What is the score of the super bowl right now

    The Rams defeated the Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl 56 on Sunday thanks to… who else? — Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald.

    la took a big hit on his offense when wide receiver odell beckham jr. he suffered a left knee injury and was eventually ruled out in the third quarter. Coupled with the Rams’ struggles in the running game (they finished with 43 yards on 23 carries), that put more on Kupp.

    but as he had done all season, kupp made a massive and timely catch. He made the go-ahead touchdown grab from Matthew Stafford with 1:25 left in the fourth quarter as part of a Super Bowl MVP effort. Kupp finished with eight catches for 92 yards and two touchdowns.

    as big as kupp’s score was, however, donald’s play on the defensive line was just as key. Donald threw Joe Burrow to the ground on a fourth-and-1, forcing Burrow’s pass to drop incomplete. however, the impact of it was felt long before.

    finished with two sacks and two tackles for loss in a night in which he ransacked the burrow seven times.

    burrow finished the game 22 of 33 for 263 yards and a touchdown. Tee Higgins had four catches for 100 yards and two touchdowns. ja’marr chase finished with five catches for 89 yards.

    The victory is the Rams’ first in the Super Bowl since the 1999 season and the first under coach Sean McVay. the bengals were in the super bowl for the first time since the 1988 season.

    Sports News tracked live scoring updates and highlights from Super Bowl 56 between the Rams and Bengals. Follow below for full results from Super Bowl 2022 in Inglewood, California.

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    super bowl 2022 score

    live updates of rams vs. flares, highlights of super bowl 56

    end: rams 23, flares 20

    9:58 PM m.: fourth down attempt falls short when joe burrow tries to get rid of him when he is tackled by aaron donald. The Rams will take control again, but it’s all academic now as the Rams win this game and are Super Bowl 56 champions.

    9:57 PM m.: on third and 1, the Bengalis stay on the ground with samaje perine, which falls short. the Bengals take their second timeout with 43 seconds remaining. if they don’t convert here, it’s over.

    9:55 PM m.: very quickly the flares pick up 17 as burrow hits ja’marr chase and goes out of bounds to stop the clock. first and 10 of the next 42 for cincinnati.

    bury a 17-yard pass to chase #rams 23 #bengals 20 q4

    9:55 PM m.: the flares drive begins at their own 25-yard line. evan mcpherson’s run is 58 yards.

    21:52: touchdown battering rams. Stafford floats one to a leaping Kupp that catches Eli Apple to take the lead with 1:25 left in the game. rams 23, flares 20as the flares regain control with two of their three timeouts.

    It’s been Cooper Kupp all year. #ramshouse does it again 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

    9:51 PM m.: eli apple receives a dpi mark in the end zone. first down from 1 for rams.

    9:48 PM m.: penalty offsetting results in a replay of the first down and removes a touchdown from the board. 1:38 for the rams, who try to score again.

    9:48 PM m.: and the rams are mostly rescued. flares are called for a defensive hold which makes it an automatic first down. now first and goal from 4.

    21:47: It’s very fast third and goal from 8 for the rams after two incomplete passes. only 1:47 left in the game.

    9:43 PM m.: The two-minute warning is here with 1:55 left after the cameramen take it for 8 yards and a first down. now first and goal for the rams.

    9:41 PM m.: kupp makes an impressive catch on the Bengals’ run to 24 for a gain of 22. he charges near the red zone and looks poised to score.

    stafford 22 yard pass to kupp#rams 16 #bengals 20 q4

    21:40: another third is coming. third and 2 and stafford hits hopkins for another first down. now first and 10 from the 49 of the Bengalis.

    21:39: mcvay’s bet pays off. Cooper Kupp carries it for 7 and the first down. first and 10 for the rams of his 37.

    lar goes for it at 4th & 1, kupp 7 yard run moves the chains#rams 16 #bengals 20 q4

    9:38 PM m.: The clock is ticking here at just over 5:30 and the rams’ running problems continue. They can’t catch anything on third-and-1, but McVay keeps the offense down the field.

    21:37: third and 1 next now for the rams of their 30.

    9:33 PM m.: burrow’s favorite third down in this game, tyler boyd throws his first pass of the season. Brutal break for the Bengals when Boyd looked good on the field. they punt and the Rams take over at their 22-yard line with 6:13 remaining.

    21:32: Another long third is coming. the Bengals have given up several third-down sacks and are just 3-for-12 on the night.

    9:31 PM m.: burrow hits chris evans on third-and-1 for the conversion. now first and 10 from cincinnati 39.

