Women&x27s halfpipe Olympic final: Preview, schedule and stars to watch

    half pipe queen chloe kim came in with a solid first run that saw her highest ranking on Wednesday 9th February at the beijing 2022 winter olympics.

    good thing she did too when she crashed in race 2 at the soft snow park, but flashed a trademark smile, seemingly unharmed.

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    Kim’s first clean race featured some good rear air, a frontside 720, a cab 900 and then a 720, she had a couple of good holds, comfortably taking her to the final with a score of 87.75.

    The reigning Olympic halfpipe champion has a lot more in her bag of tricks and he’s looking forward to seeing her hit those 1080 straight in the final.

    Not so good news for her teammate from usa. uu. maddie mastro, who landed badly on a trick and lost all her momentum in race 1, then couldn’t recover in race 2 and missed. qualify for the final in 13th place.

    mastro has been injured and did not look well.

    But there was no such problem for the Japanese snowboarding stars, who had three riders in the top six: ono mitsuki was second, tomita sena fifth and her sister tomita ruki in sixth right behind her.

    They all look like three podium contenders ahead of Thursday’s finale.

    and hosts China, not to be outdone by their Asian neighbors, also had three interns qualify for the final, including seasoned veterans cai xuetong and liu jiayu with 24- year-old qiu leng entering the final in 12th place, just ahead of mastro.

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    Keep reading for a full preview, schedule and who to watch at tomorrow’s Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe Final.

    women’s snowboard halfpipe final preview: cheer up

    qualifying lit up genting snow park and the final will be off the scale.

    Chloe Kim lived up to her billing as the favorite: She’s a defending Olympic champion, two-time world champion, and a six-time X Games champion, and she’s riding a six-fight win streak coming to Beijing.

    She’s having fun in China, too: “It’s like summer camp,” she said of the Olympic Village in Beijing, and she looks relaxed.

    Watch out for a surprise from her in the final, as she told “I guess I can’t tell you what I’m going to do, but I hope to achieve what I want to do. I try to focus on breadth as well as variety. I do my best to incorporate all four directions of spin, that’s the main thing I’ve worked on since the last olympics.

    “This is how I want to push snowboarding, I want to encourage people to turn in all four directions.”

    but if kim doesn’t land on the day there are plenty of others ready to lay siege to the top of the podium.


    ono mitsuki qualified second and the 17-year-old is the 2020 Youth Olympics Snowboarding Champion, as was Chloe Kim in 2016.

    then there are the Chinese liu and cai, liu (29) is a silver medalist from pyeongchang four years ago, world champion in 2009 and has 23 podiums in world cups and 11 wins in her historic career.

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    cai (28) is a double world champion, has three x games podium finishes and just won her seventh half-pipe glass globe.

    And speaking of decorated veterans, Spain’s queralt castellet is definitely a threat, the 32-year-old is getting better with time and her fourth place in qualifying speaks volumes.

    watch how she forced kim into a stomping final race at this year’s dew tour, the american only edged her out by one point, to see how competitive castellet is.

    and you can’t rule out japan’s tomita sisters sena and ruki either, ruki got a big first win at mammoth mountain and then older sister sena won x games a couple of weeks later.

    so many stories, so much potential, this final is not to be missed.

    who qualified for the olympic womens snowboard halfpipe final in beijing 2022?

    here are the 12 qualified for the women’s halfpipe final and their best score from two races, in the final they will have three.

    1. chloe kim (usa) 87.75
    2. ono mitsuki (jpn) 83.75
    3. cai xuetong (chn) 83.25
    4. queralt castellet (esp) 78.75
    5. tomita sena (jpn) 75.75
    6. tomita ruki (jpn) 74.25
    7. liu jiayu (chn) 72.25
    8. berenice wicki (sui) 71.50
    9. elizabeth hosking (can) 70.50
    10. brooke dhondt (can) 70.00
    11. leilani ettel (ger) 68.75
    12. qiu leng (chn) 66.25

    beijing 2022 snowboard women’s halfpipe final schedule

    The final races will take place the following day Thursday February 10 at:

    • Snowboard Half Pipe Final Race 1: 9:30 local time
    • Snowboard Half Pipe Final Race 2: 9:58 a.m. local time
    • Snowboard Halfpipe Final race 3: 10:25 a.m. local time

    where and how to watch the snowboarding action in beijing 2022?

    From the opening ceremony to the athlete action, here’s where and how you can watch the Winter Games in your region through official Olympic broadcast partners.

    Keep up with all the action on our live blog updates throughout Beijing 2022, here.

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