San Francisco 49ers&039 top 5 rivals of all time, ranked

    The San Francisco 49ers have a rich history filled with many successes, which has given rise to many rivalries against other good football teams.

    Let’s break down the 49ers’ five biggest rivals in their history.

    5. oakland raiders

    the rivalry between the oakland raiders and the 49ers has to do with how close the teams were to each other. With the Raiders moving to Vegas, the rivalry might lose a bit of its shine, but it can’t detract from what’s already happened.

    There hasn’t been a big matchup leading up to the rivalry, but it seems like every time the two teams step onto the field, there are fireworks. these are two teams that had a fight to clear the benches during the preseason.

    4. st. louis/los angeles rams

    the rivalry with the rams lost a bit of shine when they moved to st. louis, but it will heat up again with both teams in the same state.

    in 1989, the san francisco 49ers gave the business to the rams. the 49ers dominated on both ends of the field en route to a 30-3 victory. The Rams and 49ers play at least twice a year, which leaves plenty of opportunities for big games.

    The 49ers and Rams have met 141 times, including one in the postseason. the 49ers have won 71 times, giving them a four-game lead in the series.

    3. green bay packers

    The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the 49ers was alive and well in the 1990s, and it could be making a comeback now. even though it was a rivalry, it was really one-sided in favor of the packers.

    One of the most memorable games in history was in 1998 when a young Terrell Owens made a touchdown reception to seal the game. that was the start of the buzz around owens, and soon after he got called up.

    The Packers and 49ers have met 69 times throughout their history. the packers won 36 times, the 49ers won 32 times, and one game ended in a tie.

    2. seattle seahawks

    the rivalry between the seattle seahawks and the 49ers is more recent, but it is overheated. The true beginning of these two teams becoming a rivalry was when Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson were under center for their respective teams. It seemed like every time during the regular season and playoffs when the two teams met, there were fireworks.

    the most memorable game between these two teams was in 2014 in the nfc championship game. the game went back and forth with a lot of screeching throughout the game. Richard Sherman sealed the game for the Seahawks with an interception. After the game, Sherman had one of the most memorable interviews in history when he trashed Michael Crabtree.

    the seahawks and 49ers have met 43 times and seattle has won 26 times. the only time the two teams met in the postseason was in 2014.

    1. dallas cowboys

    The rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers remains intense lately, but most of the great battles occurred more than ten years ago.

    In the 1970s, the Cowboys eliminated the 49ers from the playoffs and that was the true beginning of the rivalry. Everyone remembers the 1982 NFC Championship meeting with “the catch” in the back of the end zone that propelled the 49ers to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys also beat the 49ers a couple of times on their way to Super Bowl victory.

    the cowboys and 49ers have played 36 times and dallas leads the series 18-17-1. In the postseason, the Cowboys lead the series 5-2. The biggest win for both sides came in 1980 when the Cowboys posted a 59-14 victory over the 49ers.

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