    9:29 PM m.: Bengalis choose to run the ball to preserve the burrow. mixon takes it for 12 yards to flares 28 for an easy first down then wins 7 after that. now third and 1 since cincinnati 36.

    in 1st & 10, joe mixon 12 yard run#rams 16 #bengals 20 q4

    9:25 PM m.: The two teams trade three and out when Stafford’s pass goes over Skowronek’s head as the Rams clear it. flares ball at his own 16-yard line with 9:58 left.

    9:23 PM m.: van jefferson drags him for 7 for a nice first-draw win. now second and 3 from 42.

    9:21 PM m.: the rams retake control in their 35 after clearance.

    9:18 PM m.: the problems of the third attempt of the bengals continue. two of 11 at night when Burrow is looted and remains on the ground after the hit and limps off the field.

    in 3rd & 9, burrow 6 yard sack by von miller.. prince unnecessary roughness #rams 16 #bengals 20 q4

    9:17 PM m.: boyd good hold for another first down. he tows it for 16 and the Bengals hit their 33.

    in 2nd & 9, burrow 16 yard pass to boyd.. 1st down#rams 16 #bengals 20 q4

    9:14 PM m.: on third and 7 to start the fourth, the rams can’t cash and will clear it away from the cincinnati 49. the flares retake control on their own 16. it’s safe to say the absence of object

    rams attack before odell got hurt punt touchdown punt touchdown rams attack after odell got hurt interception punt interception field goal interception punt punt

    3rd quarter end: flares 20, rams 16

    21:11: The third quarter ends. It will be second and 5 from the Bengals 47-yard line for the Rams to start the fourth quarter.

    9:09 PM m.: burrow completes the pass out of the end zone to avoid trouble. he wins 16 and is now 4th and 6 from 21 as the Bengals clear him. rams regain control at 48.

    9:08 PM m.: consecutive plays and consecutive sacks for the rams. von miller levels joe easily buried. now third and 22.

    9:07 PM m.: the burrow is raided for the fifth time tonight. now second and 12 for the bengals.

    9:03 PM m.: on third down, stafford is sacked for a loss of 6 and limps off the field. the rams clear it and the rams take over on their 16.

    21:02: third and 7 for the 50 rams.

    8:57 PM m.: the flares will clear it since ja’marr chase can’t drag it past the sticks. the rams get great field position when they take control at their 48 with 4:28 remaining in the fourth.

    8:57 PM m.: It’s quickly 3rd and 13th for the Bengals after a sack after the Rams’ field goal.

    20:55: Big hit for the rams is official. odell beckham jr. it is now available for the rest of the game.

    Beckham is officially out with a knee injury.

    8:52 PM m.: field goal attacks. mat gay nails the field goal from the 41st and the rams cut the advantage of the Bengalis. Bengals 20, Rams 16with 5:58 remaining in the third.

    8:52 PM m.: the rams attempt a trick play reminiscent of the philadelphia special, as kupp was unable to complete the pass to stafford. here comes the field goal drive.

    trick play incomplete kupp to stafford .. fga is coming #rams 13 #bengals 20 q3

    8:50 p.m. m.: another double-digit gain for the rams. this time it’s brycen hopkins with a gain of 16 as the rams close in on the red zone with just over seven minutes to go.

    in 1st & 10, 16-yard stafford pass to hopkins#rams 13 #bengals 20 q3

    20:49: the chains move again. Stafford hits Kupp for 12 on second and 9 as the Rams cross midfield toward Cincinnati 43.

    in 2nd & 9, stafford 13 yard pass to kupp#rams 13 #bengals 20 q3

    8:48 PM m.: Stafford hooks up Darrell Henderson again, this time for 15 yards to the 42nd, his second big catch of the night.

    in 3rd & 8, 15 yard pass from stafford to henderson #rams 13 #bengals 20 q3

    8:46 PM m.: The problems of the rams running the ball continue. just 28 yards on 13 carries for them tonight, which is 2.2 yards per carry. Stafford’s win of 7 on the ground is the longest run of the night.

    8:43 PM m.: flare field goal. cincinnati extends its lead to seven as mcpherson easily drills the 38 yards. Bengals 20, Rams 13as Cincinnati cashes in on billing. just over 10 minutes left in the third.

    8:42 PM m.: joe burrow is sacked on 3rd and 3. now 4th and 12 from 20 and evan mcpherson will come out for his second field goal attempt of the game.

    8:40 p.m. m.: On fourth and 1 from the 22-yard line, the Bengals’ offense stays on the field and Burrow himself keeps it for 4 yards. first and 10 now from inside the red zone at 18.

