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    lifting the stanley cup trophy is considered one of the greatest sporting achievements.

    The path to the trophy is one of the most difficult in any professional sports league, and few have ever lifted the Lord Stanley Cup to conclude an NHL season.

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    but there are some players who have had many opportunities to achieve it. there are several that have even held it in double digits on occasions.

    Who has won the most Stanley Cup trophies as a player? let’s take a look.

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    who has the most stanley cups in nhl history?

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    the montreal canadiens have long been the supreme power of the nhl. they have reached the final 35 times and won it 24 times, as many as the Maple Leafs (13) and the Red Wings (11), who have the second and third most wins combined.

    It should come as no surprise then that the most wins per player list is dominated by Canadian stars. Henri Richard holds the record for most Stanley Cup wins, as she has won 11 titles during her career. She also shares the distinction of having the most titles in North American sports leagues with Boston Celtics center Bill Russell, who won 11 NBA titles.

    The only player with at least seven Stanley Cup wins who hasn’t won one with the Canadiens is Red Kelly, who won four with the Red Wings and four with the Maple Leafs.

    here’s a look at the players who have won the most stanley cup titles.

    stanley cup earnings among active players

    It could be a long time before the nhl sees another player win six stanley cup wins, and active leaders talk about it.

    For the most part, it’s the Penguins and Blackhawks who top the active list of Stanley Cup winners. The Penguins have won three Stanley Cup titles since 2008-09, while the Blackhawks have won three since 2009-10.

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    pat maroon is tied for the lead with three, and if lightning wins his third consecutive stanley cup, he would move into the lead with the most wins with four.

    here’s a look at the active players with the most stanley cup titles.

    most nhl games were played without winning the stanley cup

    there are some players who despite many games in the nhl, never lifted the lord stanley cup.

    Also topping the list is regular season all-time record holder patrick marleau. Marleau played in 1,779 games, the most of any player in NHL history, but never won a Stanley Cup.

    Another longtime Sharks teammate joins him near the top in joe thornton, who has appeared in 1,714 regular season games.

    here is the list of players with the most regular season appearances who have not won a stanley cup:

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