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    When it comes to penalties in the nfl, there’s a fine line between minor infractions on the field and plays that could have a big impact on a player’s salary.

    penalties are part of the game. And unfortunately for players, so are the fines.

    From late hits and blindside blocks to brawls and throwing footballs into the stands, the NFL makes no secret of the expectations it has for its players in terms of conduct on the field.

    While the 2022 season may still be young, the league has already handed out $12 million in fines, according to spotrac.

    Some of the fine money doled out so far has come from preseason play, but most of it has come from player behavior off the field, such as “team-disruptive conduct” and use of performance-enhancing drugs.

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    Notably, Cleveland QB Deshaun Watson will lose $632,500 in salary and received an additional $5 million fine along with an 11-game suspension after more than two dozen women accused him of sexual misconduct. The fine is the largest amount of money the league has ever taken from a player, and it’s also the second-largest overall fine in NFL history behind the $10 million Washington commanders had to pay for promoting an environment. hostile work.

    But there are also smaller penalties for much lesser infractions, like the $4,972 fine the league imposed on RB commanders Reggie Bonnafon for taunting in a preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

    While fines related to off-the-field conduct can vary depending on the severity of the infraction, the league has a well-defined fine schedule included in the collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA regarding what type of monetary fine it will be awarded to players for plays and behavior on the field.

    Let’s take a look at the good 2022 NFL schedule and what it means for players’ pocketbooks in the coming seasons.

    penalties and fines for the 2022 nfl season

    This season is no different than any other. penalties will be applied and the league will punish infractions accordingly.

    In the 2021 season, the largest fine given to a player for conduct on the field was a $64,456 fine handed out to Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill for fighting in a game against Las Vegas raiders.

    This year, the league will reportedly crack down on taunting, a fine that can cost a player nearly $10,000 for the first offense. but there is much more.

    Here is a sample of the penalties or infractions that will cost players this season for both the first and second infractions:

    • physical contact with officer — 1st offense: $37,232 | 2nd offense: $74,468
    • horse neck tackle: 1st offense: $15,914 | 2nd offense: $21,218
    • late hit— 1st offense: $10,609 | 2nd offense: $15,914
    • blindside blocking: 1st offense: $15,914 | 2nd offense: $21,218
    • fighting— 1st offense: $37,232 | 2nd offense: $74,468
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct: 1st offense: $13,261 | 2nd offense: $18,566
    • Football in the stands — 1st offense: $7,426 | 2nd offense: $12,731
    • Unapproved visor tint or missing markings— 1st offense: $5,305 | 2nd offense: $10,609
    • Unauthorized logo/brand or intellectual property: 1st offense: $10,609 | 2nd offense: $21,218
    • click here for a complete list of infractions and fines related to on-field conduct.

      And it should be noted that all fines are considered minimal, meaning any mitigating or aggravating factors can result in even more money out of a player’s pocket.

      Furthermore, fines are expected to increase in the coming years. Under the NFL CBA, designated minimum penalty amounts will increase 3% each year until the CBA expires in 2030.

      This means that a late hit penalty costing $10,609 in 2022 will cost a player approximately $20,159 in 2030.

      nfl fines year after year

      Over the past 10 years, the NFL has handed out nearly $214 million in fines related to 2,403 infractions, according to Spotrac.

      The year with the biggest fines came in 2016, when the league fined players $35.2 million for 306 infractions.

      However, the 2021 season saw the fewest fines: $7.1 million for 164 infractions. so yes, the league has already charged players more money this season than it did all of last season.

      Let’s look at the total number of tickets and violations for each year over the last decade.

      where does the nfl fine money go?

      no, the nfl doesn’t take all the money from the fine and keep it in a treasure chest inside roger goodell’s office.

      According to the NFL, since 2011 the league has used about $4 million a year in fine money to help former players through the NFL Foundation.

      Money is channeled to charities such as the NFL Player Care Foundation, which helps former players with medical, emotional, financial, social and community issues, and the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Trust, which helps players who face financial hardship, as well as those who want to go back to college to get their degrees.

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