    8:39 PM m.: burrow gets hit trying to get out of bounds and some shoving and shoving after the whistle, but no flags.

    20:35: interception of flares. Stafford’s pass intended for Skowronek slips out of his hands and the Bengals have another interception. Twenty-two seconds and already a touchdown and a pick for the Bengals. first and 10 flares out of the 31 rams.

    stafford rotation destined for skowronek intercepted by awuzie at lar 31#rams 13 #bengals 17 q3

    8:33 PM m.: flares touchdown. His choice to defer pays off when Burrow hits the Higgins tee for a 75-yard touchdown just 12 seconds into the second half. higgins contacts ramsey but he doesn’t call. flares 17, rams 13 with 14:48 remaining.

    bury higgins for 75 yards and the @bengals have the lead! #ruleitall 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

    8:32 PM m.: After the halftime show, the second half begins. Bengals will start on their own 25.

    halftime: rams 13, flares 10

    8:02 PM m.: some halftime stats before the show starts

    • total plays: rams 31, flares 30
    • total yards: rams 184, flares 155
    • first attempts: rams 8; flares 9
    • third chance conversions: rams; 4 of 8, flares; 2 of 6
    • yards per play: rams 5.9, flares 5.2
    • 19:59: halftime has arrived. You can watch live sports news coverage of the halftime show here.

      7:58 PM m.: stafford’s third-down pass falls incomplete and the punt unit is sent with 12 seconds remaining. the flares regain control after a touchback. four seconds left.

      7:56 PM m.: Great development for the Rams: Odell Beckham is questionable coming back and they call timeout on 3rd-and-1 with 19 seconds left near midfield.

      7:53 PM m.: The Rams take control at their own 41-yard line with 30 seconds remaining after the punt returns.

      7:51 PM m.: The flares can’t do anything on third down as they raid the burrow and the flares will clear it.

      7:50 PM m.: Cincinnati calls timeout on third-and-6 from his own 25-yard line with 48 seconds remaining in the first half.

      7:48 PM m.: cju uzomah’s first appearance today as burrow finds him for 6 yards and a first down. first and 10 from the 21st.

      7:44 PM m.: interception of flares. on third and 14 and facing pressure, stafford throws it downfield looking for van jefferson, but is picked off by jessie bates iii in the end zone with two minutes remaining.

      jessie bates iii took it. #ruleitall @jlbiii3 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

      7:42 PM m.: on third and 9, stafford hits tight end brycen hopkins for 16 yards. now first and 15th of the cincinnati 44 as the rams are tagged for a false start.

      in 3rd & 9, stafford 16 yard pass to brycen hopkins#rams 13 #bengals 10 q2

      19:41: beckham jr. He is in the medical tent less than four minutes from the end of the first half.

      19:40: bad news for the rams. wide receiver odell beckham jr. he’s down after failing to catch a stafford pass on second and 9. being attended to by coaches at the moment.

      7:37 PM m.: wins of 6 and 14 for the rams following the flares td and already the rams are approaching midfield. first and 10 of the next 44.

      7:32 PM m.: flare touchdown. On second-and-goal, the Bengals execute a trick play when Joe Mixon throws the touchdown to Tee Higgins for the score. rams 13, flares 10with 5:47 remaining in the first half.

      joe mixon threw a td in the super bowl. #ruleitall 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

      7:31 PM m.: on third and 2 from 11, chase drags him for a gain of 4. now first and goal from 7.

      7:28 PM m.: On third-and-6 from the 33-yard line, the Bengals are now inside the red zone when Burrow hits the Higgins tee for 14 yards to the 19-yard line.

      in 3rd & 6, burrow 14 yard pass to higgins.. 1st down#rams 13 #bengals 3 q2

      7:27 PM m.: Three consecutive double-digit wins for the Bengalis. a win of 10 on a chase catch and a win of 14 on a mixon run makes him first and 10 of 37 for the rams.

      in 2nd & 7, burrow 10 yard pass to chase move the sticks#rams 13 #bengals 3 q2

      7:25 PM m.: cincinnati’s first play of the second quarter is an 11-yard pass from tyler boyd. now first and 10 of his 36.

      in 1st & 10, burrow 11 yard pass to boyd#rams 13 #bengals 3 q2

      7:20 PM m.: touchdown runs. Stafford hits Kupp wide in the back of the end zone for an easy score. the rams look for a fake pat attempt which is intercepted. rams 13, flares 3with 12:51 remaining in the second.

