What the oldest you can be to play college football

    While being in your 30s and 40s is not uncommon in the NFL, and in fact has become increasingly common, playing college football at this age is a rarity. The oldest players on this list, who are between 60 and 50 years old, are old enough to be the grandparents of their teammates!

    However, all of these players defied the odds and played at least one game of football while attending college later in life.

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    As of June 2019, this list is as accurate as possible and will be updated as necessary.

    7. James Stefanou

    James Stefanouphoto source: The Bleacher Report

    At 32 years old, James Stefanou of the University of Colorado Boulder is currently the oldest active college football player. Stefanou, originally from Australia, had never played in an organized American football before joining his school’s team in 2017. He had some experience playing American football for Prokick Australia, which helps Australian athletes develop the skills they need to transition to American college. and NFL football.

    although stefanou did not grow up playing football, he has always been an athlete. stefanous played soccer and was on the under-19 team, a youth progression team that is the feeder team to the australian olympic team.

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    james stefanou often kicks 60-yard field goals in practice and dreams of becoming an nfl kicker.

    6. tim frisby

    photo source:

    tim frisby may not have been the age of most of the other players on this list, but he was 39 when he entered the football tryouts for the university of south carolina in 2004. frisby was still in top condition physical after serving as a u.s. army ranger in the first gulf war and in kosovo.

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    frisby played wide receiver for the university of south carolina until 2005, when he was 40 years old. His time playing soccer attracted a lot of attention and Frisby even contemplated making his life story into a movie. In the most recent 2014 update, Frisby was working as a personal trainer at a gold gym.

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    During the height of his story’s coverage, Tim Frisby appeared on “The Late Show” with David Letterman and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

    5. outline bob

    Bob Schembrephoto source:

    not much is known about bob schembre, for some reason his story wasn’t covered by any major news sites, but he joined the westminster college football team in 2008 when he was 51 (he turned 52 later in the year).

    both of schembre’s sons had previously played football at westminster and schembre arranged a meeting with the coach with the idea that he wanted to talk about his sons. however, schembre told the coach that he wanted to come play soccer for the school. the coach gave schembre a chance and he finally made the team.

    Unlike the other players on this list, Schembre had never played organized soccer at all, but he had served in the Navy and was still relatively fit.

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    Bob Schembre, who had been a minister for several decades, earned a divinity degree from the University of Westminster and went on to coach a home high school football team in 2014.

    4. joe thomas sr.

    photo source: Sports Illustrated

    joe thomas sr., father of joe thomas jr of the dallas cowboys. He is the oldest person to play NCAA Division I soccer. Thomas played in 2016 for South Carolina State University at the age of 55. During the game, Thomas, who is a running back, carried the ball three yards.

    thomas had grown up near south carolina state university and had always wanted to play college football. Although Thomas played in high school and was a promising running back, but he was unable to play when he was young. when thomas jr. enrolled in school, thomas sr. He decided that he would too and that he would play with his son. Unfortunately, although they were both part of the team, they never got a chance to play together because Thomas Sr. had been injured in a car accident. After taking a few years to recover, Thomas Sr. finally got to play college football.

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    Throughout his childhood, Joe Thomas Sr. he was partially deaf because his ears were clogged with dirt and grime for years after working with his parents on various farms. Unfortunately, no one discovered that Thomas’s ears were covered until he was 17 years old and had spent years struggling to hear.

    3. mike flynt

    photo source: Amazon

    Before Tom Thompson broke his record in 2009, Mike Flynt had been the oldest NCAA college football player in history. At age 59, Flynt re-enrolled at his alma mater, Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas, to play another year of football. Flynt said that he had always regretted getting kicked off the team for getting into several fights on campus before his senior year of college.

    Unlike some of the older players on this list, Flynt was in exceptional physical shape, having stayed in shape while working as a strength and conditioning coach at Nebraska, Oregon, and Texas A&M Universities. . Learning that he was still eligible to play at Sul Ross State, Flynt tried out and made the team.

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    while mike flynt was playing in the 2007 season, he had an avid fan club called the “sul ross baby boomers”.

    2. tom thompson

    photo source: Wikimedia Commons via Austin College

    In 2009, Tom Thompson was a graduate student at Austin College in Sherman, Texas and made history when he played in a football game at the age of 61. Thompson only played in that one game that season and ended up scoring the extra point for Austin College’s only touchdown in the game. Prior to the 2009 game, Thompson had last played organized football nearly 50 years ago when he was in high school.

    while alan moore when he played a college football game in 2011, thompson holds the record for being the oldest ncaa college football player (moore played for a naia school). Thompson details his achievement and his life in his autobiography Kick Start.

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    To commemorate Tom Thompson’s record-breaking achievement, his University of Austin jersey is on display at the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana.

    1. Alan Moore

    photo source: the huffington post

    Alan Moore became the oldest college football player when he joined Faulkner University at age 61. Moore scored an extra point in the first game of the 2011 season, giving Faulkner the lead early in the second half of the game.

    Moore had played college football in 1968 at Jones College in Mississippi. However, Moore was drafted and served a year in the Army during the Vietnam War. After the war, Moore worked in construction for years before the economy slowed in 2009. With more time on his hands, Moore decided he wanted to try football again after watching a game at Jones College with his grandchildren. . A coach at Holmes Community College allowed Moore to play for the school and Moore later transferred to Faulkner University where he made the team.

    did you know?

    alan moore opted to wear old-fashioned square-toed shoes and kicked the old fashioned way instead of the modern soccer style. Moore’s kicking shoe had the word “believe” written on it.

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