What Makes You Special?

    While everyone is trying to be like everyone else, be different, be yourself! — michael mints

    each of us is a unique puzzle made up of pieces of personality, life experiences, knowledge and emotions.

    everyone has their own perspective, driven primarily by how we have experienced and navigated the world we live in.

    Regardless of the exact path you’ve taken, the journey leaves a mark on you and shapes how you interact with those around you.

    the qualities that make you unique can be honed, improved, and grown as you grow and learn throughout your life.

    You are not doomed to a particular outcome.

    here are some things that make you unique in this world.

    1. your personality

    Your personality is shaped from the moment you are born. every good and bad experience, every triumph and failure, every moment of strength and weakness, and every bit of knowledge and wisdom that we acquire; guide us in how we move through the world.

    no one else will have your exact collection of knowledge and experience; no one else will respond with the same emotions and thoughts; no one will make the same decisions as you.

    your personality is exclusively yours.

    2. your attitude

    Your attitude dictates how you perceive life. a positive and negative mindset can be contagious, influencing the people around you and pushing them in the general direction of what you are broadcasting to the world.

    That’s the basis of the self-help and motivational materials on how your attitude can limit what you can achieve in life. because the truth is that people with a positive attitude tend to avoid those with more neutral or negative attitudes.

    Your emotional landscape shapes your attitude unless you make an active decision to make it better and more conducive to a happier present and future.

    3. your experiences

    A person’s past and future experiences have arguably the most significant influence in shaping who they are as unique individuals.

    Each experience helps you determine how you will end up interacting with the world. People with negative experiences feel anxious and defensive when faced with similar situations in which they have been hurt.

    People seek positive experiences that help them improve their understanding of the world, its people, and the best way to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

    That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be held hostage by your experiences. Specific negative experiences often contain bits of wisdom that you can use to find a better path, make better decisions, and seek a more positive future.

    4. your habits

    Your habits inform and determine what aspects of your unique person you develop. The bad habit of eating unhealthy food and not exercising will make you lethargic and have poor physical health.

    A good habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will keep your mouth healthy and pain free. Having habits like reading, meditating, exercising, or trying new things can improve mental health and well-being.

    Carl Jung famously said, “You are what you do, not what you say you will do.” and his words speak mainly of how our actions and habits determine the person we become.

    5. your creativity

    Creativity is an exciting thing because there are so many different types. you have a variety of arts that flex the creative side of your brain, from painting and drawing to dancing and singing.

    But you’re also creative in other ways, like developing efficient systems, building a bookshelf with your own hands, or planning your flower garden and backyard retreat.

    each person has their own unique and creative gifts, which are influenced by their vision of beauty. sometimes beauty is not something complicated, and sometimes creativity and beauty its simple effectiveness.

    6. your perspective

    can anyone else in the world see the world exactly as you do? no!

    no one else has lived your twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

    no one else has experienced life the same way as you.

    no one else has the same set of knowledge as you.

    your perspective is exclusively yours. That is why it is necessary to be open to other people’s opinions and ideas…

    don’t accept them as right or wrong; use them to fill in the blanks and continue to develop your perception of the world.

    A great brainstorm with the right person about your world’s insights can unlock understanding and wisdom, so feel free to listen or share your thoughts.

    7. your taste

    what do you like? what do you dislike? Although we may find common ground with others on what constitutes quality or beauty, your tastes are very much a unique facet of your personality.

    A person’s tastes will influence many of their choices, whether it’s what food to eat or what kind of people they like. exploring the different flavors of the world, in all its forms, is a great way to expand your horizons, learn new things, and continue to develop as a person.

    Having an open mind and a willingness to accept the likes of others can introduce you to many great things.

    8. your goals

    A person’s goals generally guide where they spend their time, energy, and effort.

    The areas of life and endeavors in which we invest our time, energy, and effort will be what is on our minds most often, influencing what we give back and take from the world.

    Short, medium and long term goals give us direction and motivation when we feel lost. anyone can get more out of life from her, grow as a person and find a more precise direction by finding some goals to work towards.

    journaling is a great companion to a goal-oriented growth mindset because it’s a place to freely speak your mind, plan exactly what you want, and develop a plan to get there.

    9. your hobbies

    what do you do for fun? is a common question that people use to break the ice and talk about the kind of person you are.

    Hobbies certainly don’t define you, but what you do on your time informs others about who you are.

    The things you enjoy doing say something about you as a unique individual, your values, and how you seek happiness and meaning in life.

    That also means that trying out and taking up new hobbies can help facilitate personal growth and development.

    10. your passion

    Passion is a magnificent part of our human experience; there are so many things to be passionate about: art, nature and humanity, to name a few.

    your passions will guide you towards the goals and experiences that will allow you to leave your unique mark on the world.

    Things that stir your deepest emotions speak of a higher calling to do something greater than yourself, even if you’re in a place mentally or emotionally where things aren’t so great right now.

    Understanding your passions helps you find a direct and distinct path guided by your values ​​and your unique perception of people and the world. do not let them cool or cool. fan the flames from time to time, to keep them burning and lighting your way.

    we are all unique individuals. We all have something unique and valuable to contribute to the world, and it can take some time to find what you’re supposed to contribute.

    what makes you special?

    your unique gifts and abilities, the pieces of your personality, your life experiences, knowledge and emotions. these qualities that make you unique can be honed, improved, and grown as you grow and learn throughout your life.

    You are not doomed to a particular outcome.

    You are unique, and only you can do what you were sent here to do.

    do you agree?

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