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    wisconsin badgers cornhole gametop 7 designs!

    Below are six of our favorite wisconsin badgers cornhole game options. they are not in any particular order. just our top six favourites, of what’s on offer online. the layouts are different, but the gameplay remains the same. a classic! Hover over any Amazon button for more details. then choose your favorite design and call your friends. game on!


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    here’s our top pick and what’s not to like about it? classic wood design with the team mascot front and center. a bold red border surrounds the board, making it stand out a bit more. the university of wisconsin is above bucky badger, in case anyone can’t figure out who you were cheering for 😉 it’s a simple cornhole board design, but it’s also just perfect! a design that anyone can enter.

    # 2Badgers

    our number 2 pick is called “galaxy”. for a good reason. it looks like, well, a galaxy! each board has its own color. one is gray themed and the other is red. Once again, the team’s mascot, Bucky, is strutting his stuff in the center of the board. If you love badgers and space, you’ve just nailed the perfect cornhole board. we think kids would love this! It’s a fun design!

    # 3Cornhole

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    Now let’s go classic. old school, so to speak. is the ever so popular and original triangular design. this design can be found on the first cornhole boards created. there is something truly nostalgic about this design, and it has endured for generations. for good reason too. it is a clean, straight, simple but always modern design. one that will never go out of style. and a simple ‘w’ is all that is needed. this is one for the whole family to enjoy!

    # 4Bean Bag Toss Badgers Football

    here is a version of the previous design. Same colors, similar pattern except it’s the diamond version. and instead of the simple ‘w’, it’s a helmet. another to enjoy the whole family, since the design is not particular. there’s nothing to dislike and we think it’s perfect for the game room during the colder months and ready for the backyard once you fire up the grill.

    # 5Wisconsin Badgers Cornhole Game

    this is our fifth choice for bad ass designs for the wisconsin badgers cornhole game. and it certainly can and does stand on its own. it’s the vintage design and that’s what it looks like. it is an aged looking board with faded paint and logo. At the bottom, you will find the “established” mark on a ribbon. if you have a room with badger collectibles this would go perfectly to add to the nostalgic and old time feel. awesome design!

    # 6Grass cornhole badgers football

    here is a less expensive model and that is one of the reasons we chose it. but not only does it cost less than the other designs we show here, it also looks good. the ‘grass’ background is bright and green and also stands out from the other boards we’ve shown. On top of that, we think the kids in your family will love this. It has a kid-friendly feel to it, but by no means do we think adults won’t love this as much. It’s a fun and whimsical design that features a bucky badger and a football field feel. wisconsin badgers is written in red at the bottom. another fantastic design for your cornhole addiction!

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    # 7Bean Bag Toss Game

    and finally we get to number 7. our final choice. and a good one indeed! Bright badger red speaks volumes with this cornhole game board. the team logo along with a red and white arch are the focus of this design. the combination of red and white make it really stand out. it’s lively! the name of the teams is located both at the top and at the bottom of the board. this will brighten up any hot summer day!

    all previous bean bag toss games:

    • includes two 2×4 game boards
    • licensed shield with wisconsin badgers team logo
    • includes 8 poufs and instructions

    go ahead, make your game! The Wisconsin Badgers Cornhole game is the perfect game for all football fans! set it up in your backyard or stadium parking lot. Fire up the grill and get ready to have some fun. The gift any football fan would love!

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