What Happened To Brian Bosworth? (Complete Story)

    The antics of “the boz” came to a head at the orange bowl in 1986.

    Bosworth was suspended from the game due to a positive steroid test, but that didn’t stop him from being the biggest story in the game.

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    On the sidelines during the game, Bosworth displayed a T-shirt that read “National Communists vs. Athletes.”

    barry switzer, the sooners head coach who became a father figure to bosworth, had defended the swaggering linebacker, but this action went overboard.

    switzerland expelled bosworth from the team and ended his university career.

    Prior to his steroid suspension, Bosworth became the only consecutive winner of the Butkus Award and was a finalist for the 1986 Heisman Trophy.

    30 years ago, weirdest/random heisman ceremony:

    vinny testaverde, paul palmer, brian bosworth, gordie lockbaum

    — eric edholm (@eric_edholm) December 6, 2016

    Heading into the NFL draft, Bosworth sent letters to teams, telling them he wouldn’t show up at their training camps and that they shouldn’t draft him.

    Expressed interest in wanting to go to the Los Angeles Raiders.

    bo and the boz

    It was the Seattle Seahawks, not the Raiders, who drafted Bosworth in the 1987 supplemental draft.

    However, the Raiders would soon become familiar with Bosworth in his rookie season.

    Bosworth’s biggest moment in the NFL came in a Monday night football game against the Los Angeles Raiders.

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of any positive plays on the field.

    Heading into the game, the spotlight turned to lauded rookie linebacker and running back Bo Jackson.

    “the boz” claimed he would shut down jackson, who made his nfl debut in 1987 after choosing baseball over football in 1986.

    the hype surrounding jackson was epic and he looked good with 254 rushing yards and two touchdowns in his first four nfl games.

    In college, Bosworth could usually back up his speech.

    That was not the case on Nov. 30, 1987.

    jackson dominated the game with a Monday night football record of 221 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

    In the second quarter, Jackson rushed for 91 yards and embarrassed Bosworth and the Seahawks defense as he ran out of the tunnel after the touchdown.

    bo jackson shows off his athletic prowess with a 91-yard touchdown run against the seahawks, 1987.

    — high and ampere; outside sports (@highandoutside_) February 4, 2017

    The defining moment came in the third quarter when Jackson got past Bosworth en route to a 2-yard touchdown that put the Angels ahead 34-7.

    It was Bo Jackson’s 25th birthday. it was this day in 1987. it was the day bo met boz.

    pay homage.

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    — homage (@homage) November 30, 2017

    assume the burden

    Looking back at the game now, Bosworth and Jackson became kindred spirits as they both suffered career-ending injuries a few years after starting the league.

    “Bo and I have an interesting parallel,” Bosworth told ABC News in 2016. “I know he came into professional baseball and football with high expectations for a long and prolific career. and he shortened. same with me, abbreviated. we both stopped due to injuries that required joint replacements.”

    Bosworth played the first two games in 1989 before injuring his shoulder making a tackle against Phoenix Cardinals running back Ron Wolfley.

    After a failed physical in 1990, the Seahawks cut him, saying they didn’t see a point in the future where he could pass the physical and play football again.

    With 24 appearances in three seasons, Bosworth’s career was over before it got off the ground.

    “I don’t think he had an impact on this team,” Seattle Seahawks general manager Tom Flores told the Associated Press in 1990. “I think he would have. but he never really got the chance to have the impact that everyone believed he was meant to have.”

    bosworth fought a legal battle until 1993 and was awarded $7 million when he proved his injury was from a single blow and not the result of degenerative arthritis. With his career over, Bosworth quickly turned his attention to action movies and Hollywood television shows.

    “the boz” goes to hollywood

    Nobody would have bet that Bosworth would pursue a three-year NFL career with more than 30 years of appearances in the entertainment industry.

    It began in 1991 when Bosworth appeared in the movie “Stone Cold” about a tough Alabama cop who is blackmailed by the FBI and found out in a violent motorcycle gang.

    bosworth continued to appear in movies and television shows for the next several years.

    In 1996, he appeared in a variety of films, including “Midnight Heat”, “A Tough Bastard”, and “Virus”.

    The following year, Bosworth appeared in episodes of MadTV, Lawless, and the movie Back in Business.

