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    More and more people are living to see their 100th birthday these days, as life expectancy increases around the world.

    While a 2021 study found the maximum possible human lifespan to be between 120 and 150 years, a select group of ‘supercentenarians’ surpassed that staggering number, while a select few almost made it.

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    Saturnino de la Fuente García of Spain, the Guinness World Record ‘Oldest Man in the World’, died in January 2022 at the ripe old age of 112 years and 341 days, shortly before his 113th birthday.


    but who is the oldest person in the world?

    who is the oldest living person in the world?

    according to guinness world records, the oldest living person is lucile randon.

    lucile was born in February 1904 and was verified to be 118 years and 73 days old in April 2022.

    However, there are some women who are entitled to this title, although not verified by an independent or official body.

    Johanna Mazibuko from South Africa, who has identity documents that say she was born in 1894, just turned 128 in May 2022.

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    Meanwhile, Brazilian great-grandmother Maria Gomes dos Reis is also reportedly approaching the age of 122 in June 2022.

    The previous Guinness World Record holder was Japan’s Kane Tanaka, who celebrated her 119th birthday in January 2022.

    kane was born in 1903, the same year the first powered flight was launched and the first tour de france took place, and he lived through two world wars, saw 58 prime ministers and survived the 1918 spanish flu.


    lived in a nursing home in fukuoka prefecture and sadly passed away in april 2022.

    The Guinness Book of Records recognized Kane’s status in March 2019, when he was 116 years old.

    To this day, he is the oldest known person in Japanese history, a record set at 117 years and 261 days in September 2020.

    who is the oldest person of all time?

    The only verified person to have lived over 120 years was French citizen Jeanne Calment, who lived 122 years and 164 days before her death in 1997.

    Jeanne, who was born in 1875, outlived both her daughter and grandson, and in 1995 was declared the oldest person to have ever lived.

    again, there are other unverified contenders for this title, including 128-year-old johanna from south africa.

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    Another woman, Francisca Susano, was reportedly 124 years old at the time of her death in November 2021.

    Francisca, affectionately known as Lola Iska, is believed to have been born in the Philippines in 1897.

    Local government officials said he was the world’s oldest person, surpassing the previous record holder by two years.

    It is believed that the Guinness World Records were examining documents in September 2021, but she died before they could independently verify her age.

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