Stanley Cup Final 2022 Game 4: How to Watch NHL Playoffs Live

    The Stanley Cup Final has been very electric this year! After a couple of tough losses at Colorado, the Tampa Bay Lightning rallied while at home to win in dominant fashion. Will the Colorado Avalanche be able to steal a game on the road, or can Tampa Bay even the series at 2 games a piece? find out tonight, Wednesday, June 22 at 8:00 pm ET and don’t miss a second of the action. This year’s nhl playoffs have been a must-watch and with plenty of options to live all the action, are you ready to tune in?

    You can watch the stanley cup final on abc or espn, of course, but if cable isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. the nhl playoffs will also be available to live stream on your television and other devices at home or on the go through a variety of Services like Hulu + Live TV, ESPN Plus, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Fubotv. With so many services to choose from, we’ll help you decide how to choose the perfect one.

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    where to watch the nhl playoffs without cable?

    Determine which streaming service gives you the best live sports viewing experience based on our breakdown below:

    hulu + live tv: our #1 recommended service

    hulu nhl


    Hulu + Live TV provides you with over 75 channels, including local stations, and most major cable networks, plus Hulu’s entire streaming library. And, depending on your ZIP code, you can watch specific regional sports networks, too.

    hulu + live tv has two main plans, both include disney plus and espn plus:

    • hulu + live tv with disney plus and espn plus for $69.99 per month
    • hulu (no ads) + live tv with disney plus and espn plus more for $75.99 per month

    With the Disney bundle, you get a three-in-one deal, and whether you choose the Ad or Ad-Free plan, Hulu + Live TV offers the NHL Playoffs on channels like NBC and NBCSN. You’ll also get a personalized experience, where you can choose your favorite teams for future game recommendations based on your preferences.

    eng more

    espn plus nhl


    The three different ESPN Plus plans you can choose from include:

    • espn plus only for $9.99 per month
    • the disney bundle with hulu (ad-supported), disney plus and espn plus for $13.99 per month month
    • the disney bundle with hulu (no ads), disney plus and espn plus for $19.99 a month

    espn plus is the go-to streaming service for all things sports, so of course you’ll have access to the nhl playoffs. For just $9.99 per month, you can stream thousands of live events, whether it’s hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, college sports, and more.

    You can also discover the entire 30 for 30, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) library, including exclusive pay-per-view (PPV) events, ESPN Plus Originals, premium items and daily study programs. ESPN Plus lets you stream live, rewind, or play games (available in HD) on up to three devices simultaneously.

    with the disney bundle, you can save some money by getting that three-in-one access to hulu (with or without ads), disney plus, and espn plus. The Disney Bundle is worth it if you want ESPN Plus, as well as other non-sports entertainment and original content from multiple streaming services.

    hanging TV

    sling tv nhl

    Sling TV

    Sling TV offers three different plans:

    • orange for $35/month (does not broadcast the nhl playoffs)
    • blue for $35/month
    • orange & blue for $50 a month

    with the orange plan, you can only stream on one device, but you get 31 channels, like espn, tnt, tbs, cnn, and more. With the Blue Plan, you can stream on up to three devices and get access to 41 channels, including USA, TNT, CNN, TBS, and TLC. with orange & blue plan, you can stream on one to three devices and you get 50 different channels including usa, espn, tbs, tnt, a&e, amc, bravo and nfl network.

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    all three sling plans come with 50 hours of dvr storage, but to watch the nhl playoffs, you’ll want to subscribe to blue or orange & blue plan because through sling the playoffs will only be broadcast in the usa. uu. (which does not come with the orange plan).

    And let’s not forget you can get 50% off your first month if you sign up now.

    youtube television

    youtube tv

    YouTube TV

    YouTube TV only offers one plan for $64.99 per month. But for this price, you get access to YouTube Originals and over 85 channels, including entertainment, news, live sports, and more. These channels include ABC, NBC, CNBC, ESPN, FOX, the NFL Network, and much more.

    with youtube tv, you can record content without storage limits and you can share the account with up to six family members. There is also currently a limited time offer of $50 off your first month to celebrate YouTube’s birthday. instead of $64.99, you’ll only have to pay $14.99, so take advantage of the offer before it’s gone.




    The two main FuboTV plans are:

    • pro for $69.99 per month
    • elite for $79.99 per month

    fubotv is an excellent option for the whole family. Offers over 100 channels including live sports, popular shows, movies and breaking news including USA, Fox, ESPN, CBS, TLC, The Olympic Channel, The NFL Network and more.

    with the elite plan, you can watch 175 different channels including abc, fs1, espn, espn2, nbc and more.

