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    The fact is that if you control the front line, you control the game. The most important aspect of your defense is the defensive line. his defensive linemen are responsible for gap control, pressure, and releasing linebackers. there are a variety of different drills you can do to work your defensive line. These are the best defensive line drills for youth soccer.

    defensive line drills for youth soccer

    execute defense exercises

    Drilling by plunge and wire in air

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    This is an excellent thing to do on the first day of practice. It is an exercise that can be done without any equipment. We do a similar exercise with my players at every practice. This drill is great because it teaches players how to get a good stance, shoot with the motion of the ball, and how to dive and move; rip into your gap. Plus, you get to practice all of your blitz and defensive lineman leans during this drill. this is a non-contact exercise and works several different techniques at once.

    drill, dip and rip

    this is an exercise i got from usa football. this is another non-living drill that doesn’t take much time. It’s easy to set up and kids can do multiple repetitions in no time. the towel drill will teach defensive linemen how to sink the shoulder, break, and secure their space. dipping and ripping will minimize the blocking surface (the offensive line can’t get their hands on them) and allow them to explode in their space. offensive linemen try to get their hands inside and if you drop your shoulder, they have nowhere to put their hands and they’ll lose their balance. dip and rip is especially effective if you have smaller or very athletic defensive linemen. Regardless, we teach our kids to dip and rip. Finally, I recommend using the movement of the ball, not a voice command.

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    images of the dip and rip game

    Notice how our nose guard does a good job of submerging and tearing away blockers.

    wrong grip and arm

    Squeezing is a technique that very few defensive linemen or even youth soccer coaches understand. whenever the offensive linemen in front of you block, the defensive linemen have to squeeze in with him to close that gap. we tell our kids, if the offensive linemen in front of you block and leave you unblocked, you will most likely get caught or thrown out. he must tighten the linemen’s down blocks and give the wrong arm to any shooter or blocker who tries to gut him (trap or kick). The reason trap, belly, and power plays work so well in youth football is because defensive linemen don’t push. Against offenses like the t-wing, single wing, and double wing, if you don’t squeeze those blocks down, you’re in for a long day. this is a drill where you should submit your defensive linemen on a regular basis. It will take time for the children to understand and implement what they are learning in the drill, but you just have to stick with it and the children will understand over time.

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    shock and shedding

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    The bump and shed drill is more suited to linebackers, but it’s a drill that defensive linemen can benefit from. if they run a defense that requires their nose guard to be a “two-space” (responsible for both spaces), then the bump and shed technique is a great drill for them. the bump and shed drill is great because it teaches your defenders how to play violent hands and shake the screen, find the ball carrier and make the tackle. the idea is to shake the blocker arms in and arms fully extended so he can find the ball carrier, break free and make a tackle. if you don’t want your defensive linemen to go deep or dip and rip, then the bump and shed is a great exercise for your defensive linemen.

    fast passing drills

    The purpose of this drill is to teach your defensive linemen how to break away from offensive linemen and rush the passer. this is a great exercise to run through. It’s tough to pass in youth football, but when teams have to pass, this is a great fast passing technique that your defensive line can use to get to the quarterback. the pass rush is all about the fighting hands (offensive lineman hands) and pushing the quarterback for a sack or pressure. It’s also important that defensive linemen maintain their responsibilities in the space and in the running lane. Over and over I see defensive linemen run just past the QB and the quarterback breaks contains. maintaining breach integrity is especially important against mobile qbs. Make sure your kids don’t rush out of the game!

    Other Defensive Line Drills for Youth Soccer:

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