pim stands for Penalty Infraction Minutes, but is more commonly known as Penalty Minutes. pim is the cumulative total time a player has spent in the penalty box due to on-ice offenses and is calculated per match per season.

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    Let’s take a closer look at penalties and the amount of time a player is assessed for them.

    sanctioned versus non-sanctioned infractions

    In hockey, if you break the rules, the referee will blow the whistle. however, when you break the rules, sometimes a player is penalized and sometimes not.

    For example, non-punishable offenses include icing, offside, and handballs.

    More serious offenses such as tripping, high nailing, slashing, and fighting are penalized. suspended means that you will have to sit in the penalty box for a predetermined amount of time and your team will not be able to substitute you for any player. the consequence is that your team will have to play shorthanded (have one less player on the ice) during the time you are in the penalty area.

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    There are different types of penalties a player can receive. each of these penalties has a different set amount of time, which will be added to the running total of penalties for the player and team.

    five types of sanctions

    Minor (2 minutes) – This is the least serious type of penalty and includes penalties such as Hook, Cut, Tackle, Goalie Interference, Delay of Game, Too Many Men on Ice. this is by far the most common type of sanction.

    If a goal is scored while the player is serving a 2-minute light penalty, the penalized player may leave the penalty area and return to the ice.

    A player could also receive a double minor penalty (4 minutes).

    major (5 minutes) – this is for a more severe type of minor penalty. for example, it would be to hit high that causes another player to bleed or fight or a dangerous type of body check.

    match (5 minutes): A match is called when a player deliberately attempts or injures another player. As well as the 5-minute penalty, the player will be sent off for the rest of the match. another player from his team will serve the penalty in his place.

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    misconduct (10 minutes): This is the longest penalty imposed, but unlike the other penalties, the team will not fall short for this team. the team may substitute another player in his place while the penalty is being served. for example, a 10-minute misconduct could be given for unsportsmanlike behavior.

    penalty shot: A penalty shot does not have a time violation imposed, but rather a player allows a player to have an unimpeded breakaway on the goalkeeper. this penalty is most often called when a player trips a breakaway.

    how many pims does a player get in a game or season?

    nhl players today receive far fewer penalties than those of a few decades ago. the style of play has changed and what is considered acceptable has changed. one of the main factors is that the fight in the nhl is very low. in the 1980s there used to be fights in most games. now there are almost no fights in the nhl. this has lowered the penalty minutes.

    most players in a game will get zero pims with about half a dozen on each side for 2-4 minutes. if they go over 4 they usually do it in a fight, that would be on the high side.

    To give you an idea of ​​how many pims a player would get in a season, I’ve put together the top penalty minutes from the 2018-19 season with the top pim seasons in nhl history.

    first pim in 2018-2019

    top 10 all-time season leaders for pim

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