      You had a feeling Cooper Kupp would find the end zone 🙌 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

      7:18 PM m.: another great play for the rams. This time it’s a 25-yard pass from the backfield to Darrell Henderson for the first-and-10 from the Cincinnati 16-yard line.

      great play in 3rd & 11, stafford 35 yard pass to obj#rams 7 #bengals 3 q2

      7:16 PM m.: the second quarter begins with an incomplete since stafford was looking for kupp. third and 11 now for the rams and stafford hits beckham for 35 yards to the cincinnati 40.

      great play in 3rd & 11, stafford 35 yard pass to obj#rams 7 #bengals 3 q2

      end of first quarter: rams 7, flares 3

      19:11: The first quarter comes to an end. It will be second and 11 for the Rams from their 25-yard line to start the second quarter.

      19:10: Bengali field goal. mcpherson splits the studs with ease as the flares finally get on the board. rams 7, flares 3with 28 seconds remaining in the first.

      7:10 PM m.: On third and 10 from 11, the Bengals can’t take advantage. Evan Mcpherson comes out for a 29-yard attempt.

      19:07: wow. big play for burrow when he hits ja’marr chase downfield for 46 and a contested one-handed hold. now first and 10 of the 11 rams with the Bengals looking to respond.

      burrow to chase. incredible. #ruleitall 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

      7:07 PM m.: cincinnati gets a first down quickly when joe mixon takes it for 14 rushing yards. first and 10 of the 43 next to him.

      in 1st & 10, joe mixon 13 yard run#rams 7 #bengals 0 q1

      7:03 PM m.: after the penalty, the rams go three and out when stafford passes van jefferson, but it’s not long enough to convert. the rams clear it and the flares take control at their own 30-yard line on a 20-yard return. just over two minutes to go in the first.

      hekker punt 55 yards…taylor 20 yards back to cin 30#rams 7 #bengals 0 q1

      7:00 PM m.: the rams spring into action and stafford hits ben skowronek at the 33-yard line for 5 yards, but they are pushed back 5 on a late game call. first penalty of the match and it is already second and 10 since 28th.

      6:56 PM m.: After the punt, the Rams take over at their own 29-yard line. They scored on their last drive and will be looking to cash in once again.

      6:56 PM m.: now 3rd and 4 for the flares and burrow picks it up but can’t hit chris evans. this time they will clear it away from his own 31.

      6:50 PM m.: touchdown lunges. Stafford finds Odell Beckham Jr. who makes an amazing jump catch to go down with the score. rams 7, flares 0with 6:22 remaining in the first.

      obj’s first catch is a touchdown. #ramshouse @obj 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

      6:50 PM m.: rams now officially in the red zone: first trip for either team. third and 3 of the 17 of the Bengalis.

      6:48 PM m.: here is cooper kupp. The first catch of the game is a 20 win when Stafford hits him on the exit route and pulls off some impressive moves. now first and 10 of the cincinnati 24 for the rams.

      There goes that guy with the triple crown. @cooperkupp #ramshouse 📺: #sblvi on nbc 📱:

      6:47 PM m.: now third and 4 after stafford doesn’t join, he keeps it and shoots for 7 and almost a first and ten.

      in 2nd & 11, stafford scrambles 7-yard run#rams 0 #bengals 0 q1

      6:47 PM m.: The Rams’ second drive begins with a run-for-loss play.

      6:44 PM m.: taylor’s decision is not worth it as burrow’s step is broken. the rams take over in their 49.

      6:43 PM m.: On fourth-and-1 from the 49th, Zac Taylor keeps the Bengals offense on the field.

      6:42 PM m.: burrow finds tyler boyd for an 8-yard gain right away and the bengals are already in midfield.

      6:38 PM m.: the rams first drive is a three and out after darrel henderson was eliminated for a loss of 3. the bengals are about to take over with excellent field position on their own 42.

      6:37 PM m.: The first sack of the game comes from trey hendrickson and quickly it’s third and 19 for the rams.

      hendrickson 7-yard sack of stafford#rams 0 #bengals 0 q1

      6:35 PM m.: The first play of the game is a 4-yard run by the cameras and then he catches a pass for 7 and a first down. first and 10 of his 36 for the rams.

      6:34 PM m.: evan mcpherson kicks off for a touchback. the rams will start this game on their own 25.

      6:27 PM m.: Bengalis won the opening coin toss and the adjournment. the rams will start this game with the ball in a matter of minutes.

      6:22 PM m.: mickey guyton has finished his rendition of the national anthem and that means the coin draw is next.

