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    full name: derrick deshaun watson

    Reading: Where is deshaun watson from

    Born: September 14, 1995

    height: 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)

    nationality: american

    role: quarterback

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    deshaun watson is a quarterback who plays for the cleveland browns nfl team. He was drafted by the Browns in 2022 and used to play for the Houston Texans until 2021. The young quarterback has had a roller coaster of a ride in the NFL since he started playing for the Texans in 2017. Watson has been plagued by injuries and accusations of sexual misconduct have left his NFL career in limbo. The Houston Texans did not play Watson for all of 2021 as he is still involved in several sexual misconduct lawsuits. Watson is closer to clearing up the allegations, as he has settled most of them in June 2022.

    early life and background of deshaun watson

    watson was born on September 14, 1995 in Gainesville, Georgia. Watson broke many state records when he played football for Gainesville High School. watson enrolled at clemson university in 2012. he was studying for a college communication degree and led the clemson team to a national championship in 2016. in 2015 he won the davey o’brien award, which is given annually to the best college attacking player. he also won the award the following season, making him only the second player to achieve this feat. In 2015, he was also named ACC Player of the Year and ACC Offensive Player of the Year. He also won the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and was the first repeat winner of the Manning Award. he finished his college career with 10,168 passing yards and 90 touchdown passes.

    who recruited deshaun watson?

    deshaun watson was drafted by the houston texans in the 2017 nfl draft. watson was selected in the first round and was the 12th overall pick in the draft. Deshaun Watson was the third quarterback selected in the 2017 nfl draft. The 2017 nfl draft also included players like quarterback patrick mahomes, running back alvin kamara and safety jamal adams.

    deshaun watson’s journey in the nfl

    Deshaun Watson signed a four-year deal with the Texans when he was drafted in 2017. He made his first appearance against the Jacksonville Jaguars and threw his first NFL touchdown pass. Watson got his first start for the Texans against the Cincinnati Bengals and led them to a 13-9 victory. His rookie season ended prematurely when he tore his ACL on November 2. Watson returned from injury in fine form in 2018. 2019 saw Watson’s best career performance as he finished the regular season with 4,165 yards. aerials, the best of his career. 26 touchdowns, nine interceptions, 551 rushing yards, and five rushing touchdowns. He was named to his first Pro Bowl, replacing Tom Brady, who was headed to the Super Bowl, on January 21, 2019. As of the 2020 season, Watson led the NFL in passing yards, making him the first player on a team with at least 12 losses, to lead the league in passing yards. Watson signed an extension with the Texans that kept him on contract through 2025. Watson was in contention with Patrick Mahomes for the all-time NFL regular-season passer rating record. Watson finished his 2020 season with the most passing yards in NFL history (4,823). his season was, by all major statistical measures, the best in franchise history, leading in touchdown passes, passing yardage and passer rating.

    Deshaun Watson’s NFL career came to a halt in 2021 when multiple sexual misconduct allegations were filed against him. Watson had also called for a trade from the Texans before these charges were filed. The first lawsuit was filed by a massage therapist and then other women sued Watson for sexual misconduct. As of April 5, 2021, 22 lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson. lawsuits are still pending. The Houston Texans did not face Deshaun Watson in a single game in the 2021 season.

    Watson was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in March 2022 by the Texans. was traded along with the Texan’s 2024 sixth-round pick in exchange for the Browns’ first-round picks in 2022, 2023 and 2024, as well as the Browns’ 2023 third-round pick and fourth-round picks in 2022 .

    By 2022, Watson was facing a total of 24 sexual misconduct lawsuits. The Browns quarterback successfully settled 20 of the 24 lawsuits in June 2022. The terms of the settlement were confidential, and it appears Deshaun Watson will be clean. However, the NFL could still go ahead and suspend Deshaun Watson while they conduct their own investigation. The NFL takes its code of conduct seriously, and Deshaun Watson may face a significant suspension in the 2022 NFL season.

    deshaun watson teams

    houston texans (2017-2021)

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    watson was the 12th overall pick in 2017. the houston texans took him in the first round of the draft. deshaun watson started working for the texans since he made his debut, and in his fourth week with the texans, he was named afc offensive player of the week, and then afc offensive player of the month. he has reached 3 pro-bowls for his performance with the texans. He helped the Texans win back-to-back division championships in 2018 and 2019.

    cleveland browns (2022)

    Watson became a Browns player on March 18, 2022, signing the largest contract in NFL history. He signed a five-year deal worth $230 million that also secured him the most guaranteed money of an NFL contract.

    championships and rings won by deshaun watson

    deshaun watson has yet to win an nfl ring. The Houston Texans are one of four teams that never made it to the Super Bowl, so the Super Bowl ring is slipping away. He hasn’t won any conference championships either, so he’s waiting for his first ring.

    deshaun watson awards and honors

    deshaun watson nfl records

    1. Highest career completion percentage: 67.8%
    2. Most touchdown passes in a single game by a rookie quarterback: 5 (tied with ray buivid, matthew stafford, jameis winston and daniel jones)
    3. most touchdown passes in a calendar month by a rookie quarterback: 16
    4. Most touchdown passes by a rookie quarterback in a half: 4 (tied with marcus mariota and jameis winston) (week 5, 2017)
    5. <li The first player in NFL history to pass for 400+ yards, throw 4+ TD passes, and rush for 50+ yards in a single game. (week 8, 2017)

    6. first player in nfl history with multiple 5-passing touchdown games in his first 2 seasons: 2
    7. first player in nfl history to have 4000+ passing yards, 25+ passing touchdowns, 500+ rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns in a single season
    8. fastest player in nfl history to have 6,500+ passing yards and 500+ rushing yards (26 games)
    9. fastest player in nfl history to have 50 passing touchdowns and 10 rushing touchdowns (27 games)
    10. first quarterback with consecutive games with al minus 375 passing yards and 35 rushing yards
    11. Most passing touchdowns by a rookie over a 7-game span in NFL history: 19
    12. Most passing touchdowns by a rookie in a span of 5 games in nfl history: 18
    13. Longest streak of games with 3 or more passing touchdowns by a rookie in nfl history: 4
    14. Most games with at least 375 receiving yards and 40 rushing yards in NFL history: 3 (tied with steve young)
    15. Most passing touchdowns for a quarterback in the first six games of his career: 15
    16. First rookie with two games of 300+ passing yards and more 40 rushing yards in a season
    17. first rookie to produce more than 5 touchdowns in consecutive games
    18. most completions with a perfect passer rating: 28
    19. most attempts with a perfect passer rating: 33 (tied with jared goff)

    deshaun watson net worth

    Watson’s net worth is estimated to be around $24 million. His initial contract with the Texans was a four-year deal worth $13.84 million. in 2020 he signed a four-year extension worth $156 million that came with a $27 million signing bonus. Watson also had endorsement deals with Nike and Beats by Dr Dre. however, his sponsorships were canceled by these companies after sexual misconduct lawsuits against him. Watson signed the largest contract in NFL history with the Cleveland Browns, worth $230 million. the five-year, fully guaranteed contract is set to increase his net worth exponentially.

    deshaun watson family

    deshaun watson is close to his mother and three brothers. His father has been absent since he was a child and does not keep in touch with him. Deshaun Watson is currently in a relationship with singer, model and social media influencer Jilly Anais. The couple has been together since 2020. She supports Deshaun Watson amid his sexual assault lawsuits.

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