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    The tenth weight class to compete at the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympics was the 76-kilogram women’s weight class. groups b and a competed on sunday 8th aug. January 1, 2021, at 00:50 EST and 6:50 AM m. is, respectively.

    women’s 76 kilogram results

    1. neisi patricia dajomes barrier (ecuador) — 263 (118/145) (gold)
    2. katherine elizabeth nye (united states) — 249 (111/138) (silver)
    3. aremi sources zavala (mexico) — 245 (108/137) (bronze)
    4. patricia strenius (sweden) — 235 (102/133)
    5. darya naumava (belarus) — 234 (103/131)
    6. kumushkhon fayzullaeva (uzbekistan) — 227 (101/126)
    7. emily muskett (great britain) — 222 (98/124)
    8. kristel ngarlem (canada) — 218 (95/123)
    9. mahassen hala fattouh (lebanon) — 217 (93/124)
    10. nancy genzel abouke (nauru) — 203 (90/113)
    11. jean gaelle eyenga mboosi (cameroon) — 202 (91/111)
    12. iryna dekha (ukraine) — x (113/x) did not t finish
    13. kim suhyeon (south korea) — x (106/x) did not finish

    note: the above stats are structured as: total (snatch/clean and jerk)

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    tokyo 2020 olympics: women’s 76 kg

    These are the 13 athletes in the women’s 76 kilogram category who competed in Tokyo:

    76 kilogram list

    group a

    • darya naumava — belarus
    • neisi patricia dajomes barrier — ecuador
    • kim suhyeon — south korea
    • aremi sources zavala — mexico
    • patricia caroline strenius — sweden
    • iryna dekha — ukraine
    • katherine elizabeth nye — usa
    • kumushkhon fayzullaeva — uzbekistan

    group b

    • kristel ngarlem — canada
    • jean gaelle eyenga mboosi — cameroon
    • emily victoria godley — great britain
    • nancy genzel abouke — nauru
    • mahassen hala fattouh — lebanon

    naumava was the only medalist in the 75-kilogram class at the 2016 rio olympics to compete in tokyo (iwf approved new weightlifting categories in 2018): she won silver. Heading into the Games, the snatch and total world records in the 76-kilogram category were held by North Korea’s Rim Jong-sim, who was not present in Tokyo. She broke both world records at the 2019 IWF World Championships. The Clean & The jerk world record was set at the 2019 iwf world cup by zhang wangli from china.

    world records of 76 kilograms

    • starting: rim jong-sim, 124 kilograms (273.4 pounds)
    • clean & idiot — zhang wangli, 156 kilograms (343.9 pounds)
    • total — rim jong-sim, 278 kilograms (612.9 pounds)

    session summary

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    here is a summary of the action on the platform.


    A competitive roster in the women’s 76kg category quickly collapsed into a close race as lifters Fayzullaeva from Uzbekistan, Strenius from Sweden and Belarusian athlete Naumava finished their campaigns with mixed results. naumava, who came second in river by snatching 116 kilograms, finished her day with a best lift of just 103.

    With the bar above 110 kilograms, Nye from the United States faced Ukrainian lifter Dekha in a tight back-and-forth. The Ukrainian, having failed her second attempt at 113, was unable to make the run she wanted, allowing Nye to come out of it with 114 kilograms on her third attempt and lift it successfully.

    However, a belated jury intervention resulted in Nye forfeiting the lift for releasing the bar too soon after standing up – a little-known stipulation that the competitor must grip the bar until it is below the height of the shoulders it cost ee. uu. second place in outbursts. nye finished with a best result of 111.

    dajomes, who made a comfortable first lift of 111, returned late in the part to lift 115 and 118 with enthusiasm, placing himself firmly ahead of the pack going into the clean & idiots

    clean and clean idiot

    Circumstances changed rapidly in the second half of the competition when second-placed snatcher dekha missed all three of her 131-kilogram pulls. With ground to make up for, nye followed by a successful 300-pound toss, this time leaving no doubt for the jury.

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    dajomes showed up early in 135 to solidify a total. Suhyeon opened exceptionally high at 138 kilograms, but was rebuffed by another strict jury call, this time for a soft elbow. strenius put in a strong third effort at 138, well above his personal best, but couldn’t pull it off.

    With three athletes remaining, the dajomes returned to the stage for a 140-kilogram jerk, almost guaranteeing the gold medal. Suhyeon did a do-or-die final lift with 140 kilograms, but collapsed in tears. nye pushed his final attempt higher backstage, forcing the dajomes to appear for his final lift of 145 kilograms, earning him a flawless 6 out of 6 performance.

    nye, already insured for silver, came out for the final lift of the event with 148 kilograms, well above anything she has ever done on an international stage. she caught it clean, but she couldn’t resist, but she was elated to finish second.

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    the games continue

    The next two sessions will feature the women’s 87 kilograms and women’s +87 kilograms categories. Group B of both categories will compete on Sunday, August 8. 1, 2021, at 22:50 the estimated group a for the women’s 87 kilogram class will compete on Monday, August 2. on February 2, 2021, at 2:50 a.m. ET, Group A of the women’s +87-kilogram class competes four hours later at 6:50 a.m. ET. m Eastern Standard Time.

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