What time does the lazar and fresh cup start

    fortnite hosts lazar & fresh’s super knockback tournament today, which lets competitors go head to head in battle royale with some highly upgraded weapons and crazy rules.

    Work your way to the top of the leaderboard and you’ll be able to unlock the laser beam skin pack a day before its official release. Below we detail the tournament start time, rules and everything you need to know to win the prize.

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    what time is the lazarbeam & new tournament in fortnite

    Following the pattern set by many recent cosmetic-themed tournaments before this one, the lazar and fresh super knockback tournament takes place from 6 p.m. at 9 p.m. m. local time in the united states. for those who need more precise regional times, we list them below in Eastern Standard Time.

    • n East: 6 p.m. at 9 p.m. m. est
    • na west: 9 p.m. at 12 a.m. m. est
    • europe: 12 p. m. at 3 p.m. m. est
    • ocania: 2 am to 5 am est (March 4)
    • brazil: 4 pm to 7 pm m. east
    • asia: 4 a.m. m. to 7:30 a.m. m. est
    • middle east: 9 a.m. m. to 12 p.m. m. is

    While it is technically possible to play in other regions by changing your region in the settings menu, the official rules state that you can only enter the tournament once, regardless of region. Since using non-home regional servers increases latency, we suggest sticking to the closest geographic option if you can.

    how does scoring work in lazar & fresh’s super knockback?

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    regarding the format, lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback has a more unique game concept compared to DC and Marvel tournaments of the past. the loot pool not only features “more powerful versions of knockback weapons”, but players can get excited to heal and all fall damage has been removed. In other words, this is Fortnite Battle Royale like you’ve never seen it before.

    Beneath that concept, however, the duos scoring system is fairly common. this is how it looks.

    • maximum of 10 matches
    • victory royale: 60 points
    • second: 54 points
    • third: 51 points
    • fourth: 49 points
    • fifth: 47 points
    • sixth: 45 points
    • seventh: 44 points
    • eighth: 43 points
    • 9th: 42 points
    • 10th: 41 points
    • 11th: 40 points
    • 12th: 39 points
    • 13: 38 points
    • 14: 37 points
    • 15: 36 points
    • 16: 35 points
    • 17: 34 points
    • 18: 33 points
    • 19: 32 points
    • 20: 31 points
    • 21: 30 points
    • 22 : 29 points
    • 23: 28 points
    • 24: 27 points
    • 25: 26 points
    • 26: 25 points </li
    • 27: 24 points
    • 28: 23 points
    • 29: 22 points
    • 30: 21 points
    • 31: 20 points
    • 32°: 19 points
    • 33°: 18 points
    • 34°: 17 points
    • 35°: 16 points
    • 36: 15 points
    • 37: 14 points
    • 38: 13 points
    • 39: 12 points
    • 40: 11 points
    • 41°: 10 points
    • 42nd: nine points
    • 43rd: eight points
    • 44th: seven points
    • 45: six points
    • 46: five points
    • 47: four points
    • 48: three points
    • 49: two points
    • 50º: one point
    • eliminations: two points each

    Also note that all entrants must be in the open competitive division or higher and must have 2fa enabled on their epic account. For a more detailed explanation of 2fa, please read our dedicated 2fa guide.

    how to get laser skin early

    If you want to get your hands on that laser beam pack before your friends, your duo must be placed within a certain threshold on your regional leaderboard. The conditions for winning vary slightly depending on the size of the region you play in, but the prize is the same.

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    The first prize group gets the full package with a skin, back bauble, pickaxe, and emote, while the other tier gets the skin and back bauble. this is how rules are broken.

    • na east: 1st-125 [full pack] / 126 to 1125 [aspect and afterglow]
    • a west: 1st to 50 [full pack] / 51 to 450 [aspect and back bling]
    • europe: first-200 [full pack] / 201st-1,800th [skin and back bling]
    • ocean: first-25 [full pack] / 26th- 225 [skin and back bling]
    • brazil: first-50 [full pack] / 51-450 [skin and back bling]
    • asia: first-25 [full pack] / 26 -225 [fur and back bling]
    • middle east: first-25 [full pack] / 26-225 [fur and back bling]

    To check the location of your duo, go to the competitive tab and select the tile to lasso & fresh’s super knockback while the tournament is underway. you will have the option to view the live leaderboard there. If that doesn’t work, a third party site like fortnite tracker can help. just make sure you’re seeing the correct results for your region if you decide to use that method instead.

    Please note that even if you don’t win, the full bundle will be available to purchase when the Item Shop updates on March 4 at 7 p.m. it will probably cost you quite a bit to get the full set, but at least you’ll be able to rep one of your favorite streamers. that’s all you need to know about lazar & fresh super knockback tournament in fortnite.

    fortnite is now available on ps5, ps4, xbox series x|s, xbox one, switch, pc and android.

    will you be playing in the lazarbeam tournament tonight? what do you think of themed cosmetics? tell us in the comments section!

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