      6:19 PM m.: If there was any doubt, it seems the Bengals fans showed up and traveled well.

      the cincy crowd just rocked the stadium…these fans are unreal! #whodey

      18:10: both teams officially through the starting lineups. cj uzomah is active tonight for the bengals, but he doesn’t start at tight end. that honor goes to evan sample.

      6:00 p.m. m.: Now it’s only half an hour until the game starts. it’s expected to be around 80 degrees at the start, making it one of the hottest Super Bowls ever.

      5:57 PM m.: odell beckham has blown up since she joined the rams and could be a big factor tonight. his pre-game warm-ups show why.

      .@obj too clean with him #ramshouse 📺: #sblvi – 6:30 PM m. and on nbc 📱: nfl app

      5:37 PM m.: some scenes before the game. First, Cooper Kupp shares a hug with former Rams wide receiver and QB coach Zac Taylor, now the Bengals head coach.

      .@cooperkupp giving zac taylor a bear hug before the game. 😂 📺: #sblvi – 6:30 PM m. and on nbc 📱: nfl app

      5:30 PM m.: officially one hour before the start of super bowl 56 from sofi stadium in inglewood, california.

      17:29: final inactives for both teams.

      final inactives:#bengals: dt mike daniels, cb vernon hargreaves, de wyatt ray, dt tyler shelvin, g fred johnson, wr trenton irwin, rb trayveon williams#rams: qb bryce perkins, rb jake funk, g tremayne anchrum , dl bobby brown, s countess blake, lbs chris garrett, terrell lewis

      5:18 PM m.: Unsurprisingly, both coaches Sean McVay for the Rams and Zac Taylor for the Bengals are in line for contract extensions regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game.

      The two Super Bowl head coaches, Sean McVay and Zac Taylor, are in line for contract extensions this offseason, according to league sources. Mcvay has two more seasons left on his contract, Taylor is heading into the final season of his contract. Today’s winner has even more clout.

      5:14 PM m.: here are the inactives of the bengalis in super bowl 56.

      Bengals inactive, all scratches healthy: wr trenton irwin cb vernon hargreaves rb trayveon williams ol fred johnson dt mike daniels de wyatt ray dt tyler shelvin y te c.j. uzomah (knee) is active. wr stanley morgan (hamstring) returns for the first time since week 18.

      5:02 PM m.: Great news on the injury front for the Bengals. tight end c.j. uzomah is officially active. could become a great target in the passing game if the rams focus their dbs on ja’marr chase or tee higgins.

      flares you c.j. uzomah officially active today.

      super bowl start time

      • date: Sunday, Feb. 13
      • time: 6:30 p.m. and | 3:30 pm. point
      • Super Bowl 56 will begin at 6:30 p.m. m. et (3:30 p.m. pt). the match will be played on feb. 13, last date in which a super bowl has been produced. This is due to the NFL’s decision to extend the regular season to 17 games over 18 weeks.

        there will be plenty of coverage of the super bowl throughout the day on cable channels, including nbc. nfl network will also have plenty of coverage before and after the event.’

        what channel is the super bowl on?

        • TV channel (national): nbc
        • tv channel (cincinnati): wlwt (5)
        • TV channel (Los Angeles): knbc (4)
        • super bowl 2022 will air on nbc. The network was actually supposed to host the Super Bowl last year, but traded years with CBS to air the Super Bowl at the start of the Winter Olympics. nbc hopes the increase in viewership will serve as a reminder of the olympic games.

          this will mark the 20th telecast of the super bowl for nbc. only cbs has shown the game more times (21).

          nbc’s top broadcast team, al michaels and cris collinsworth, will call the game from los angeles. This may be the last time this duo calls a game, as 77-year-old free agent Michaels is expected to jump ship and join Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” package before the 2022 regular season.

          Sideline reporters michele tafoya and kathryn tappen will join michaels and collinsworth for the broadcast, as well as rules analyst terry mcaulay. Mike Tirico, Maria Taylor, Jac Collinsworth, Tony Dungy, Drew Brees, Rodney Harrison and Chris Simms will also be part of the network’s pre- and post-game coverage.

          super bowl live streams

          • peacock | fubotv (free trial) | dazn (canada)
          • There are many ways viewers will be able to stream the Super Bowl. The easiest thing for those with cable subscriptions will be to use the NFL app or the Yahoo Sports app, as the league will stream the games for free on those platforms if you enter a cable subscription.

            nbc’s streaming app peacock will also broadcast the super bowl. other streaming services like fubotv, which comes with a free trial, will make the game available. so will sling, hulu, youtube tv, fubotv and directv stream.

            for fans watching in canada, super bowl 56 can be streamed live on dazn.

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