    “the boz” landed a steady job during those two years as an action star and versatile personality on the big and small screen.

    Movies like this are why the horror show is back and episodes like this are why they’re at the top of their game. This week, @ihatehorrorshow and @boognish1985 are covering brian bosworth’s wild action movie debut, stone cold from 1991. #podcast #thehorrorshow

    — collecthorror (@horrorcollect) February 9, 2021

    bosworth’s biggest film appearance came in the 2005 remake of “the long yard”

    The list goes on to this day with Bosworth establishing a much longer career in movies than on the football field.

    back to talking about sports

    When Vince McMahon launched the XFL, Bosworth signed on to be a color commentator, announcing Sunday night games on UPN.

    xfl closed after one season, but bosworth put his experience to good use and joined turner sports as a college football studio analyst in 2003.

    After one stint on the job, Bosworth left the network and focused on other areas of his life.

    bosworth has become a regular guest on sports radio and television, especially after espn produced 30 for 30, “brian and the boz” in 2014.

    The documentary focuses on a journey between Bosworth and his son Max going through a storage unit containing relics from Bosworth’s career.

    bosworth has appeared in a host of commercials over the years, including commercials for dish network, dr. pepper and kia.

    The Kia commercial paired Bosworth with his 1987 nemesis, Bo Jackson.

    In 2021, Bosworth announced that he would host an eight-part documentary series titled “Wish List”.

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    The show follows Bosworth to top college football destinations to interview former players and discover the hottest spots.

    stories you wouldn’t believe

    The number of stories about Bosworth throughout his life makes you feel like you’re reading about five different people.

    His football and acting careers are well known, but the afterlife spans many different chapters.

    In 2010, Bosworth decided to try his hand at real estate and became a Sotheby’s agent out of their Malibu, California office.

    Like many things in Bosworth’s life, it seems to be a chapter that was quickly closed.

    bosworth stories online are endless.

    in 2008, he rescued a woman who overturned her truck near winnipeg, manitoba, canada.

    The following year, he administered CPR to a fallen man in a parking lot until an ambulance arrived.

    bosworth layers are like an onion that falls apart the deeper you go into its life.

    On Twitter in 2019, Bosworth apologized to a woman who told a story about how rude he was to her while she was playing for the Seahawks in the late 1980s.

    I’m so sorry our interaction was unpleasant when I was young…back then it tended to be all about me & nothing about him… being alone is being in the dark… being around him life is so bright and graceful so our next interaction will be that much brighter @tammy80008759 /awjrkearia

    — brian bosworth (@gotboz44) December 27, 2019

    all the layers of bosworth add up to make a complicated and complex human being, but in recent years, the wildest layer seems to have been removed.

    leaving “the boz” behind

    As Bosworth aged, he began to reflect on and confront the anger and rage that made him “the boz.”

    His father’s death served as an opportunity for Bosworth to process his inner emotions.

    Bosworth turned to his faith and religion for healing and clarity in the personal struggles he was experiencing.

    “I feel like a failure as a son, as a soccer player, and a failure to the fans,” Bosworth told CBN. “That was no longer something I owned because I gave it to Jesus and he took it all. this new found freedom of peace is the gift of being forgiven.”

    With his newfound faith, Bosworth appeared in several films with a religious focus, including “Revelation Road” and “Do You Believe?”.

    a catalyst on the road to leaving “the boz” behind came in an unread letter bosworth stumbled across in 2010.

    “I just want to make sure you don’t let ‘the boz’ take you for a ride,” wrote bosworth college linebackers coach gary gibbs. “You are Brian. have the courage to be brian.”

    bosworth told the oklahoman in 2016 that he wishes he had read that letter when he received it in 1987.

    Bosworth’s created personality likely overcame him for a long period of his life, but it did not consume him.

    Most people in 1989 probably wouldn’t have imagined that “the boz” would be an old man with a gray beard spreading positive messages to people 30 years later.

    That’s why “the boz” is just brian bosworth these days.

    be responsible for all past actions & present help to shape our future choices where every moment matters…heals pain, builds bridges & it creates the opportunity to discover our best selves when we need it most. Thanks for reminding me.

    — brian bosworth (@gotboz44) July 29, 2020

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