Mavericks Legend Dirk Nowitzki Markets Storied Preston Hollow Estate

    Los Angeles, California – December 1: Dirk Nowitzki attends a basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center on December 1, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (photo by allen berezovsky/Getty Images)

    dallas maverick all time leading scorer dirk nowitzki is a legend in dallas. And now, apparently, so are his real estate deals.

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    The basketball great is the mavs all-time leading scorer and helped the team win the nba championship in 2011. he and his wife, jessica, are pillars of the community when it comes to fundraising. funds, charitable support and fundraising a large common-law family, dirk met his wife at a charity event for the sports project for education and economic development (seed). The Nowitzkis recently raised more than $50 million as co-chairs of North Texas Giving Day. his big house is often open for events and parties.

    dallas loves dirk so much they named a street after him!

    nowitzki retired from the mavs last april, and the city of dallas named part of a street near the american airlines center, where the dallas mavericks play, after him.

    olive street to nowitzki way

    the dallas city council vote was unanimous, 15-0.

    The Nowitzkis live on a pretty incredible street of their own in a North Dallas neighborhood, where many Dallas legends reside in giant, gated estates, since the late 19th century. ross perot to excel communications founder kenny troutt. Although often referred to as “Preston Hollow,” the Strait Lane area is a living real estate neighborhood unto itself. most of the properties are spread over several acres, almost all of them with swimming pools, tennis courts, and even a few horse riding arenas.

    a historic property deep in the heart of preston hollow

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    But last October, it seemed Dirk and his wife were trading their 1.99-acre tract for the heart of Old Preston Hollow, perhaps a little closer to their old boss, Mark Cuban. The Nowitzkis purchased a 2.44-acre, 11,394-square-foot historic property at 5906 Deloache Avenue. Very secretive about the transaction, it was well known in Dallas real estate circles that the Nowitzkis planned to move from Strait Lane, remodel, or build a new home on the Preston Hollow estate, the former estate of the late Dallas billionaire Charles Wyly. p>

    5906 loache antenna

    5906 deloache tennis courts

    outdoor pool and pool house

    The 11,394-square-foot Wyly complex first came on the market in 2018, when federal courts ordered the property sold to satisfy court judgments. it was first listed for $8.25 million. the house, built in 1939, has four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, two of which qualify as master bedrooms, five living areas, nine bathrooms, a commercial-size kitchen, a huge glass-walled garden pavilion where they took holds lots of parties, an elevator, indoor lap pool and outdoor pools, pool house, tennis court, guest rooms, and a five-car garage.

    The grounds are wooded, manicured and spacious, a world unto themselves.


    formal life

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    formal study

    commercial quality cuisine

    atrium greenhouse

    And let’s talk convenience: Old Preston Hollow is a hilly, wooded corner just off Preston Road, which runs through downtown Dallas, one of the city’s main arteries. Old Preston Road was created by the Republic of Texas in 1841, and runs from Preston, Texas down the Red River south to Austin, following an existing cattle road that has been used for centuries.

    deloache avenue is named after one of the area’s developers, ira p. Deloache, who created Preston Hollow with Al Joyce from 56 acres of farmland that Deloache purchased in 1924. Much of the development occurred in the 1930s, and prominently looking country-style properties that housed horses and stables literally steps away. of the city.

    “It was great,” Jimmy Deloache, Ira’s son, who grew up in a house on the corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Road, told a local publication. “all my friends wanted to come from east dallas and play. we could hunt, fish, ride horses, play on a haystack, all those things. when my mom wanted quail eggs for breakfast, she’d say, ‘jimmy, go get me some quail eggs,’ and i’d go out in the yard to get them. I had a 56-acre backyard.”

    on august 7, 5906 deloache, part of jimmy’s old backyard, returned to the market, asking for $6 million, slightly more than the dallas morning news reported that nowitzki paid for it last fall during a quieter market: $5.75 million.


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