The John Cusack HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 Cameo We Didn’t See


    If it wasn’t apparent that John Cusack was the glue that held the 2010 comedy The Hot Tub Time Machine together. And in hindsight, now that we’ve seen Hot Tub Time Machine 2 sans Cusack, it seems his presence inspired co-stars Rob Cordray, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke to up their game a bit. For the first film with disappointing box office receipts for the second film, the blame rested, in part, on Cusack’s non-participation.

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    but what if cusack had appeared in the movie? turns out he almost was and talking to jeff goldsmith in a recent installment of q & amp; a podcast, hot tub time machine 2 writer and director steve pink told the story –

    a big surprise, that people don’t know, is that he [cusack] actually makes a cameo in the movie. for various reasons he ended up not being in the final cut… I don’t know if he will be in the extended cut of the dvd.

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    wait. tell us. are you able to tell? Can you tell us what it was?

    yes! what happens is him, and maybe in hindsight it was a mistake not to put it, it was one of those weird little things… it was interesting because maybe it would have been great to have it. the pace was in a second. maybe I think in terms of the reaction to the movie, maybe they would have said that it was a terrible cameo and that he would have hurt himself too. who knows? or maybe people would have loved it. that is, he seemed great to me.

    It’s so hard to explain. rob cordry gets his head blown off and it’s actually john cusack who kills him with a shotgun. then john comes out and adam scott says “why did my dad just kill lou?” and then clark says “well he must have had a very good reason” which is great. and then john says “no time for explanations, we have to go!” and they’re like “where?” and says “cincinnati”.

    so it’s the cincinnati box they’ve been talking about in the last two movies?

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    exactly. and then john disappears and then patriot lou comes out and then we get to the end of our movie.

    but it made for a really weird ending at the time because a lot of the responses we got were that they love john cusack, because people love john and he’s cool, but it was confusing. they wanted to see more of him. Why did he come and shoot lou and then leave? so there was a feeling that it wasn’t really very satisfying… at that point where it was decided that they weren’t going to use that cameo maybe we sealed our fate in terms of that element and maybe we should have had it no matter what because it was so crazy.

    While I’d like to see that cameo, if only out of curiosity, I have to agree with Pink that it’s not such a satisfying moment for the movie. maybe if there was a strong possibility of a third movie, maybe it would work better, but as part of the ending of the second movie itself, it doesn’t work. And let’s not forget that the cameo was created earlier in the movie when Cusack’s character’s long black coat is found next to the titular hot tub.

    As for what form a third installment of jacuzzi time machine could take, Pink divulges a few things, referencing both the comedy central series’ drunken tale and the classic >count me in. strong>. He also hinted that a third film could also deal with the four characters as teenagers in 1970s Cincinnati and with the aforementioned Cincinnati box. you can listen to the full interview here.

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