Jeremy Mayfield&039s NASCAR Career Changed Forever After He Tested Positive for Meth and Accused His Stepmom of Murder

    Jeremy Mayfield has had a career as a NASCAR driver that spans nearly two decades. however, mayfield’s image and reputation continue to be tarnished by his many questionable decisions off the track. one of which he completely changed his whole life.

    jeremy mayfield’s nascar career

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    Jeremy Mayfield began his NASCAR career in 1993 and spent nearly two decades in the business.

    mayfield competed in 433 races, recording five wins and recording 96 top-10 finishes. his win list includes the pocono 500 twice (1998 and 2000). Although he failed to win any of the 36 NASCAR Xfinity Series races in which he competed, he did have five top-10 finishes.

    Although Mayfield is known for his racing career, his actions off the track have damaged his reputation ever since.

    nascar suspends jeremy mayfield after testing positive for methamphetamine

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    Jeremy Mayfield experienced some ups and downs throughout his nearly two-decade career as a professional driver.

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    Most of his problems got sidetracked when decisions in his personal life put him in a troubling situation. Mayfield’s life came crashing down in May 2009 after he received an indefinite suspension from NASCAR. The grounded came after a substance abuse policy violation following a random drug test at Richmond International Raceway.

    He legally disputed the suspension as he claimed that a mix of adderall prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs led to a positive test result. However, a few weeks later, ESPN’s Ryan McGee revealed that Mayfield’s random drug test came back positive for methamphetamine.

    Court documents revealed that Mayfield admitted to taking a double dose of Claritin D and Adderall XR. However, a third drug tested positive during urine-based testing that was not specified due to a May 29 gag order issued by the Mecklenburg County Superior Court in North Carolina.

    The case continued through the legal arena with Nascar counter suing Mayfield’s claim that his suspension was due to amphetamines. During that stage of the case, ESPN discovered that the drug in question was methamphetamine.

    neither nascar nor mayfield’s legal team commented on the situation given the current gag order. however, things became quite controversial once the driver’s stepmother got involved.

    accusations of murder towards his stepmother

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    The whole situation took a surprising turn after Jeremy Mayfield’s stepmother, Lisa Mayfield, became involved.

    lisa testified that she saw jeremy use methamphetamine several times in 1998. the troublesome nascar driver disputed those accusations and said he could not adopt him as an adult. She withdrew her claims after she was arrested in August 2008 for trespassing and assaulting persons on her property.

    The whole situation led to the court dismissing Mayfield’s defamation case as he waived his right to sue after agreeing to participate in NASCAR events. NASCAR offered her a path back to racing if she completed the “Road to Recovery” treatment program and underwent drug testing with a non-ADA-approved lab.

    However, things took another crazy turn in early 2011 when Mayfield accused Lisa of murdering her father, Terry Mayfield, who killed himself in 2007 by a self-inflicted gunshot. Those allegations led to a libel lawsuit, in which the two settled in February 2011, and Mayfield issued a public apology.

    “I previously made statements to the press in which I accused lisa mayfield of murdering my father, terry mayfield, or being involved in a conspiracy to murder him,” the statement read. “Those statements were made in the heat of my emotional state at the time. I now retract those statements and apologize to Lisa for making them.”

    His drug problems followed him to his 2011 arrest for stolen property that led to two misdemeanor possession of stolen property charges. he was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia in 2014 after officers found 1.5 grams of methamphetamine residue. The court dropped almost all charges against him after he agreed to a plea deal.

    The whole situation unfolded in an unpleasant way as part of his difficult journey through his personal life.

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