    Both the pro and elite plans offer unlimited screens (10 at home) and cloud dvr (1000 hours of space), as well as a seven-day free trial. try it out ASAP so you can watch the nhl playoffs at home on fubotv on espn.

    nhl stanley cup playoff schedule

    It’s that time of year for hockey fans! So weigh the pros and cons, then choose the best live sports streaming service for you so you don’t miss a second of the NHL playoffs. Find the full Stanley Cup playoff schedule here.

    stanley cup final

    game 1 (in the column): avalanche 4, lightning 3 (ot)game 2 (in the column): avalanche 7, lightning 0game 3 (at tb): lightning 6, avalanche 2game 4 (at tb): Wednesday, June 22, 8:00 p.m. ET (abc, espn+)game 5 (at tb)): Friday, June 24, 8:00 p.m. and (abc, espn+)game 6* (at tb): Sunday, June 26, 8:00 p.m. (abc, espn+) )game 7* (in col): Tuesday, June 28, 8:00 p.m. et (abc, espn+)

    * if necessary

    conference finals

    game 1 (in nyr): rangers 6, lightning 2game 2 (in nyr): rangers 3, lightning 2game 3 (in tb) : lightning 3, ranger 2game 4 (in tb): lightning 4, ranger 1game 5 (in nyr): lightning 3, ranger 1game 6 (in tb): lightning 2, ranger 1

    set 1 (in col): avalanche 8, oilers 6 set 2 (in col): avalanche 4, oilers 0set 3 (in edm) : avalanche 4, oilers 2game 4 (in edm): avalanche 6, oilers 5 (ot)

    second round

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    game 1 (in fla): lightning 4, panthers 1 game 2 (in fla): lightning 2, panthers 1 game 3 (in tb) : lightning 5, panthers 1 game 4 (in tb): lightning 2, panthers 0

    game 1 (by car): hurricanes 2, ranger 1 (ot) game 2 (by car): hurricanes 2, ranger 0game 3 ( in nyr): rangers 3, hurricanes 1set 4 (in nyr): rangers 4, hurricanes 1set 5 (by car): hurricanes 3, rangers 1game 6 (in nyr): rangers 5, hurricanes 2game 7 (by car): rangers 6, hurricanes 2

    game 1 (in column): avalanche 3, blues 2 (ot)game 2 (in column): blues 4, avalanche 1game 3 (in stl): avalanche 5, blues 2game 4 (in stl): avalanche 6, blues 3game 5 (in col): blues 5 , avalanche 4 (ot)game 6 (in stl): avalanche 3, blues 2

    game 1 (in cgy): flames 9, oilers 6game 2 (in cgy): oilers 5, flames 3game 3 (in edm) : greasers 4, flames 1set 4 (in edm): greasers 5, flames 3 set 5 (in cgy): greasers 5, flames 4

    first round

    game 1 (in fla): 4 caps, panthers 2 game 2 (in fla): panthers 5, 1 caps set 3 (in wsh) : 6 caps, panthers 1 set 4 (in wsh): panthers 3, 2 caps (ot) set 5 (in fla): panthers 5, caps 3game 6 (in wsh): panthers 4, caps 3 (ot)

    set 1 (in tor): maple leaves 5, lightning 0 set 2 (in tor): lightning 5, maple leaves 3 set 3 (in tb): maple leaves 5, lightning 2 set 4 (in tb): lightning 7, maple leaves 3set 5 (in tor): maple leaves 4 , lightning 3 set 6 (in tb): lightning 4, maple leaves 3 (ot)set 7 (in tor): lightning 2, leaves maple 1

    game 1 (by car):hurricanes 5, bruins 1game 2 (by car):hurricanes 5, bruins 2game 3 (in bos) : bruins 4, hurricanes 2game 4 (in bos): bruins 5, hurricanes 2game 5 (by car): hurricanes 5, bruins 1 game 6 (in bos): bruins 5, hurricanes 2 game 7 (by car): hurricanes 3, bruins 2

    game 1 (in nyr): penguins 4, rangers 3 (3ot)game 2 (in nyr): rangers 5, penguins 2game 3 ( in pit): penguins 7, rangers 4game 4 (in pit): penguins 7, rangers 2game 5 (in nyr): rangers 5, penguins 3game 6 (in pit): rangers 5, penguins 3game 7 (in nyr): rangers 4, penguins 3 (out)

    game 1 (in column): avalanche 7, predators 2 game 2 (in column): avalanche 2, predators 1 (ot) game 3 (in nsh): avalanche 7, predators 3game 4 (in nsh): avalanche 5, predators 3

    game 1 (in min): blues 4, wild 0game 2 (in min): wild 6, blues 2game 3 (in stl) : savage 5, blues 1set 4 (in stl): blues 5, savage 2set 5 (in min): blues 5, savage 2 game 6 (in stl): blues 5, wild 1

    set 1 (in cgy): flames 1, stars 0 set 2 (in cgy): stars 2, flames 1set 3 (in dal) : stars 4, flames 2set 4 (in dal): flames 4, stars 1 set 5 (in cgy): flames 3, stars 1set 6 (in dal): stars 4, flames 2 set 7 (in cgy): flames 3, stars 2 (ot)

    game 1 (in edm): kings 4, oilers 3 game 2 (in edm): oilers 6, kings 0 game 3 (in la) : oilers 8, kings 2 game 4 (in la): kings 4, oilers 0 game 5 (in edm): kings 5, oilers 4 (ot )game 6 (in la): oilers 4, kings 2game 7 (in edm): oilers 2, kings 0

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