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    every year there is an elite quarterback prospect that lower nfl teams will start being accused of failing.

    tanking refers to the process of intentionally losing football games to improve your position in the next draft.

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    the nfl draft allows the team to pick in order of how they ranked the previous year. therefore, if he placed last in the league, he will receive the first overall pick in the draft.

    why are teams willing to go for a high pick?

    You may be wondering why teams are willing to lose games to receive a higher draft pick. Isn’t that the intention to win more games?

    well, you’d be right: winning more games is exactly why a team would lose on purpose to get the first overall pick in the draft.

    if you look at any nfl team over the last five years, you will find that they will almost always have a franchise quarterback. Sacrificing a single season to get a franchise quarterback is a pretty easy decision.

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    Teams will happily be in last place if it means they’ll have their quarterback for the next fifteen years.

    The problem is that no one wants to see a team intentionally lose games. Not to mention that the players and coaches themselves have no interest in losing.

    are tanks allowed in the nfl?

    The short answer to this question is no. if a team blatantly stalled and tried to lose games, this would not be accepted by the league.

    some fans believe the nfl is rigged because of the tank, but this is simply not true.

    Teams care too much about their image and respect for the league to lose games on purpose.

    The closest thing you’ll see to tanking in the NFL is through personnel decisions.

    An NFL team may not attempt to sign a new quarterback if it knows there are several good prospects in next year’s draft.

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    this can cause the team to lose games in an attempt to get a quarterback. whether you want to consider tanking is up to you.

    Often, teams will essentially meet with an interim quarterback for a high pick to draft their franchise quarterback.

    how do other leagues handle tanking?

    both the nhl and the nba have lottery drawings to prevent tanking from being so prevalent. a draft lottery works by changing the order of the selections in the draft.

    the nba lottery selects the teams with the top four picks and draws numbered balls to randomize the order. teams that finish in a worse position have a higher chance of receiving the first overall pick.

    The NHL has taken a much more extreme stance on tank destroying by giving the bottom fifteen teams a chance to pick the first round of the lottery. this means that if you get to fifteenth place out of thirty, you still have a chance to pick number one.

    In fact, if you come in last, you only have an 18% chance of getting the first overall pick. this has drawn some criticism, as a team that comes in last without fail will have a hard time improving if given a poor pick.

    final thoughts

    We hope this guide to playing soccer has taught you everything you needed to know. If you have any more questions about the tank in football, you can reach out in the comments below.

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